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Software Development Sr. Advisor

Available […] 16yrs LMS experience, programming, SQL, Win Servers

Remote with Travel as needed


Availability: On or after […]  
I’m looking for a remote/telecommute position with travel as needed paid for by the client. 
I would be open to working onsite for a month or two to get oriented to the project and company or 75% travel M-Thu. 
If travel is needed I will normally fly out of Atlanta, GA. 
For a 3mo to 12mo contract in an interesting technology stack I would be open to onsite work in north Atlanta GA area. 
I’m looking for opportunities in one or more of the following job roles: Technical Consultant, Software Developer, SQL Programmer or DBA, LMS Administrator (Learning Management Systems), TMS Administrator (Talent Management Systems), HCM Administrator (Human Capital Management), Applications Analyst, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Systems Integrator, Technology Instructor or Manager/Director. I have 16 years of experience working in the Learning Management Systems application space (aka: LMS, TMS, HCM): 12 years with IBM […] as a LMS Specialty Systems Integrator (IT Architect/Specialist), 2 years with the Saba LMS as an Advanced Support Engineer […] 1 year contract with State Farm as a Saba SQL Report Developer and 1 year contract with Dell as a Software Development Sr Advisor. I have worked with web applications that are “Behind the Firewall” (BTF), Hosted and “Software as a Service” (SaaS) in the cloud (aka OnDemand) from the perspective of the client, vendor and consultant. I have also taught Java technologies in corporate and university settings and designed courseware.  
With Dell (contracted by TechTalentA) I worked in the Global Learning & Development department advising as needed on Saba SEC 6.x & Saba Cloud (v35) LMS, developing HTML5/CSS3/JQuery web sites as portals, created a web content development tool, and installed, migrated and maintained web server installs (Win 2008 and earlier). 
With State Farm (contracted by Randstad) I developed AdHoc SQL Oracle reports on a Saba 7.0 U2 application. With Saba Software, as an Advanced Support Engineer, I worked with Saba LMS providing customer support for Saba 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 7.1 and 7.2 versions of Saba (BTF, hosted, SaaS). I was the Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) for one Saba's largest premium support customers. 
With IBM, as an LMS Specialty Systems Integrator (IT Architect/Specialist) I developed, integrated, customized, migrated and implemented web-based eLearning solutions primarily around LMS (Learning Management Systems). I worked with the following LMS system: Docent (by SumTotal), Saba, Lotus Learning Space, Pathware and others. . I have worked in almost all the aspects of LMS including software development, customizations, hosting environments, DB systems and custom courseware development. I was a LMS Administrator for Cingular (AT&T) and performed similar functions for BMW. 
Early in my career I had 6 years of hardware maintenance and over 4 years of IT Management experience in coaching a team of IT professionals in Business Process Re-Engineering & development of end-to-end Software.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Software Development Sr. Advisor


September 2015 to October 2016

Dell (via TechTalentA) – 14 month contract (initially 6+ mo)  
• Used HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript (also Object Oriented), JQuery, AJAX, Google Analytics, Google 5 Star Ratings to build web portals and a content development tool.  
• Built mobile friendly web apps using Responsive Web Design (RWD). 
• Developed a proof of concept Saba REST API web service to get data from Saba Cloud. 
• Setup several web servers (Win 2008) for DEV, QA & PROD along with migrating end of life servers. 
• Used Saba LMS SEC 6.1 and Saba Cloud (v31-v35). 
• Helped with Xyleme (LCMS & CDS) initial rollout and training. 
• Used Excel to build a quick small app (lookup tables, if/or logic) for Technical Sales department.

Saba SQL Report Developer

State Farm (via Randstad) - 1yr Contract

May 2014 to May 2015

• Developed SQL code for all AdHoc reports. 
• Developed SQL code to identify data that did not follow the Enterprise Standards & Guidelines. 
• Developed SQL code to be used as metrics for new reports and old reports converted from SAP Business Object to IBM Cognos reporting tool. 
• Platform: Oracle DB 11g; Application: Saba 7.0 U2 (LMS); Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.5 
Skills Used 
SQL Programming - Oracle 11g with Saba 7.0 U2 LMS

Advanced Support Engineer

Saba Inc

February 2012 to April 2014

Advanced Support Engineer 
• Provide advanced technical support for the Saba LMS (Learning Management Systems) running on Java Technology in multiple OS platforms with multiple DB servers (most common technology stack was: Tomcat/JBoss/Oracle10g). Supported Saba LMS 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 7.1 and 7.2 versions of Saba. 
• I was the Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) for one Saba's largest premium support customers. (Jan 2013 – April 2014 – McDonalds 7.0 U2 & 
• Worked with Cloud Operations/ hosting, engineering, backline, consulting, product management, sales, account management, and education to address customer issues and influence the quality and function of Saba products. 
• Tools used: Salesforce, Parature, Jira, Toad (Oracle & MS SQL).

