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Alec Buscemi

Start-up of executive consultancy

North Bay, ON


• Optimization of industrial, commercial and distribution assets. 
• Team building 
• Lead by example 
• Strong interpersonal skills 
• Many Management Systems 
• Full employee participation 
• Rolled up sleeves 
• Professional Engineer 
• Large Scale Operations 
• Rectification, extraction, azeotrope distillation 
• Large volume high inertia disk centrifuges, screw centrifuges; 1000+ HP fans;100 tonne per hour low pressure boilers; Belt filter press installation

Work Experience

Fishing Guide / Dock Hand / Kitchen Helper

Chaudière Lodge and Lunge Lodge
Dokis, ON

April 2013 to Present

I handled all activities related to usage of docks (boat rental, maintenance, safety) and guiding of guests in fly fishing, walleye jigging, musky and pike hunting. I prepared meals and served guests. 
I improved minnow harvesting and retention and maintenance shop activities (bearing changes, piston changes, propeller changes). I modified five newly purchased boats to accomodate the newest in fish finding and depth sounding equipment. I dramatically improved kitchen operations, organized the pantry and food reordering system and reduced dish washing time. I also suggested improvements to property (septic system design and roof drain layouts) and renovated two cottages.

Start-up of executive consultancy

GMAT and MBA Consultants
Paris (75)

March 2009 to December 2012

Consultancy to established and aspiring professionals, setting lines of reasoning, careers plans and actionable advice in their quest to enter Top 20 MBA schools, worldwide; ( 
Managing Director (Co-founder and co-proprietor) Mar. 2009 to Dec. 2011 
o Startup of an educational establishment in Paris, France 
o Developed training and pedagogical material for teachers 
o Taught high level Management and Reasoning courses 
o Authored reference logic and reasoning book 
o Obtained publication contract 
o 100% admission rate for clients at MBAs of their choice 
o Creation of Brand and Marketing Strategy

MBA Student

Paris (75)

October 2006 to June 2009

Oct. 2006 to June. 2009

Business Manager

Témiscaming, QC

April 2002 to May 2005

TEMBEC - an integrated forest products company - Temiscaming, QC 
Senior executive in a four-billion dollar corporation, in a unionized environment. Complete responsibility for P&L of a fast-paced, international business, with manufacturing units in Canada and France, with over $350 million in assets. 
General Manager of TEMBEC AVEBENE SAS - Tartas (40) France: P/L accountability for French chemicals business. 100,000 tonnes of lignosulphonates; 30 employees; 6 million Euros of EBITDA 
Apr. 2002 to May 2005 
o Business' position moves from 5th to 2nd place worldwide during tenure 
o Maintained 20% ROCE during market overcapacity and 40+ % increase in Euro strength. 
o Oversaw worldwide sales and marketing teams, positioning small B2B chemical company against monopolistic competitor in a mature market. 
o Implementation, from scratch, of simultaneous full scale ISO 9000, 14000 and OSHAS 18000 with concurrent certification on 12 month deadline at French operation and won loyalty of French workforce over the benefits and needs of management systems. 
o Won and grew loyalty of key global customers with Strategic Customer Care Initiative (SIKA, Degussa, Indofil). 
o Nurtured and developed connectionships with competitors in preparation for consolidation cycle. 
o Managed French workforce and dealt directly with French and Canadian 
governmental administrations in all aspects pertinent to business 
o Operations produced at record levels

Business Manager

Sylvichemical Products TEMBEC

April 1998 to April 2002

- Canada, P/L accountability of food grade alcohol, and lignosulphonate chemical business; 70,000 tonnes LS; 14 million litres of Ethanol 
April 1998 to Apr. 2002 
o Achieved five straight years of growing EBITDA with CROCE above12% over the period 
o Designed, planned and executed various plant capacity upgrades (+110% capacity increase on base exchange process, +15% Evaporation). 
o Implemented and obtained formal management system certification (ISO 9000, 14000). Planned for and executed new formulations using continuous improvement philosophy (3 new products). 
o Creation, dissemination and application of ARBO ( brand 
o Expanded foothold in industrial ethanol and lignosulphonate market sectors, while growing sales volume in higher margin food grade accounts.

Business Manager

Alcohol Division TEMBEC

March 1995 to March 1998

- Canada, P/L accountability of food grade alcohol, and chemical business; 14 million litres of Ethanol ; 
Mar. 1995 to Mar. 1998 
o Achieved record production levels 
o Negotiated with various levels and branches of Canadian government. Participated in review of Revenue Canada's Excise Act as part of ethanol industry restructuring. 
o Managed ethanol sales and operations for the alcohol and recovery unit operation. 
o Developed new sales volumes to Kosher for Passover food grade markets; after US$ 2 million 
investment, food grade standards and practices met. 
o Led business away from fuel ethanol grades and toward higher value added markets (Kosher for 
Passover and Consumable Spirits).

Superintendent of Alcohol Division TEMBEC - Canada

Guest Speaker

August 1992 to March 1995

Operational accountability of food grade alcohol, and lignosulphonate chemical business; 70,000 tonnes LS; 14 million litres of Ethanol 
Aug. 1992 to Mar. 1995 
o Guest Speaker at yearly industry conference (Alcohol Conference) 
o Debottlenecked recovery plant and established integrated pulp-mills management system to reduce site BOD load to final effluent by more than 70%. Achieved greater than 70 tonne per day reduction of BOD for 1 full year.



HEC Paris -
Paris, ON

January 2006 to January 2009

Chemical Engineer

University of Waterloo -
Waterloo, ON

January 1987 to January 1992

Additional Information

Innovative and effective brand builder.