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Matthew Beaudin

Sales Associate at Millworks

Phoenix, AZ


An experienced construction technician and lead person in many facets of construction; Good communication skills with an excellent understanding of customer requirements; Reliable, dependable and a definite asset to any organization. Fifteen plus years of experience in the application of stucco including dryvit and Sto systems, foam, brown mud, various finish textures, flashing and caulking. Experienced in all types of drywall and plastering applications, framing, trim work, countertops, window replacements and other construction job requirements.

Work Experience

Sales Associate

Phoenix, AZ

2011 to Present (5 years, 5 months)

Primarily responsible for providing customer services to all Home Depot customers. Currently working in the Doors and Windows department. Providing stocking and pack- down services, working with clients creating custom orders using the made-to-order program. Versatile in all aspects and able to work in different departments such as lumber and building material, hardware, flooring, paint, etc.

Construction Technician

R&S Plastering and Mooney Corp
Virginia Beach, VA

1986 to 2010 (24 years)

Responsible for leading a small construction crew in completing job tasks in a timely manner according to job specifications. Interacted with many construction trades, customers, and contractors; Good communication skills leading to successful job completion on time and within budget for total customer satisfaction. Major repeat customers included Food Lion and Blockbuster in the Virginia area.

Machinist Technician

Norfolk, VA

1981 to 1986 (5 years)

Removed, repaired and installed large valve mechanisms used in steam, oil, and water systems employed to power large navy vessels. Installation of equipment required very specific alignment between the motor and the pump using dial indicators. Replaced bearings in large shaft assemblies for steam turbines up to 36" in diameter; Removed and replace pistons on large diesel engines using lifting devices to load and unload the equipment. Monitored and inspected systems using checklists while in operation and for the purpose of pass down activities to the oncoming crew. Disassembled, repaired or replaced fuel injectors used in diesel engines. Experienced in troubleshooting and repairing the systems described above.

Machinist Mate/Second Class Petty Officer

US Navy (USS Canisteo AO99)

1977 to 1981 (4 years)


Merrimack High School -
Great Lakes, IL