Owner & Independent Consultant - Java Technlology Instructor

JCrazy LLC

April 2011 to February 2012

Courses taught: 
• Struts 2 (5 day) – Clicks LLC by Scott Stanlick (2011) 
• Software Engineering SSAD & OOAD (2 day) – Cognizant & nTier (2011) 
• Java for Mainframers (5 day) – Berkeley Training & nTier (2011) 
• OO Bootcamp (5 day) – nTier/State Farm (2011) 
• OO Design Patterns Bootcamp (14 day) – nTier/State Farm (2011) 
• Application Delivery Fundamentals: Java (4 Weeks) - Accenture (2011) 
Includes 2 week 3 tier app bootcamp with Spring, Sprint MVC Tomcat, MySQL, Tortoise, and Subclipse

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator

IBM Global Business Services

March 2011 to March 2011

Summary of 14 years: 04/1998 to 03/2011 
As an LMS Specialty Systems Integrator (IT Architect/Specialist) I developed, integrated, customized, migrated and implemented web-based eLearning solutions primarily around LMS (Learning Management Systems). I worked with the following LMS system: Docent (by SumTotal), Saba, Lotus Learning Space, Pathware and others. I have worked in almost all the aspects of LMS including software development, customizations, hosting environments, DB systems and custom courseware development. I was a LMS Administrator for Cingular (AT&T) and performed similar functions for BMW.

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator

IBM Global Business Services

April 2010 to March 2011

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator (IBM Clients) (04/2010 – 03/2011) 
• Oracle Data Migration (American Red Cross) (09/2010 – 01/2011) 
Migrated data from several different LMS platforms (Plateau & Custom LMSs) into Saba ( LMS implementing ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) using Oracle 10G’s SQL Loader control files, validating & changing SQL procedures if needed on staging tables and loader SQL procedures to live tables.  
• DB2 SQL Code Optimization (Internal IBM Hosting) (08/2010) 
A short project where I took a process that took 12 hours & 4min and optimized the code to run in 2 min & 17 sec which was 317 times faster. 
• Hosting Data Center Move (BMW) (05/2010 – 07/2010) 
Moved Docent 6.5 LMS from Win 2000 w/IIS 5 servers to Win 2008 w/IIS7.5 servers – there were many OS and IIS changes that were necessary to get the older legacy app to run under Win 2008 & IIS 7.5. The new architecture used VM servers with one Sand drive. Each legacy server now ran inside of a VM within a VM server. Migrated data from several LMS platforms implementing ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) using MS SQL text imports, validating procedures on staging tables and loader procedures to live tables.  
• Centra install/integration with Saba (American Red Cross) (04/2010 – 05/2010) 
Installed Centra 7.6 (SP3) in QA and PROD and integrated with Saba ( via the Saba VLE connector.

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator

IBM Global Business Services

January 2005 to March 2010

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator (BMW - Automotive) (2005 – 03/2010) 
• LMS Administrator & massive LMS customizations (Docent 6.5), custom reporting, problem resolutions using server side JavaScript and MS SQL DB. Courseware used SCORM API. 
• Developed a way to identify SQL statements that may hang applications (solid or temporarily) running on MS SQL 2000 servers (SQL Monitor, custom procedures & queries).  
• Worked heavily with SQL coding, procedures, DTS packages and triggers.  
• Migrated data from several LMS into Docent LMS app using MS SQL server 2000.  
• Integrated several portals for single sign-on into Docent LMS app. 
• Handled the server issues and interfaced with hosting. 
• Modified Crystal Reports v10 layouts and SQL code.  
• Customized Docent Outliner templates and worked with content integrations: Lectora, Harvard Business, NetG and MateryNet.  
• Created the framework for a new web application which handled registration for training events that connected to a Docent LMS using standard ASP (VBScript). The framework included login, page security, and connectivity to MS SQL DB and example pages used by a team of developers. The original vendor backed out last minute so the BMW VP asked if our IBM team could deliver a highly visible project for a national rollout across America to their dealers. Project was delivered on time so the VP paid for the 4 IBMers to visit San Francisco for the week and weekend staying at the Four Seasons and driving BMWs on test drive tracks.  
• Service Excellence Award for an automotive client’s project (2005). 
• Used (Concurrent Versions System (CVS) the most compatible predecessor to Subversion (SVN).

