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Energy Conservation Consultant

Manager for Construction Projects or Facilities Maintenance

Delta Junction, AK


Looking for challenging employment in Management of Facilities Maintenance, Construction, Energy or Environmental fields, with experience at federal or military installations. No location preferences. Salary negotiable. Active US Army Secret Security Clearance.

Work Experience

Energy Conservation Consultant

Schneider Electrical Corporation, LLC
Alexandria, VA

November 2011 to March 2012

Consultant working from Alaska home on Energy Conservation measures, preparation of Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) bids at various military installations. Prepared detailed economic analysis for energy conservation measures and other proposals as part of bidding process, detailed cost estimates and life cycle cost analysis. Supervisor: Jim Kuech.

Manager for Construction Projects

US Army Corps of Engineers

June 2010 to April 2011

Construction Project Manager involving a wide range of construction projects in the Ninewa Province of Iraq (Province capital: Mosul). Worked with many groups, including Iraqi Government officials, Construction personnel, Engineers, US Army officials, and other officials for the US Army Corps of Engineers, District - North Iraq. Construction included starting projects from concept to final construction, and included construction of a courthouse, a medical clinic, water distribution plans, sewer collection systems, and an automotive garage. Assisted other engineers as needed. Unit withdrawn from Iraq in March 2011 on prearranged schedule. Supervisor: MAJ James C. Thompson.

Resource Efficiency Manager

Aiken Global Group, LLC
Fort Greely, AK

April 2008 to April 2009

Resource Efficiency Manager for a contractor position with the US Army's Fort Greely, a military installation located deep in the interior of Alaska, in a land of temperature and sunlight extremes. Responsible for all energy use on the installation, and for conserving energy and water by all means feasible, including construction projects, utility rebates, self-help projects, and any other means. Saved over $1,300,000 in the first year, with $677,800 in electricity generation alone. Installation nominated for the 2009 Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award. An inspection in March 2009 rated Fort Greely as having the Best Energy Program in US Army Pacific Region, with no Findings, no Observations, and six Commendable Areas. Supervisor: Mr. Anthony C. Aiken, President and CEO.

Master Planner and Installation Energy Coordinator

US Army Dugway Proving Ground

June 2000 to March 2008

Dual position as Master Planner and Installation Energy Coordinator for Dugway Proving Ground. Developed the Installation Master Plan for future installation development and created all DD Forms 1391 for military construction projects associated with making the plan happen. Wrote the comprehensive Installation Design Guide (IDG), a single volume that guides designers and construction contractors on all elements of construction on Dugway. Wrote all NEPA (Environmental Assessments) documents in support of installation projects. Oversaw a reduction of 35 percent in energy consumption over a three year period. Awarded the 2003 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management Award, and the 2002 and 2006 Secretary of the Army Energy Management Award. Nominated for the Presidential Energy Conservation Leadership Award in 2004. Supervisor: Mr. Martin Pendley, 435-882-6708

Project Design Engineer and Project Construction Manager

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington, DC

March 1999 to June 2000

Project Construction (and Design) Engineer for DPW at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Responsible for designing complex projects for construction and Project Manager to coordinate with hospital staffs, contractors, etc overseeing the actual construction. Oversaw the design and installation of central boiler plant in-stack 
emissions monitoring devices as part of Environmental Air Permits. Managed projects, developed technical specifications, wrote air permit applications to the state government. Oversaw several Energy Performance Savings Contract (EPSC) modifications with contractor. Supervisor: Mr. Abbas Keshavarz, Tel: 202-782-4415.

Chief of Utilities, 26th Area Support Group

US Army Headquarters

June 1994 to March 1999

Supervised five military communities (Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, and Mannheim) in Germany for utility support and created projects to upgrade utility service to these communities. Negotiated with German government (local and national) for utility service and modifications to utility contracts, as well as base closures (partial closures and full closures). Awarded the 1998 DOE Federal Energy and Water Management Award for reducing energy significantly (over 30 percent) in the prior three years at five installations. Established first ECIP and FEMP projects ever in Europe (over 11 projects constructed in 3 years, in excess of $100 million annually). Awarded two outstanding performance evaluations during this period. Supervisor: Alan Prucnal, 011-49-6221-133940.

Project Manager, Headquarters, US Army, Europe and Seventh Army, Utilities Division

US Army Europe

November 1988 to June 1994

7A Nov 1988 - June 1994 
Heidelberg, Germany 
Project Manager, Headquarters, US Army, Europe and Seventh Army, Utilities Division. Managed Energy Program for HQs, USAREUR/7A, and supervised general construction projects at various installations. Oversaw USAREUR Trash Sorting Program, providing guidance to 42 installations and five major commands, and saving over $30 million annually by recycling trash. Directed the Long Range Utilities Plan in which installations developed long range plans and projects to improve utilities; this enabled the headquarters to improve fund distribution for annual repairs and maintenance. Awarded two outstanding performance evaluations during this period. Supervisor: Dennis Cannon, tel: 011-49-6221-576544.

Director of Public Works

US Army Scranton Army Ammunition Plant
Scranton, PA

November 1982 to November 1988

Director of Public Works for the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant. Supervised total engineering effort for a large caliber metal parts manufacturing plant, including small engineering projects performed by local staff, construction contracts up to $300,000, and initial engineering designs and cost estimates for projects up to several million dollars involving facilities maintenance and repair, and facilities new construction, including stack emissions scrubbers on four chimney stacks. Supervisor: Installation Commander, Tel: (717)-342-7801.


Post Degree Study in Military Staff Management (General Officer Level)

Army Management Staff College
Fort Belvoir, VA

January 1997

Post Graduate Study in Military Leadership (Field Grade Officer level)

Command and General Staff College
Fort Leavenworth, KS

January 1981 to January 1984


University of Delaware


University of Scranton


Facilities Management, Project Management and design, Installation Master Planning, Environmental Management, Energy Conservation Manager

Additional Information

Certifications and Licenses:  
Registered Engineer in training, Commonwealth of Kentucky  
Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Association of Energy Engineers  
Business Energy Professional (BEP), Association of Energy Engineers  
Fellow, Society of American Military Engineers, 1999 
Awards and Honors:  
AEE Legends in Energy Award, 2011  
Nominated for Presidental Leadership Award for Energy Conservation: 2004 
Federal Energy and Water Conservation Awards: 1997, 2003  
Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Awards: 2002, 2006, nominated 2009 
Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal and Army Achievement Medal.  
Several other awards earned as a Reserve Officer  
Fellow, Society of American Military Engineers  
Thompson Medal, Society of American Military Engineers  
Whos-Who in America, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired, Operations Officer (54A) for last seven years at 
major US Army, Europe Headquarters.  
Associate Editor, “The Encyclopedia of World War II in Europe” published in 2000, a 
comprehensive two volume set of books that covered all aspects of the European  
Theater in World War II.  
Alvin Kam  
Engineering Division, HQs IMCOM Pacific 
Honolulu, Hawaii  
Paul Feldman  
Project Manager  
US Army Corps of Engineers  
Sacramento District 
LTC Trent Moxley  
US Army Environmental Office  
Michael Montgomery  
HQs, USAREUR/7A, Engineering Div.  
Heidelberg, Germany  
Martin S. Pendley  
Directorate of Public Works  
US Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah  
Kim N. Farr  
Engineer, Directorate of Public Works  
US Army Dugway Proving Ground