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Ryan Hell

Systems Engineer > Project Manager

Federal Way, WA


Actively seeking long term employment where I will become beneficial for the wide array of technologies I have been exposed to.  
Interest : 
High energy, ethical opportunities.  
Key Personal Strengths : 
University caliber scientific research and communications, with formal engineering disciplines. 7 years of lean agile web development experience in a competitive and fast paced technology market.

Work Experience

Systems Engineer

NWtronix, LLC
Seattle, WA

January 2010 to January 2014

Provided analysis, design, and business development with engineering services for Seattle area startups and SMB's.  
Achievement Highlights: 
● Provided knowledge transfer and reverse engineering services for a PHP5 & MySQL multi-level marketing web application. I was responsible for reverse engineering, then documenting system to a point where stakeholders could employ new contributors after a difficult time trying to get existing system inline with satisfactory PHP5 security and stability requirements. The system was developed and maintained under ‘tribal knowledge’ leaving the stakeholders hand tied with ongoing development struggles that escalated into failed deadlines, security and reliability issues and altogether inability to further their project. I used Enterprise Architect to map the PHP5 and MySQL interactions using process trace tools which documented each function as it traversed the system. I created mapping for functions and MySQL database storing, and identified critical design failures; namely the lack of formal PHP5 model view controller pattern. Additionally I contributed to designing and then developed a marketing / landing page where users would initially receive their incentives for joining that sales team and creating their own commission based team. I fit my landing page and login with the existing marketing systems backend and replaced a tired and under-developed HTML static content page with my own landing page I developed through guidance with the stakeholder by gathering requirements. 
Technologies used: Enterprise Architect for Reverse Engineering UML & PHP5 Process Trace Mapping & Analysis, MySQL Workbench for MySQL Database Reverse Engineering, MySQL Server 2008, Aptana Studio, PHP5, MySQL, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3 Storage Buckets, HTML5 Video, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3x, and MS Word + MS Visio. 
● Consulted on reverse engineering and knowledge transfer for a viral electrical-engineering proof of concept that targeted the nations vending machine industry. I provided independent consultant services as a knowledge transfer specialist in the official capacity of Software Systems Engineer in the efforts to reverse engineer, document internal code and functionality and then transfer knowledge to new contributors being brought on. This system was a complex PHP5 & MySQL with Drupal meshed into a LAMP stack based prototype / proof of concept; built as a command control server for (one-to-many) remote Android APK prototypes for module components inside the actual devices. I was co-engineering between both an Electrical Engineer (Java + Android with custom hardware prototyping), as well as a Senior Software Engineer (Drupal and PHP5 + MySQL). This system consisted of several thousands of lines of PHP5 and over a dozen complicated and quickly evolving Android APK’s which were all under swift SCRUM development at the time when I was working as a documentation and knowledge transfer consultant. Additionally I assisted with writing test case for proof of concept prototype just prior to a second round investor’s debut at a trade show in Las Vegas, NV. 
Technologies used: MySQL Reverse Engineering and CASE tools for creating visual database schemas to identify SQL structures and identifying where PHP was interacting with data storage, PHP5 code analysis and external documentation, Drupal 7 custom module documentation for over 12 custom PHP based modules and assorted JavaScript front end pieces. 
● Developed client web strategies for proof of concept web applications and marketing programs that took at least one nationally ranked company to #1 organic Google result for their desired keywords on Google by rebuilding static webpages created on Photoshop into an SEO friendly, search-crawler-capable HTML5 document pages, then creating site robots.txt file and submitting to search engine algorithms for indexing.  
Technologies used: Microsoft Word, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Research Tools, Google Webmaster Tools, CSS3, HTML5, PHP5, and MySQL, Apache, Linux, Bing Search, Yahoo Search.  
● Conceptualized and developed a prototype for a client facing electronic medical records (EMR) system for a local veterinarian radiologist by upsizing an their Access database to Microsoft SQL Server, created web forms using ASP.NET MVC4, and mandated HIPAA compliant SSL enabled secure web forms allowing secure client registration and login. I upsized a 12 megabyte Access database to MS SQL Server Express 2008, then used Visual Studio to deploy a ASP.NET server with web forms using C#. I then recreated the existing Access forms using C#, MS SQL, with JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. 
Technologies used: ASP.NET MVC 4.0, C#, HTML5, CSS3, Access, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, and Microsoft Visual Studio Express, Access Upsizing Wizard.  
● Conceptualized web strategy and implemented a Facebook web store allowing patrons to purchase Kindle products for a local author based in Normandy Park, Washington. Created a simple user experience which promoted quick information intake followed by a minimal decision chain that lead buyers into an embedded kindle author shop inside of Facebook where purchases could be made. Configured Pay Pal donations components, payment portal and graphics to drive additional revenue for the author’s foundation.  
Technologies used: Facebook API, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PayPal API, Amazon API. 
● Conceptualized and created a simple Facebook marketing page for a car dealership that embedded their inventory landing page and included a modified inventory slider that contained up to date stock within minutes of it being added to their inventory. Added social bookmarks for the external dealership page and included a promotions area complete with a gateway that required users to Like the Facebook page before they were able to see the inventory. Created a simple email notification system using Facebook API so dealers would have alerts to new viewers and a complete list of all Fans on the page for future promotions.  
Technologies used: Facebook API, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, iFrames, PHP5, Paint.NET,  
● Created an iTunes store for an education and adult learning resource provider which was implemented in their Drupal 6 landing page using Views module custom configurations with other contributing modules.  
Technologies used: Drupal 6, Drupal Views module, CSS3, HTML5, QuickTime, JavaScript, and iTunes. 
● Maintained internal tool chain and internal infrastructure by leveraging free source systems. 
Technologies used: Eclipse, Aptana Studio, Godaddy, Hostgator, GreenGeeks, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL Server, Microsoft Word and Office 2008, Android Studio, Google Maps API, Google Webmaster Tools, Craigslist, StackOverflow, Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server 2008r, Microsoft SQL Server,