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator

IBM Global Business Services

2003 to 2005

LMS Administrator (AT&T/Cingular - Telcom) (2003 – 2005) 
• LMS Administrator for cellular company’s University using Docent LMS version 6.5x with Centra (6.1 & 7.1) for eMeetings, eConferences, live and recorded events, and Analytics (also DashBoard2) for enhanced reporting. Courseware used SCORM API. 
• Made customizations/enhancements to the LMS and implemented Docent SP3.  
• Built new screen for easier data entry, created new to-do’s, and made other customizations.  
• Developed many SQL scripts for LMS maintenance and enhanced reporting.  
• Integrated courseware from several vendors: Docent Outliner, PrimeLearning, Trivantis, KP(IBM), and SimPro (IBM).  
• Supported all HelpDesk calls when needed  
• Applied SSL to the login screens, created DTS packages and FTP data nightly to a Data Warehouse application. Production Docent 6.5 server implementation: 1 Docent Web Server, 1 Docent Backend Server, 1 Docent Admin Server, 1 DB Server, and 1 Centra Server.

Learning Administrator

IBM Global Business Services

2002 to 2003

IT Architect/Specialist ( IBM Internal) (2002 - 01/2003) 
• Tomcat/Struts/DB2 (2002) 
Developed a Knowledge Portal using Struts Framework (under Apache's Jakarta project). Used Struts MVC (Model View Controller) framework using XML config files, JSP (Java Server Pages) for front end and Java Servlets with SQL for the backend. Application server was Tomcat with DB2 as the database engine. 
• Websphere (WAS) & Struts - (01/2003 -05/2003) 
Later I was given the original portal I create that had additional feature added and Took Struts w/ Tomcat application and ported it to WSAD. Converted the application to conform to IBM's internal GWA web standards and deployed to the CDT running Struts on a WebSphere server using DB2.

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator

IBM Global Business Services

1999 to 2003

LMS Specialty Systems Integrator (IBM Clients) (1999 – 2003) 
• Saba Certified (Level One Partner Certification Program) 8/99 - first vendor group to be level one certified. (LMS/EMS system with WEB access for large ERP companies.) Technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, JSP (Java Server Pages), Java, Oracle, MS SQL (Worked 4 months – doing version upgrades and customizations for Saba’s clients.) (1999) 
• Worked with Pathware 3.0 LAN, Pathware 4.0, Learning Space (LS) 4.0 & LS 5.0 
• Worked with SCORM and AICC for courseware to LMS via Applets & HTML posting. Integrated Flash to LMS via JavaScript to Applet (SCORM). 
• Java LMS App - developed a small primitive Java LMS App (Learning Management System) system which included a Java Application GUI management tool with XML storage of data using JDOM (Java Document Object Model for XML) and a Socket server (Java) which connected to learning content create with Flash 5.  
• Flash 5 XML socket - used the Flash 5 XML socket object to save/retrieve learning data to the socket server. Specs required that system could run without a web server and must run on Windows and MAC machines but training content must be web ready for the future.  
• Interfaced JSP pages running under Tomcat with ASP pages running under MS IIS and used JavaScript for DHTML update of forms.  
• Worked with many web applications integrating technologies: DHTML (JavaScript, Applets, Flash, etc…), Java, JSP, ASP, SQL, XML, etc. and used application web servers: Tomcat, WSAD and MS IIS.  
• LMS Courseware JavaScript Engine with Dreamweaver/Coursebuilder (American Airlines) 
Created a DHTML web based courseware creation framework (content and assessment tests) which used Dreamweaver w/Coursebuilder and a custom built JavaScript navigation engine. The client then created content and assessment tests using Dreamweaver w/Coursebuilder. The student’s progress and test scores were sent to a LMS system (Pathware & Learning Space 4). HTML posting to LMS using SCORM.  
• LMS Courseware JavaScript Engine with HTML (Johnson & Johnson) 
I used a multi-frame solution with one persistent frame storing scores, tries, time, and question selection. Test questions had coaching layers (suggested answer and why) that would appear directly after pretest questions and in the post test session would appear after the test was completed in a review session. To help streamline the building of test questions, created Templates with editable/non-editable regions. The custom JavaScript was stored in .js files.  
HTML posting to LMS using SCORM. 
• Java AWT UI for Reporting (IBM internal) - Created a UI using Java AWT in JDK1.1 environment to report against DB2 database for material requisitions for a LMS system.

