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Assist other mechanics

Assist other mechanics - Jewish Hospice

Boynton Beach, FL


Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic 
A highly talented Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic with huge experience in inspecting, servicing, repairing and installing all types of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Assist other mechanics

Jewish Hospice
Atlanta, GA

2014 to Present

in diagnosing and repairing equipment for operating efficiency and safety factors. 
• Paint 
• Electrical repair 
• Drywall repair

Engineer Assistance Sub-contractor for Cola Cola

Norcross, GA

2013 to 2013

Service and repair all machines at the facility, which included sanitized replacing any legs and 
Recovering the Freon from the entire machine that came in facility. 
I tested all coke products that came into the facility and made sure that they were operating properly.

Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic

Ciba Vision
Atlanta, GA

1987 to 2012

Installation, servicing and repairing of HVAC systems. 
• Assist other mechanics in diagnosing and repairing equipment for operating efficiency and safety factors. 
• Review incoming and completed work orders and maintains related records. 
• Manage stock and prepare requisitions for parts and supplies. 
• Perform other duties as assigned. 
• Wrap pipes in insulation and secures it in place with cement or wire bands. 
• Lay out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment according to wiring diagram, using electrician's hand tools. 
• Reassemble equipment and start unit to test operation. 
• Measure, cut, thread, and bend pipe or tubing, using pipe fitter's tools. 
• Cut and drill holes in floors, walls, and roof to install equipment, using power saws and drills. 
• Adjust system controls to setting recommended by manufacturer to balance system, using hand tools. 
• Inspect inoperative equipment to locate source of trouble. 
• Study blueprints to determine configuration of heating or cooling equipment components. 
• Performed preventative maintenance of heating, cooling, air-conditioning, and ventilating equipment and controls. 
• Repaired packaged A/C units, furnaces, combination units, heating units, and ventilating fans. 
• Made repairs and adjustments to associated equipment, such as compressors, pumps, ventilating fans, burners, and air conditioning control systems. 
• Replaced sub-assembly units in small and large heating, ventilating, and cooling systems. 
• Checked v-belts, lubricated fan bearings, replaced air filters, and purified media on air handlers. 
• Cleaned condenser coils, checked all operational and safety controls, checked suction and discharges pressure, checked for refrigerant leaks, silver soldered and silver brazed all breaks, evacuated and recharged system on air conditioning and condensing unit. 
• Took and recorded all temperatures and pressures throughout the system, purged air from the machines, checked condenser coils for fouling, measured specific gravity of solution and refrigerant, checked all operational and safety controls on chillers. 
• Maintained and repaired water softeners. 
• Maintained operating logs and related records.

Additional Information

• More than twenty year's experienc 
• Thorough practices in installing, maintaining, and repairing heating and air conditioning equipment including controls and other related fixtures, with excellent knowledge in both areas (air conditioning and heating). 
• Experienced training in electrical circuits and schematics; plumbing and equipment controls. 
• Hands on experienced ability to diagnose, repair, and maintain heating systems and central air conditioning/refrigeration systems. 
• Excellent communication and human relations skills. 
• Highly skilled in the proper use and maintenance of HVAC tools.