Visual Data Specialist

Google, INC
Kirkland, WA

May 2010 to June 2010

Contributed to overhaul of the World's most advanced geographical information system.  
Achievement Highlights: 
● Worked with internal Google tools to modify GIS data and improve accuracy of Google Maps. 
● Collaborated with SR Google Engineers to upgrade the user experience of the Maps product. 

Network Engineer

Apple Valley PC, LLC
Wenatchee, WA

October 2006 to May 2009

●Business development 
●Project Management 
●Web design and development of web marketing using social networking and organic SEO 
●Provided network cabling and infrastructure services using wireless and wired systems.  
●Additionally provided support, diagnostics and hardware warranty repair/replacement for Nexicore service corp in the Central Washington region including Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Radio Shack, and Chase Banks. 
●Independently contracted with Nexicore to provide diagnostic and repair services to Central Washington vendors including Office Depot, Walmart, Chase Bank, and Radio Shack for in-warranty devices. 
●Provided network configuration, diagnostics and routing services including new cable drops for business facilities and office spaces. 
●Provided a regional repair depot for personal computing devices. 
●Provided one on one learning assistance for professionals and consumers using consumer grade Office products and home computers.  
● Worked with clients in both commercial and residential settings to setup wireless solutions using 802.11 technologies. 
Skills Used 
TCP/IP, WAN, LAN, WLAN, GSM, 802.11, 100BASE and 1000BASE Cat5, Cisco Switches, VoIP, MS Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Data Recovery, Subnetting, RF math, and more.


Bachelor of Science (70% completed) in Networking and Telecommunications with concentration in Software and Database Engineering

University of Phoenix -
Phoenix, AZ

2011 to 2015

AA in Networking & Telecommunications

University of Phoenix -
Phoenix, AZ

2007 to 2009


TCP/IP, WAN/LAN/WLAN, Drupal 6&7, WordPress, SQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Project, Redmine, HTML, CSS3, Visio, .NET, XML, PHP5, Ajax, REST, SOAP, Visual Studio, jQuery, Tomcat, Aptana-Eclipse, GIT, SVN, Linux Administration (Debian, APT, RPM), Windows Administration (XP through Windows 7), Windows Server Administration 2008r, Enterprise Architect, Facebook API, Google’s Webmaster Tools, Android, writing technical specifications, test case, request for proposals and technical writing, UML, and more.


Cum Laude Alumni


Associates of Information Technology, Networking & Telecommunications

Additional Information

Accredited University Courses I Have Completed  
IT/205N Management of Information Systems  
CMGT/410 Project Planning & Implementation 
HRM/240 Human Resource Management  
BEH/225 Introduction to Behavioral Science  
COM/135 Business Communication for the It Professional 
COM/130 Business Writing and Research for It Professional  
IT/244 Intro to IT Security  
IT/221N Analysis & Design of Information Systems 
BSA/310 Business Systems  
BSA/375 Fundamentals of Business Systems Development 
PRG/210 Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic 
DBM/380 Database Concepts  
WEB/236 Web Design I 
WEB/237 Web Design II 
IT/241 Intro to W-LAN Technologies  
IT/242 Intro to WAN Technologies  
IT/240 Intro to LAN Technologies