Specialty System Integrator

IBM Global Business Services
Jacksonville, FL

April 1998 to June 1999

Specialty System Integrator (IBM/Prudential - Insurance) (04/1998 - 06/1999) 
• Received a Team Award for a highly technical, high profile project that brought high customer satisfaction. 
• Worked on client’s health billing systems, customer service (excluding claims), and implemented changes to the systems to comply with HIPPA regulations. Developed in the Clipper language.

MIS Director

Broadwing & World Health
Baton Rouge, LA

1989 to 1997

MIS Director (Network Long Distance/Broadwing - Telecom) 
• Report to COO. Managed up to 6 people. Started as a consultant for 8 months, then was asked to build a MIS group to bring software support and design in-house. 60% of my time was devoted to the Business Analyst functions. Clipper 5.2e in Novell 3.12 platform 
• Handled company growth from 12 million to 100 million in annual revenue in 3 years.  
• Company went IPO during this time. 
• Started a MIS group. Managed up to 6 people during peak development. 
• Performed Business Analyst functions for all of the software systems. 
• Engineered the design of a software system to integrate 2 legacy systems. Reengineered processes, developed new systems, and built front-end and back-ends to old systems. Designed a distributed data system for off-site data entry. 
• Integrated over a 12 acquisitions using the distributed data system as the data integration tool. 
• Developed Sales Tax reporting system which interfaced with Vertex's tax data and Cobol programs. 
MIS Director.(World Health Foundation – Insurance) 
• Report to owners. Managed 3 developers and 3 maintenance programmers. Company grew from 0.5m to 24m annually in 2 years. Performed all the Business Analyst functions for Billing, Proposals, Account funding, Commissions, Actuarial data studies, etc...  
Was a Consultant for 6 months prior to becoming an employee. (Development in Clipper ’87)  
• Designed insurance application systems using PC's (DBASE3/CLIPPER) from ground up (all but claims). Hard deadlines were met. 
• Company grew 2000 % the first year. We kept up with the growth.



Southeastern College


Additional Information

Java Instructor: Java Core, Design Patterns Bootcamp, OOP Bootcamp, Struts 2 
Java Technologies (2yrs) – Java, JSP, Struts etc… over several years. 
SQL programming (7yrs) – MS SQL (2000 & 2008) (7yrs), Oracle 10g (Toad) (1-2yrs), DB2 
Web Applications (13 years) – Development, maintenance & Windows servers. 
Servers: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 (7yrs);  
Web Servers: IIS (7yrs), Tomcat (1-2yrs); exposure to Websphere & JBoss 
LMS (Learning Management Systems) or online Universities (15 yrs)  
LMS Saba Advanced Support Engineer (2hrs) 
LMS Administrator & LMS Developer (Web App): SumTotal Docent (7 yrs), Saba (3 yr total), Pathware,  
LMS courseware integration: Lectora, TestCraft, Flash (ActionScript), Dreamweaver/Coursebuilder, etc 
Lotus Learning Space (LMS) (3 yrs) – also courseware integration and customization. 
Other Apps: Centra 7.x (eMeetings, Conferencing) (2 yrs including installs but not primary focus) 
Saba Certified (Level One Partner) 
Java (Sun Certified JDK 1.1), JavaScript (13yrs) (server-side & client-side) , VBScript, HTML, XML, JSP, ASP, SQL, .Net and other technologies to web solutions that run on MS IIS, Tomcat (Struts), or WebSphere web servers using DB2, MS SQL (2000 & 2008) and Oracle DBMS (10g) systems (Toad 10.5). 
Technical writing: since 1999 developing web tutorials at: The site features "Java Certification Training" and resources for other web technologies. For years this web site has been on the search first page if you search for “Java Training” from