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Les Brown

Experienced QC / Site Superintendent / SSHO

Yuma, AZ


I have twenty years of construction management experience to include Quality Control, Site Safety Officer, and Site Superintendent .I have extensive knowledge in schedule and budget control that is invaluable in all projects. I have acquired experience in Federal Facility's, Industrial and Chemical Plants, Medical Facility's, Hotel and Resorts, and Utility Duct Bank construction, in addition to vast experience managing large scale multi-phase projects.

Work Experience


Fortis Networks Inc

2012 to Present

Site Environmental, Scheduling Plans, ETC. 
• Creating Definable Features of work and Submittal Log 
• Conducting and /or attending pre-construction, progress, and staff meetings 
• Organizing and conducting weekly Owners progress meetings to discuss the status of the project, to proactively identify and resolve problems and to assure the client is kept knowledgeable about the status of the work 
• Reviewing /Submitting/Recording all specification submittals for approval 
• Writing and submitting RFI to clarify and resolve to the lowest level 
• Managing changes in project scope to ensure that the most contemporary contract documents are being used at all times to prevent avoidable rework. 
• Organizing and conducting Preparatory, Initial inspections and Daily inspections of all Definable Features of work to ensure all materials, workmanship, and construction practice is in full compliance of the contract plans and specifications and all applicable building codes. 
• Managing the punch list and project closeout process to assure timely completion 
Contact Information; Project Manager Dan Enlow - 817 -368- 7265 
Au Authum Ki, Inc. Site Superintendent/SSHO 
• Creating projects schedule to ensure all project events are communicated tracked and are being proactively attended to • Creating short-interval look-ahead project schedules that make sure that upcoming events are communicated, tracked and are being proactively attended to 
• Creating and maintaining a culture that values safety, health and cleanliness 
• Managing and coordinating work to ensure that it's conducted in an orderly and deliberate manner that's consistent with the standard-of-care set forth in the contract documents that is viewed by industry as an effort that is consistent with best-practice standards 
• Managing day-to-day field activities to ensure that the Project milestone dates and • overall schedule completion date is met. 
• Conducting and /or attending pre-construction , progress and other project and staff meetings 
• Meeting with client representatives , Army Corp of Engineers, on a regular basis to discuss the status of the project, to proactively identify and resolve problems and to assure that the client is kept knowledgeable about the status of the work 
• Directing and managing the work loads of supporting staff 
• Inspect project site daily to assure that all Safety, Materials , Quality of Workmanship and construction are in full compliance with the contract plans, and specifications, and all applicable building codes 
• Managing the punch list and project close-out process to assure timely completion 
Yuma Marine Air Station Medical Facility , Yuma Az $ 2.75m 
• Demolish and replace HVAC system with a upgraded HVAC system and add DDC controls 
• Demolish and replace a 1200 volt switch gear 
• Refurbish and install new air compressor and Dryer for dental lab 
• Install new lighting and controls for lighting , misc exhaust fans and upgrade all plugs to be compliant to GFIC and hospital grade plugs 
• Renovate several offices 
• Demolish roof and replace with TPO roof system 
Yuma Marine Air Station Metering Project $ 1.5 m 
• Install electronic ERT to all water , gas and electrical meters 
• Install new back flow and water meters to all domestic water supply 
Yuma Marine Air Station Building 328 $ .75 m 
• Install 2 office Mezzanines inside existing building 
Yuma Marine Air Station Fiber Optics $ .8 m 
• Install new fiber in existing duct bank and terminate into new facility 
• Excavate and install new duct bank for Fiber line 
Yuma Marine air Station Renovation of Gym $ 2.5 m 
• Renovate new bath rooms, HVAC, DDC, Demolish racquet ball court and add 2nd floor for additional work out space 
Naval Station San Diego Ca. Zero Scape $ .8 m 
• 3 mile upgrade between sidewalk and curb with Turf and rock 
Bureau of Reclamation Yuma Water Canals $ 1.5 m 
• Demolish and replace with upgraded canals approximate 5 miles 
• Bore under State Hwy 4 ft pipe 
