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John Prutzman

Director, VP, Business & Economic Development Strategist, Manager & Trainer

Daytona Beach, FL


February, 2015 
Re: “offering a unique ‘top-down, bottom-up value-add’ for business membership organizations and/or economic development groups.”  
Based on my personal and professional experiences, I have created an economic -- even social – development / re-development program consisting of four critically needed components... Determination, Impact Investing, Education and T.E.A.M.S. to support and assure transparency and accountability for a community’s success that even includes an electronic think-tank.  
• Determination... can only occur when it is ‘a personal mind-set’, especially a ‘joint-mind-set’ when there is a project to successfully complete. 
• Impact Investing... is the most current and greatest method for developing a community.  
• Education – a ‘grass-roots approach’ – mine -- for an expert and balanced marketing and professional educational program for generating revenue that must be immediately and continually available to help entrepreneurs start businesses and for continually helping existing businesses develop more profitable business... in less time! 
• T.E.A.M.S. morally, personally, and technically supports the success of each and all projects: ‘Training, Entrepreneurship, Accountability and Transparency, Mentorship-Resources-Finances, Scalability and Sustainability.‘ Technology* supports the established network, integrating ‘current conditions with current objectives along with the prospective assets to successfully complete each and all projects, including an ‘electronic think-tank’. 
Currently, and integrating the above, I am helping with the development of a group that helps Chambers of Commerce across the United States.  
I have attached my resume but here is my BIO and mission: I am certain I have experienced every possible situation and condition within ‘professionally-persistent business development’ and economic development leadership within my twenty-three year career. As economic development requires proven professional business skills along with experience, I am extremely capable. Specifically, after graduating from college, I began and succeeded within business-to-consumer [B2C] selling and continued upward into business-to-business [B2B] selling, franchised dealer sales and management, regional to national B2B sales and service management in typically challenging markets and economies, recruited, hired, created, trained sales and service staff, managed corporate embarrassments and assisted with the re-organization of a multi-national corporation, been involved with: the R&D for the creation and launch of a new national ventures that specifically required my engagement and negotiations with C-levels of Fortune 1000s... Whirlpool, SEARS, Home Depot, GE, John Deere, etc., assisted with and completed business plans, provided sales coaching that included the creation and instruction of my curriculum: ‘Optimizing Opportunity 6 + 10: Sales, Marketing & Entrepreneurship’ at Montgomery County Community College [MCCC] and S.C.O.R.E. My main interest and mission now is ‘passionately providing-back’ -- directly and indirectly helping businesses and local communities to even the national economy -- so they are able to utilize the best business development skills and proactive work-ethic practices necessary for always achieving the ‘best-profitable results'... in less time! 
Contact me with your needs! 
John Prutzman

Work Experience

Director, National Business Analyst & Development

‘Profitable Progressions’ 2004 – Present
Pottstown, PA

January 2004 to Present

• Guest Instructor: Montgomery County Community College – Entrepreneurialism/Business Development.  
• Author and lead presenter of [my] curriculum: ‘Optimizing Opportunity 6 + 10 / Everybody Sells & Everybody Services: Marketing, Sales & Entrepreneurship’© for clients  
• Prospective developer of a ‘Business Incubator’ helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.  
• Fundraising: Leader/Producer of Dance Marathon & 4-Day Custom Car Show/Battle of the Bands. 
• Business & Community Economic Development Volunteer: Although much younger than of its member qualifications, was recruited by S.C.O.R.E. of the SBA and promoted to Co-Chair. 
• Consultant to Bank of America - developing competitive advantages various loan programs.

Vice President of National Sales

Home-Link Services, Inc

1997 to 2004

Performed the research and tactical development of a 'direct-to-consumer-sales-network' benefiting residential real estate firms and homebuyers/sellers; Identified, solicited, negotiated and closed complex agreements with Fortune 500s, such as Sears, Whirlpool, Penske, John Deere, SelectComfort, CNA, etc.

National Accounts Manager

The Dun and Bradstreet Corporation

1992 to 1997

Achieved double-to-triple digit revenue growth within strategic and major national accounts from [my] self-motivated and self-developed strategies and tactics with C-levels at banks, insurance companies, multi-national manufactures and wholesalers.

District Manager

The Dun and Bradstreet Corporation

1988 to 1992

Specifically for the State of Virginia, recruited, interviewed, hired, managed, and continually developed an inside/outside multi-region sales, service, support staff.

Divisional Sales Manager

The Dun and Bradstreet Corporation

1982 to 1987

Recruited, interviewed, and hired as needed, then continually coached, developed, and managed a young and inexperienced inside/outside multi-region sales team and support staff for Central to Northern Ohio Regions. Resolved former hi-turnover of staff. Exceeded all sales objectives versus challenging economic market ['rust-belt'] conditions.

Account Executive

The Dun and Bradstreet Corporation

1981 to 1982

Initiated sales of new contracts and renewed existing client contracts, assuring the accurate & timely delivery of commercial credit and marketing information. Exceeded sales objectives in rust-belt of Northeast Philadelphia.



Temple University


More than eighteen years of professional strategic and tactical business development experience; regional sales/service team management creation and management: hiring, training, continual coaching & professionally-persistent management in challenging markets & economies for new and existing national ventures and new concepts; initiation of new marketing channels between Fortune 1000s and small for consumers… helping businesses develop more profitable business in less time.

Additional Information

• S.C.O.R.E., Pottstown Chapter #594 – Co-Chair [although not old enough, recruited & developed curriculum] 
• TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce, Pottstown, PA  
• Pottstown Classics Car Club 
• ‘Eyes to the Future’ – founder and current member; community economic re-development group.