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Claudia White

Medical Laboratory Technologist/Traveler


Work Experience

Medical Laboratory Technologist/Traveler

Fusion Med Staffing
Omaha, NE

March 2015 to April 2015

Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory

April 2012 to September 2014

April 29, 2012, Ryan worked directly with Claudia at Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory 
3. Associates of Science 
Salt Lake Community College

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Recovery Ways
Salt Lake City, UT

November 2013 to August 2014

2815 E 3300 S Salt Lake City, UT 84109 (801) 365-0999 November 2013 - August 2014 
Assisted in Validation of Thermo 
Organized and established new Toxicology Lab 
Inventory, ordered all reagents and consumables 
Daily instrument maintenance, Quality Control, Calibration when necessary 
Maintained troubleshooting and incidence Log 
Following written protocols and standards, tested Urine Samples with Indiko plus 
Sent all immediately via UPS to Millennium Laboratories, San Diego, CA 
Compiled monthly QA Data into a written report for Laboratory Management Firm

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Omega Interventional Pain Clinic
Salt Lake City, UT

September 2012 to March 2014

3838 South 700 East #300 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 801-261-4988 September 2012 - March 2014 
Organized, Validated and established new Toxicology Lab 
Tested Urine Samples with BiOLiS24i Analyzer 
Daily instrument maintenance, Quality Control, Calibration 
Maintained Calibration Log, Quality Control Data, Troubleshooting and Incidence report Log 
C communicated with laboratory's Medical Director located in Houston, Texas 
Educated physicians and providers about the Parent Drugs and Metabolites each kit assay detects 
Interpreted test results and generated reports 
Saved the Clinic the cost of Service Contract by performing all maintenance

Medical laboratory technologist

Evanston Regional Hospital
Evanston, WY

November 2012 to April 2013

190 Arrowhead Drive Evanston, WY 82930 (307) 789-3636 November 2012 ~April 2013

Medical Laboratory Technologist

IHS Crow Agency Hospital
Crow Agency, MT

April 2012 to July 2012

1010 South 7650 East Crow Agency MT, 59022 (406) 638-3500 April 2012 - July 2012 
Successfully completed 13 week contract at Indian Health Services Hospital in Crow, Montana 
Rotated through all lab positions, blood blank, hematology/coagulation, Body Fluids, Chemistry, UA 
Daily instrument maintenance, Quality Control, and Calibration 
Assisted Supervisor in revising and developing new Standard Operating Procedures for Body Fluids

Medical Laboratory Technologist
Salt Lake City, UT

November 2011 to April 2012

145 East 1300 South Suite 107 Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 (801) 783-1950 November 2011 - April 2012 
Brought to fruition the first TASC Laboratory in Utah 
Following established TASCAZ protocols validated Beckman-Coulter AU400e for non-Siemen's Reagents 
Daily instrument maintenance, Quality Control, Calibration when necessary 
Consistently attained less than 24 hour turnaround time 
Communicated directly with Supervisor and Laboratory Director in Phoenix, AZ 
Oversaw Laboratory all laboratory personnel and Laboratory Equipment 
Compiled Daily Data and Documentation for Litigation Packets 

Weekend Graveyard Solo Medical Technologist


2003 to 2012

hour shifts 
Responsibilities include running all aspects of the Laboratory including Phlebotomy, Blood Banking, Hematology, 
Coagulation, Urinalysis, and Point of care testing 
Evening maintenance of all instrument in preparation for day , Quality Control 
Preparation and Screening of peripheral blood smears, Cell Count and Differentials of Body Fluids Working with 
Analyzers including iStat, Siemen's Dimension, Bayer Clinitek, and Sysmex CA-500 Coagulation

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Central Lab
Murray, UT

October 2008 to April 2011

5252 SOUTH, INTERMOUNTAIN DRIVE Murray, UT 84107 Oct. 2008 to April 2011 
Daily Instrument maintenance, quality control (QC), calibrations and replacement of consumables 
Performed lab procedures in areas of hematology, chemistry, coagulation and urinalysis 
Instrument's operated and maintained included but are not limited to Beckman Coulter Lh750, STAGO, Vitros, Plasma 
HGb Spectrometer, Abbott I2000 and C8000 
Performed various wet chemistry tests, including ICAS, OSMO, ACET, FFN, HCG, and Amnio-sure. 
Participate in quality assurance (QA) activities 
Trained students and new staff on laboratory tests and procedures 
Mastered laboratory information system Mysis and automated chemistry line middle ware