Foley Federal Court House Las Vegas NV $ .75 m 
• Install a solar hot water system and tie into existing domestic hot water system 
Warriors in Transition Facility, Fort Knox Ky. $14m 
• Supporting 2 facilities included Domestic , Hydronic, Storm Water , Geo Thermal well field to support the HVAC, Fire Alarm , Fire Suppressant, Building Automation, Automated Doors , Elevator, Building Pressurization Test, LEED , Child Care facility, Communication /SIPERNET, NIPERNET, ATFP requirements for facility 
Air Force / Navy Rediment in Combat Training Facility, 
Fort Lee, Va. $ 16 m 
• Design Build training facility; two story LEED Design classroom training facility and High Bay training facility supporting the facility included Water , Sewer, Electrical , Chiller Plant to support HVAC/Domestic Hot Water, Fire Alarm, Fire Suppressant, Elevator, Building Automation, Mass Notification, Force protection(ATFP), Building Access , Landscaping, SWPPP 
Air Force/Marines/Navy Culinary School Fort Lee, VA $22m 
• 2 story, 46,992 sq. ft. facility tied into an existing school by a new elevated walkway. A design Build, LEED, and Force Protection (ATFP) project Facility was supported by all Utilities including a chill water system supporting the HVAC. Classrooms were supported by extensive kitchen equipment and hoods. Did Quality Control over the installation on the FFE and Office Cubicles 
• A 30,000 sq. ft. Readiness in Base Service (RIBS) made up of Classroom, Tent, Recreational, Shower and Restrooms and Kitchen tent pads on a 20 acre site. Site was completely demolished of existing building, remediation of contaminated soils, and restructuring the entire 20 acre landscape contour 
• 2 miles of 600 pair Fiber Optic duct bank installation. Including excavation, pipe, vaults, Fiber Optic wire and concrete encasement installation. Was challenged by several road closures, and environmental concerns 
Holiday Inn - Gulf Port, MS. $18m 
• Six story Hotel and 2 acre Truck Parking lot. A design Build project supported by pile footings, CMU/Concrete Column structural support and Pre cast plank floors. LEED certified Building automation DDC, Indoor pool, Full service kitchen with restaurant and Lounge, Banquet Facility and fitness center. 
Holiday Inn - Saraland, AL. $10m 
• Four story Hotel and Truck parking. Design Build LEED project supported by Pile footings, CMU walls/Concrete Columns structural support , plank flooring .Indoor pool , Banquet Facility, Full Kitchen and Dining 
Hampton Inn - Gulfport, MS $3.5m 
• Four Story Hotel renovation of rooms Lobby and restaurant. Renovation consisted of Demolishing entirety of rooms and replacing including all GWB, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and FFE. Replace balcony railing. Paint exterior of building and Seal /Stripe parking lots. 
Shular Inn - Pigeon Forge, TN. $4.25 m 
• Four Story Hotel renovation of rooms Lobby and restaurant. Renovation consisted of Demolishing entirety of rooms and replacing including all GWB, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and FFE. Replace balcony railing. Repair EFIS and paint exterior of building and Seal /Stripe parking lots. 
• Replace a retractable sky light over swimming pool 
• Demolish hot mop roof system and replace roof with EPDM 
• Install new 600 amp service 
River Stone Resort and Spa - Pigeon Forge , TN. $45m 
• 4- Six story Luxury condos on top of parking garage. Project included all site utilities, landscaping, roads and parking lots, underground Storm Water collection. Design Build LEED project supported by CMU walls/Concrete Columns structural support, plank flooring. 
• Indoor pool, 4000 sq. ft. Banquet Facility, Ball Room, Wedding area outdoors, Full Kitchen 
• Lazy River with extensive molded rock cliffs with water fall features 
• Installation of all FFE in condos 
Best Western/Holiday Inn/Shula Inn/Hampton Inn 
Hurricane Katrina Renovation- Gulf Coast 
• Remediation of Hurricane Debris 
• Replace flat roofs, Mansard Framing and Standing seam roofs 
• Exterior EFIS repair and replace 
• Replace HVAC and electrical service 
• Replaced GWB , Carpets, FFE 
Shular Companies Inc. Corporate Office- Dandridge, TN. 
• Renovation and completion of an existing 3 story office shell. 
• New HVAC, Water, Sewer, and Electrical Service 
• GWB, ACT, Carpet, Marble Floors, Granite counters 
• Extensive millwork and cabinet installation throughout building 
• Installed all FFE


Mechanical Drafting

Motlow State Community College -
Tyler, TX


Excel, Micro soft word, Scheduling,Organize and Conducting Meetings,Estimating,Drafting