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Campus Safety Manager

EHS Leader

Hensley, AR


I am seeking an opportunity to become an impact player with a company that is 
dedicated to Safety and Quality performance. My drive and commitment produce 
positive results in everything I do. I believe that excellence is accomplished by 
combining high-energy with quality leadership.

Work Experience

Campus Safety Manager

North Little Rock, AR

2009 to Present

Provide direction to management on safety and health requirements and regulations. 
Design, implement and manage L'Oreal's safety program and ensure programs are up-to- date. Leads the NLR Campus safety programs and teams at three locations 
(Manufacturing, Distribution and Assembly). Lead and mentor safety engineers as their 
tasks relate to Occupational, Health and Safety issues. Serve as campus OHSAS 18001 and VPP representative. 
• Developed and deployed Behavioral Based Safety Program that has generated 
>60,000 documented observations over three years. 
• Campus ergonomics champion 
• Campus VPP Leader / Mentor 
• Improved contractor management process by partnering with PICs and saving the local 
campus >$65,000.00 annually. 
• Lead Auditor for OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and internal auditor for ISO 9001 
• Serve as an SGE (Special Government Employee) for OSHA. 
• Facilitated the growth and employee ownership of the Campus EHS Committee 
• Led successful OHSAS 18001 Certification for all three campus sites in 2012. 
INVISTA is one of the world's largest integrated fibers and polymers businesses with a global presence. INVISTA owns more than 700 unique pending or granted U.S. 
patents, with corresponding patents in almost all of the countries where INVISTA has a business presence. Stainmaster is a well-known product line in the product make- up within INVISTA.

Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Seaford, DE

2007 to 2009

Develop, implement, and manage robust, sustainable and integrated Health and Safety 
(H&S) management systems required to ensure full compliance with all H&S regulations, as well as INVISTA standards. Develop, implement and manage site H&S procedures that 
are clear, concise, effective and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, 
company performance standards and industry standards. Identify key Health & Safety 
risks at the site and develop strategies for mitigating their impact. Manage, supervise and mentor H&S personnel. Perform periodic site self-assessments to verify compliance and 
system effectiveness. 
1|P a g e 
t] T. Short 
• Reduced Recordable Injuries by 100% in year 2008. 
• Managed a budget of > $ 1,000,000. 
• Improved efficiency by establishing a web based safety information system. 
• Established site auditing system auditing >10% of all permitted work. 
• Improved site Risk Recognition by developing and deploying live training. 
• Member of Site Leadership Team and OSHA VPP Implementation Team. 
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex, LLC 
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex LLC is A global company. The product line includes 
nitrile, styrene butadiene, acrylic, vinyl acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate 
specialty latexes. These products are used in gloves, architectural products, 
automotive products, construction and concrete modification, food processing, 
packaging, textile printing, specialty paper and nonwovens, and specialty coatings.

Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator

Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex
Dover, DE

2005 to 2007

Site environmental engineer duties including Title V, Ground Water, Waste Water, 
Hazardous Waste, Universal Waste and all regulatory reporting and correspondence. Site 
PSM Coordinator with PSM and RMP program oversight. Safety and Health 
responsibilities included Industrial Hygiene monitoring, Auditing, Root Cause Analysis for all incidents and OSHA compliance. 
• Reduced Recordable Injuries by 100% 
• Decreased Environmental Notice of Violations by 75%. 
• Reduced outstanding action items by 97%. 
• Achieved first year in history of company with no recordable injuries. 
• Increased Emergency response capability by doubling the size of the ERT. 
• Managed contracts totaling $650,000.00.

Health and Safety Manager

Formosa Plastics Corporation
Delaware City, DE

2002 to 2005

Site PSM Coordinator with responsibility for the PSM and RMP programs. Safety and 
Health responsibilities included Industrial Hygiene monitoring, Auditing, Safety and Health 
procedure development, Corporate Process Hazard Analysis Team Leader, Root Cause 
Analysis for all incidents and OSHA compliance. 
• Implemented standardized contractor training resulting in savings of $50,000.00. 
• Reduced workmen's compensation expenses by 75%. 
• Reduced recordable injuries by 50%. 
• Coordinated 100% of site Training. 
• Management Representative for ISO 14000. 
• Internal ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and Trainer. 
• Served as Industrial Hygiene manager for the site. 
2|P a g e 
t] T. Short

Safety Manager

Formosa Plastics Corporation

1994 to 2005

Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A. together with its subsidiaries (Formosa), is a 
full-service manufacturer and supplier of plastic resins and petrochemicals. The 
operations include chemical and petrochemical manufacturing, natural gas drilling, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) downstream processing.

Shift Safety Coordinator

Formosa Plastics Corporation
Point Comfort, TX

1996 to 2002

Onsite Incident Command during Emergencies with direct responsibility for 115 
Emergency Response Team members. Environmental sampling including air and water as required. Safety and Health Procedure development and revision, Auditing and principle regulatory contact. 
• Increased site Emergency Medical Technicians by 200%. 
• Developed Land Owner Alarm notification system. 
• Attained Paramedic License. 
• Taught classes in Industrial Fire Fighting, HazMat and Industrial Rescue. 
• Represented Corporation at Emergency Response Events. 
• Established PRISM training system saving the company in excess of $100,000.00.

Safety / PSM Technician

Formosa Plastics Corporation
Point Comfort, TX

1994 to 1996

Provided PSM Management including procedure development, Audits, Auditor training, and area specific contractor training. Safety procedure development and revision, auditing and capital projects. 
• ISO 9000 Implementation Team. 
• Created Contractor Safety Manual and Audit Sheets. 
• Established Management of Change protocols for facility. 
• Developed Site PSM Auditing Protocols. 
• Established comprehensive auditing system for site compliance. 
• Improved Contractor Safety accountability. 
Moreno Welding Company, LLC 
Moreno Welding Company provided a full line of services to both commercial and residential customers. The company specialized in code welding and piping 
system design and installation.

Safety and QC Engineer

Moreno Welding
Victoria, TX

1992 to 1994

Provided safety management for 75 employees including training, orientation, auditing and 
Job Safety Analysis. Welding review for certified welders and x-ray interpretation.


M.S. in Leadership

Wilmington University
Wilmington, DE


B.S. in General Studies

Wilmington University
Wilmington, DE



Licensed Paramedic, OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor, ISO 14001 Lead Auditor, ISO 9001 Auditor, OSHA - SGE