Laboratory Specialist/Certifying Scientist

Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
Salt Lake City, UT

May 2005 to October 2008

560 Arapeen Drive, Suite 150A Salt Lake City, UT 8410 (801) 994-9454 May 2005 - October 2008 
Part of Team that developed, validated, and established Sports Medicine Research and Testing Lab 
Participated with Lab's Quality Assurance in compiling Data for inspections (ISO A2LA and WADA) 
Assisted in SMRTL becoming one of only two World Anti-Doping Association Accredited Laboratories USA 
Initiated Chain of Custodies 
Developed and authored Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Lead Tech over Immunoassays


2000 to 2000

Immunoassay for the detection of hCG in Male athletes 
Developed Specimen Receiving Protocols 
Aliquotted and Pipetted sample for each area of testing 
Macro Urinalysis specific gravity and pH 
Solid Phase and Liquid/Liquid Extraction 
GC/NPD Analysis for Stimulants 
LC/MS and LC/MS/MS Analysis for Endogenous Steroids, Beta Blockers 
GC/MS for Analysis 70 panel for Steroids 
Maintenance of all the aforementioned analyzers 
Certifying Scientist of analysts chromatography data and Results 
Performed secondary analysis for confirmation of positive analytes 
Trained New Employees 
Assisted PhD in Research and Development such as developing Methods 
Developed Blood doping using Flow cytometry 
Validation of Athlete Passport using Hematology analyzer and CBC Indices 
Primary Technologist over detection of use of endogenous human growth hormone 
In house Validation of the CMZ assays for GH Isoform test 
Compiled data for Lab Accreditation for the use of the CMZ assay 
Performed CMZ test on random US Athletes for the Beijing Games 
University of Utah Transcript 
4|Page Recommendations and Endorsed Skills 
1. Medical Laboratory Technologist 
Omega Interventional Pain Clinic 
John Cangelosi

President/CEO Sagis, PLLC

Omega Interventional Pain Clinic

September 2014

September 18, 2014, John managed Claudia indirectly at Omega Interventional Pain Clinic 
2. Laboratory Specialist/Certifying Scientist 
Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory 
Ryan Paulsen 
Senior Research Chemist in Mass Spectrometry at Psychemedics Corporation 
Claudia had been working at SMRTL for some time before I started. She was one of the initial hires when SMRTL was 
founded and was instrumental in getting the lab up and running. Her professional training made her the go-to authority in the company for the maintenance and use of our clinical analyzer. 
In my interactions with her, she was a great and patient trainer. She was extremely dedicated to her job and willing to put in long hours to see that key work was finished. In a group of peers, she was recognized as a leader

Owner at OMG Handyman Service and Property Management

Robert Weitenhagen

September 2014

September 15, 2014, Robert studied with Claudia at Salt Lake Community College 
Endorsed skills 
• Laboratory Medicine 22 Endorsements 
• Laboratory 21 Endorsements 
• Hematology 17 Endorsements 
• Medical Technology 14 Endorsements 
• Clinical Research 12 Endorsements 
• Toxicology 11 Endorsements 
• Chemistry 10 Endorsements 
• Coagulation 10 Endorsements 
• Pathology 10 Endorsements 
• Laboratory Equipment 10 Endorsements 


Bachelors in Cytotechnology

University of Utah School of Medicine -
Salt Lake City, UT

Certificate of Achievement


October 2008

Certificate of Completion in Medical Laboratory Technology

University of Utah School of Medicine -
Salt Lake City, UT


Additional Information

• Customer Oriented • Microscopy 
• Telephone Etiquette • Manual Chemistries • Good Laboratory Practice 
• Communication Skills • Osmolality, pH, ESR • Coagualtion 
• Ability to communicate • Body Fluids/CSF's • Urinalysis 
complex information in • Cytospins • Serology 
simplictic, clean manner • Cell Counts • LIS: Mysis, Cerner, STAR 
• Good Patient Listner • Manual Differential LIMS, Horizons 
• Kind, Considerate phone • Wright Stain • ASCP Certified 
skills • Instrument Maintenance • Medical Laboratory 
• Amicable • HIPPA Science 
• Empathetic • PHI • Westergard Rules 
• Contemporaneous • ID MTS Gel Tests • Quality Assurance 
Documentation • Blood Bank • Critical Values 
• Kohler Illumination • Type & Cross • Chemistry 
• Automated Analyzer • Temperature Logs