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Writer / Creative Director

Writer / Creative Director at Vector N Pixel

Novi, MI


My name is Asim Craft, im a Graphic Designer / Web Developer with over seven years of experience. I'm proficient in developing with Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, Captivate, VR Studio, ASP.Net Storefront, Site Sage, Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator, In Design, Fireworks, HTML, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, ASP, CSS, Action Script, XML and JavaScript. With production experience in Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and audio engineering in Protools. My multimedia experience includes: website development, blog development, graphic design, & social media including myspace, twitter, facebook design & marketing, video, audio, web marketing, and print. I have developed real estate, film company, small business, music industry, entertainment and modeling media designs. I have art & creative direction experience creating concepts for the completion of projects from start to finish. I am always looking to advance and gain knowledge through my peers. I work well within a creative team setting, developing concepts and ideas for our next future project. Please review my portfolio online at 
Technical Skills 
Interactive Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe Director, Adobe Captivate, VR Studio, ASP.NET Storefront, Site Sage, Wordpress, Joomla 
Graphic Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe In Design, After Effects 
Audio/Video Adobe Audition, Protools, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DVE Studio, Sony Acid, Sonar, Sound Forge 
Scripting HTML, PHP, MYSQL, ASP, CSS, Action Script, XML, JavaScript, , jQuery 
Flash & Actionscript: 
My flash experience includes designing and developing various of flash websites, objects and interactive tools. 
I have developed the following: 
• A tool used to select a country pricing for international calling using Actionscript 3 loaded through an XML file. 
• An interface for showing newest DVD releases, with an easing effect, loaded through a dynamic database when DVD releases are updated. 
• A now playing tool which shows what is currently playing when watching a DVD. 
• Dynamic text for news and content on various of websites. 
• External graphics loaded onto websites using movie clips which helps with load times. 
• A video selection interactive tool which loads videos based upon a selection. The selection navigation is loaded through an XML file, also the pricing and information is loaded dynamically. The videos are external which loads based upon your selection. 
• A PHP based form for flash which users can fill out their contact information. 
• A flash based ecommerce store that loads content dynamically with purchase buttons based upon your selection. 
• Flash based sliders with external graphics with motion animation. 
• A PHP & AS based form which users can select services and it loads specific details based upon your selections 
• Flash based music player which loads on the website with tools to play various of external music files. 
• Carousel with 3D wall effects which automatically scolls and some that scrolls based upon mouse movements. 
jQuery & Javascript: 
• JavaScript based navigations for websites. 
• JavaScript interaction tools which display results based upon your selections. 
• jQuery sliders for websites, which are placed inside of divs and controlled through css as well. These sliders has several attributes like speed, easing, and buttons you can also control to select through each slider. 
• jQuery based photo galleries which has various of animation effects. Some also displays thumbnails which you can select to view the larger image. 
• jQuery based portfolio-styled thumbnails which loads dynamically, and has categories for placing each type of thumbs in addition you can select the thumbs for larger views and navigation for clicking to the next image. 
• jQuery based content which shows a number of navigation selections, inside each navigation you can display your content for that selection inside of a box. 
• jQuery based content viewer which shows your navigation and opens based open your selection that slides. 
• jQuery slider which shows multiple thumbnails for selections. 
• Entire jQuery based websites mostly used for portfolios which displays content inside of the site. 
• jQuery zoom tool which shows a magnifier and you are able to zoom in to see a better view of your text. 
• jQuery based thumb viewer, allows users to see larger thumbs with small thumbs, when user clicks on a small thumb it shows up in the larger thumb viewer area. 
• jQuery 3D effects for a carousel similar to a flash carousel. 
• jQuery based 3D viewer which has multiple layers, added in more depth. 
I have developed PHP based websites which loads dynamically and through MYSQL databases, these projects includes: 
• A social networking resource site which allowed users to find and search several backgrounds and copy the code to place onto their personal page. All backgrounds are dynamically updated and placed in a specific structure. 
• Various of Wordpress based templates for blogs and websites. 
• A online community which allows user to sign up for memberships, add and edit their profiles, and communicate with one another. 
• Using a content management system, I've assisted in the development of a social network community for cars which each user and buy and sell vehicles, comment on post, add new photos and communicate with each other through messaging. 
• PHP based contact forms for websites which I use in all of my websites. 
• PHP based quote forms which users can select the type of services they want.

Work Experience

Writer / Creative Director

Vector N Pixel

March 2010 to Present

Creator of creative & web design blog. Responsible for writing tutorials, articles, gathering resources for designers.

Freelance Designer / Creative Director

GR Media

January 2010 to Present

Responsible for creative direction, marketing, graphic & web design for various of projects including client websites and marketing material

Freelance Web Designer / Creative Director

Digital Designz Media Group

March 2006 to Present

Gathered requirements from clients to develop websites. Responsible for the concept, look and feel of the site. Design of print, video, myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, blogs, audio, web, print, and social marketing materials. Developed Using Flash, Dreamweaver, Captivate, PhotoShop, Image Ready, Illustrator, Fireworks, HTML, PHP, CSS, Action Script, XML, InDesign, and JavaScript.

Sr. Art Director

Digital Designz Media Group
Miami, FL

May 2008 to September 2010

• Design websites for business clients 
• Creative concepts for Wreal Products 
• Developed all web and applications for product 
• Designed GUI for Wreal Television Based Products 
• Gathered requirements from the client. 
• Designed mock ups and concepts for the client. 
• Implemented print and interactive marketing for client. 
• Technologies used: Flash, Actionscript, Photoshop, InDesign


Mob Lyfe Entertainment
Fort Lauderdale, FL

July 2001 to September 2010

• Design of Websites, Marking for Musicians. 
• Responsible for determining what the client is looking for then executing their vision in a website and marketing campaign.


Alertify Communications

July 2010 to July 2010

• Design of website and graphics for Alertify website. 
• Gathered requirements from the clients. 
• Designed and developed mock ups and concepts. 
• Met with client to discuss the mock up and concepts. 
• Coded and implemented various websites using Photoshop, Flash, HTML

Multimedia Art Director

Digital Designz Media Group
Warren, MI

January 2008 to March 2008

• Interactive design for the Navy 
• Responsible for the look and feel for Navy Campaign. 
• Gathered requirements from the client. 
• Designed mock ups and concepts for the client. 
• Implemented print and interactive marketing for client. 
• Technologies used: Flash, Actionscript, Photoshop, InDesign

Web Developer / Graphic Designer

Mob Lyfe Entertainment
Farmington Hills, MI

October 2007 to January 2008

• Design of Websites, Web Interfaces, Marketing Material, Logos. 
• Responsible for the look and the feel of the websites and web interfaces. 
• Met with clients to gather requirements. 
• Coded and test websites. 
• Designed and developed print marketing materials. 
• Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Site Sage, ASP.NET Storefront, Illustrator, InDesign

Marketing Director

The Brick Rock Bar
Fort Lauderdale, FL

February 2007 to October 2007

• Design of flyers and several print medias for promotion. 
• Plans marketing for events.

Senior Graphic Designer

Green Light Entertainment
Fort Lauderdale, FL

August 2005 to February 2007

• Design of Flyers, Post Cards, Websites, Brochures, T-Shirts, Banners 
Business Cards, Posters, Logos, and other types of print media.


Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Design

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale