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Computer Specialist - 0334

Computer Specialist at Federal Aviation Administration

New Market, MD


Seasoned Project Manager, Information Technology Specialist and Team Lead with expertise in the customer experience, customer relationship management and other high value customer centric services. Analyze and identify alternatives to solve multi-faceted technological issues - including solving problems where no precedents exist for systems development, software development, and Enterprise Architectures (EA). Very knowledgeable of emerging technologies and software related to the development of data architecture, administration of relational databases, data warehouses, data marts, data mining, and database middleware. Lead in the planning, development, implementation, and administration of systems for the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of data.  
Specialize in development, implementation, maintenance and oversight managment of large-scale, complex, and highly visible systems across varied software and hardware platforms.

Work Experience

Computer Specialist - 0334

Federal Aviation Administration
Washington, DC

January 2008 to Present

OVERSIGHT MANAGEMENT: Oversee and lead a number of highly complex IT projects including all project phases, and personnel supervision. Champion for leading technology change management initiatives across the Agency. Review system architectures for multi-million dollar systems and develop recommendations concerning optimization of the architecture to enhance mission critical business operations. Provide architectural guidance to programs that interface with FAA's Joint Resources Council (JRC), which reviews Enterprise Architectures and designs Enterprise Architecture (EA) roadmaps to obtain funding. Continually educate varied stakeholders regarding regulations, policies, and best practices. Respond to internal and external customers, and other IT organizations (operations and security). Develop information strategies to integrate disparate data sources to reduce duplicate data, and interface with the FAA strategy team to develop policies for data management. Contribute information / data calls for Exhibit 300 submissions to DOT, forwarded to OMB. Lead various audits. 
BRANCH MANAGER: Currently manage Business Partnership Management branch which provides IT advisory services for FAA's Office of the Administrator (AOA); Office of General Counsel (AGC); Office of Government and Industry Affairs (AGI); Office of Communications (AOC); Office of Audit and Evaluation (AAE); and Office of Policy, International Affairs and Environment (APL). 
BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP MANAGER: Currently serve as the Business Partnership Manager for FAA's Office of the Administrator (AOA). The Business Partnership Manager for AOA serves as the trusted IT advisor for the FAA Administrator, FAA Deputy Administrator, FAA Chief of Staff and the Director of Strategic Initiatives. 
AGILE TEAM LEAD: Currently chairing the Agile Team review process which is a critical customer relationship management (CRM) process. The Agile Team consists of representatives from every FAA IT (AIT) service organizations group and AIT customer service representatives (CSR). The role of the Agile Team lead is to review customer requests and work with the CSR to present the customer request to the Agile Team. The Agile Team collective recommends solutions and which AIT service organization or organizations should provide services to the customer to address to the customer request. The job includes: mitigating conflict between various Agile Team stakeholders, managing stakeholder expectations and push the request to a positive resolution by facilitating discussions between the stakeholders. 
MANAGEMENT AND SOLUTIONS DEVELOPMENT: Designed the Development Workstation Environment Toolset. The effort defined tools for various roles that were defined in the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) SDLC. Resolved disagreements between the Operations Group and Software Development Group and led the effort to create the Developer Workstation Configuration, which offered numerous choices to the Project Manager - the approach provided flexibility desired by software developers and helped the IT organization track costs with respect to tools. Reviewed licensing cost feasibility. (The ATO Operations Group supports 80% of the FAA). 
APPLICATION DESIGN: Single handedly designed and developed a production level J2EE application for the FAA ATO Help Desk organization, which demonstrated how the FAA Technical Reference Model (TRM) can be used to consolidate software and licensing. Collaborated with other technical architects performing technical assessments for proposed technologies; and supported this group by evaluating and analyzing SOA technologies and their impact to various FAA Architecture tiers. 
LEADERSHIP AND MENTOR: Supported the Information Architecture Team by creating the Service Domain Meta-model for our EA repository; and mentored their Data Architects in how to gather data requirements, and design conceptual and logical data models and XML data architectures. 
FAA SERVICE REGISTRY WORKING GROUP: Collaborated with other development teams in defining SOA centric architectures; and as a member of FAA Service Registry Working Group pushed for standardizing FAA XML Namespace Architecture by articulating its importance in a SOA environment via white papers. Facilitated the creation of the Architecture, after a two-year stall, and moved the program forward - creating a full governance process as the Agency's standard, within six months. 
PROTOTYPE PROJECT MANAGEMENT / WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT TOOLSET (WMT): Evaluated and turned around a failing program that was overpriced and delayed due to missing most project milestones. Proposed a solution to upper management that was fully funded. Managed a prototype SOA effort that created a software prototype that demonstrates the physical exchange of information and introduces governance mechanisms that facilitate interaction between the various stakeholders (Program Management Office, Enterprise Architecture Team, Data Architecture Team, and Organization that supports Help Desk), and led design of the XML data model. Managed all project requirements, supervised a staff of six IBM contractors and a $750,000 budget. Navigated numerous internal conflict issues among the contractors to get the project on schedule. Defined the roles and responsibilities of the IBM consultants; and convinced the data owners to share their data by proposing value-added. Coordinated with other SMEs in developing a Unified SDLC, incorporating security implications for the services to be developed. 
PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND DOCUMENTATION: Defined the vision and mission of the EA program, and currently building a program to document business functions and business processes across FAA ATO. Articulated three resources for EA and convinced sponsor (SES) of the long-term value to the organization via this program. Presented a full lifecycle project proposal and blueprint including resources, milestones, schedules, and other requirements, using the Segment Architecture approach, publishing the Phase I artifacts (contents and strategy) on a SharePoint site. The tool will engage IT customers and consolidate programs (from 200+ to a few), creating cost efficiencies for the organization and higher productivity. The project is currently in Phase II, funded with three additional architects, and now engaging ATO IT customers. The SharePoint content provided management an appropriate engagement model to display the artifacts and the blueprint for the EA program. The program has surpassed upper management's expectations to date. Also, working with other enterprise architects in designing the conceptual and logical architecture repository. 
FAA SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT LEAD ARCHITECT: Developed FAA Social Media Strategy with FAA Office of Communications (AOC), FAA ATO Office of Communication and the Learning Enterprise Architecture (Learning-EA) team. Facilitated communications and provided technical guidance to a highly polarized project with two sets of prime contracting staffs, and four tiers of sub-contractors. Negotiate through conflict between contractors and project staff to ensure the system is deployed at the Department of Interior's National Business Center's Cloud. Project goals include interfacing with the Help Desk staff and the network staff. 
MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT: Coordinated and managed the assessment of the Good Technology Mobile Device Management (MDM) system as part of the FAA MDM assessment. Delivered a detailed assessment and presented to the FAA IT executives. Successfully managed a political project with contentious stakeholders and built a positive environment. Worked with the ISSO and ISSM to derive security requirements. Good Technology MDM is the only FIPS compliant MDM in the market. 
BLACKBERRY TIGER TEAM: Assigned to be part of the Tiger team to develop recommendations on how to transform the BlackBerry program. Worked with the various stakeholders and functioned as a project manager. 
The tiger team made the recommendations and presented to the FAA CIO. 
mGOV STRATEGY TASK FORCE: Invited by OMB to be part of the mobility task force. Defined the security component of the strategy. Worked with other security subject matter experts. Steve VanRoekel, OMB CIO, sponsored the effort. Coordinated a FAA response which included contacting LOBs that were working on mobility. 
FAA MOBILE STRATEGY: Led a top twenty five ATO-IT Leadership Team initiative to develop FAA mobility strategy for personal devices. Developing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) use cases which will be used to derive the mobility strategy.


ManTech Information Systems and Technology
Chantilly, VA

May 2005 to January 2008

PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPER FOR THE US Government Search and Tasking Application. Collaborated with Team Lead in refining the build process for development, testing and deployment of the search application. Re-factored legacy code into a tiered architecture using the Model View Control (MVC) pattern. 
LEAD TECHNICAL ANALYST FOR DEH PROJECT / NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION (NCR) INTEROPERABILITY PROGRAM'S DATA EXCHANGE HUB (DEH): Guided set up of the system architecture with the Sonic Enterprise Service Buses (ESB), with a project goal of enabling the 19 jurisdictions in the NCR to share public safety and emergency management data (Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)). Proposed a solution and developed a Federal Enterprise Architecture and Data Reference Model. Developed data architecture and data management related plans, schedules, and budgets; estimated resource requirements, defined milestones and deliverables, and monitored data management activities. Assessed and managed risk and resolved data management and other problems. 
DEVELOPMENT LEAD WITH OVERSIGHT MANAGEMENT for the Data Architecture for every DEH related information exchange and the Exchange Development Life Cycle (EDLC) in the project - a multi-county / multi-division project involving participation from representatives from three state governments and four counties. Facilitated joint / interagency meetings and resolved differences of opinion. Designed the DEH meta-model, an ITIL certified tool, Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that defined DEH entities and their relationships to each other, and wrote the use cases for selecting the ideal DEH metadata repository - creating an information catalogue of shared information for use by the Help Desk and data centers at various jurisdictions. Managed analysts in the conduct of the program and system assessments, developed a framework to assess existing program and identify components that could be reused by DEH program. Developed Web Service Development Lifecycle and led workshops for county IT staff members on how to develop scalability and interoperable software services. The final assessment was read by the National Capitol Region's counties' executives, and the DEH Project Manager stated that I was "instrumental in rescuing her failing project." 
ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE OASIS EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TECHNICAL COMMITTEE, which defined standards for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messaging and Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL). 
SOFTWARE DEVELOPER / ARCHITECT, INTERNAL INFORMATION FUSION (I2F): Evaluated COTS and recommended products for the I2F solution, an application suite that enables intelligence analysts to easily search information across multiple data sources and provide assistance in visually and logically connect entities. Integrated the functionality. 
ASSESSMENT: Conducted an assessment and developed a comprehensive analysis for decision makers that determined whether GJXDM was ideal for DHS. Authored all of the National Information Exchange Model's (NIEM) version I Infrastructure Preparedness domain data-types and proposed a solution architecture showing the value of NIEM. The solution architecture project was funded in 2007 for $2.4 million and I was assigned as an SOA architect. Prepared project briefings and funding justification; presented proposals and cost analysis to senior leadership gaining full funding and project approval. The NIEM standard was adopted and used by DHS, DOJ, HHS, the State Department, FAA, and other local and state governments.


Conquest Systems Inc
Washington, DC

August 2004 to April 2005

SOFTWARE ENGINEER: Created a Management Operating System (MOS) J2EE Web Application for US government. The application enabled all US government managers to monitor and optimize their teams' performance. Wrote a reporting module and an asynchronous web service for database updates.


Northrop Grumman
Rockville, MD

August 2000 to August 2004

WEB SOFTWARE DEVELOPER 3 / GRANTS.GOV ( allows users to search and apply for US government grants. Worked exclusively on the XML base grant form which was comprised of four XML components: XML Schema (XSD), XML Stylesheet (XSL), XML Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) and PureEdge Form. Performed comprehensive data analysis and checked for data integrity, data format, and data reusability. Participated in development of the meta data repository. 
WEB SUPPORT FOR FDA/CVM: Member of the Web Support team for the Food and Drug Administration Center of Veterinary Medicine (FDA/CVM) Internet and intranet sites. Developed prototype applications in Coldfusion and XML, and redesigned the FDA/CVM web site (


PMP Training (36 PDUs) in Project Management Training

CertSchool (

January 2011 to January 2011

Bachelor's in Chemistry

University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

August 1999

High School

May 1994

Derby High School
Derby, KS


FAA Employee Recognition

August 2011

FAA Employee Recognition

July 2010

ManTech's Bonus Award

June 2006

For outstanding work on the Data Exchange Hub program []

NASA Group Achievement Award

October 2004

Worked as a part-time consultant on the ISS Downlink Enhancement Architecture Phase 1 Development Team

Northrop Grumman: Federal Enterprise Solutions' Annual President's Excellence Team Achievement Award

As part of the project team

FAA Employee Recognition

August 2012


Licensed ZapThink Architect - Senior Level

August 2008 to August 2009

ITIL v3 Foundation for Service Management

June 2008

Project Management Professional (PMP)

January 2013 to January 2016

Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional (PMP)

Additional Information

* OMB mGov Strategy Task Force, mobility, 2011 
* American University (C-level conference), Social Media, 2010 
* ZapThink SOA Training, Washington DC, 2008  
* ITIL Foundations, Washington DC, 2008 
* TIBCO BusinessWorks Administration Training, TIBCO, Arlington, VA, 2007 
* TIBCO EMS Administration Training, TIBCO, Arlington, VA, 2007 
* Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM) Training, WebEx, 2006 
* Developing J2EE Compliant Applications (Sun Class FJ-310), Philadelphia, PA, 2006 
* Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications, (Sun Class SL-425), New York, NY, 2006 
* TIBCO Business Events 1.0 Developer Training, TIBCO, Arlington, VA, 2005  
* Convera Taxonomy & Workbench, Fairfax, VA, 2005 
* IBM DB2 Relationship Resolution, Chantilly, VA, 2005 
* Convera Administration, Fairfax, VA, 2005 
* CS 136 System Analysis and Design, Montgomery County Community College, Rockville, MD, 2003 
* CS 249 Advanced Object Oriented Programming with C++, Montgomery County Community College, Germantown, MD, 2003 
* CS 226 Introduction to Object-oriented Programming with C++, Montgomery County Community College, Germantown, MD, 2003 
FAA Services Registry Working Group, Member (2008 – Present) 
DHS DM Program Standards Working Group, Member (2007) 
OASIS Emergency Management TC, Member […]  
ZapThink Senior SOA Architect, 2008  
ITIL Foundations v3, 2008 
ColdFusion, CSS, HTML, J2EE, JavaScript (ExtJs, DHTML, Prototype), JSP, PDF JavaScript, PERL, PHP, XHTML, XML (XFDL, XSL, XSL-FO, XML, WSDL, OWL, RDF) 
C/C++, Java, C# (novice), (novice) 
Apache Axis (web services), Apache Tomcat, Custom Tags, DAO, Eclipse, Forte, JBuilder, JDeveloper, JSP, JSTL, Junit, JwebUnit, MockObjects, Log4J, NetBeans, Struts, ANT, Hibernate, Apache Commons API, Jakarata POI API, JAX-RPC, JAXB, JAXME, JAXP, Middlegen, Jena Ontology API, Chainsaw, JMS, Sun iPlanet 6.1, Spring APIs, Grails 
Convera RetrievalWare, MetaCarta Geotagger, Verity K2, Tibco EMS, Autonomy 
DATABASES (relational) 
Access, MySQL, Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server, Postgresql 
eXist, Oracle 10g XML DB 
Rational Unified Process, Microsoft Project, Rational Method Composer, 
Roadmaps, OMB Exhibit 300, OMB Exhibit 52, FSAM, FEA, DODAF, 
DreamWeaver, Flash with Extensive Actionscripting, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, TopStyle Lite 
Microsoft Windows (95, 98, 2000 and XP pro), Linux (Red Hat and SuSe), SGI, Solaris 
Apache, IIS, Apache Tomcat, Oracle 10g, OC4J, JBOSS 
Bobby, InFocus, JAWS, WebQA 
NIEM - personally added all of the data types in the Infrastructure Preparedness domain. 
Federal Enterprise Architecture Reference Models (FEA-BRM, FEA-CRM, FEA-DRM, FEA-PRM, FEA-SCRM, FEA-TRM) 
RDF, OWL, Protégé