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Elaine Brontee

Experience Professional as a Chemist

Branchburg, NJ


CAREER SUMMARY: My experience has allowed me to utilize my education, laboratory experience, report writing, and computer skills as a chemist in various capacities. I have written many scientific reports, in-house procedures, and SOPs. My work has allowed my interaction with sales and marketing people as a technical service and support person in the supply chain as well as a building of relationships with suppliers and customers. In my years as a chemist I have had exposure to many areas of the laboratory such as raw materials, development, technical support, quality control, applications, and analytical. Most of my work has been in raw material testing, prototypes, in-process, and finished product work.

Work Experience

Raw Material Chemist

Lohmann Therapy Systems

March 2011 to Present

Testing of all raw materials for production, scale up, in-process, and finished products. Testing performed FTIR, Viscosities using Brookfield and capillary method., Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, Optical Rotation, Sulfated Ash, Heavy Metals, Total Solids, pH, Density, Moisture, Loss on Evaporation, Titrations, and Identification testing and assays using USP/NF, EP, and in house testing methods. Prepare COA's for all testing performed.

Temporary Assignment

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Group

November 2009 to March 2011

Analytical Consultant for Raw Material Center 
¨ Worked on a project to standardize Test Methods for Raw Material Specs for all J&J facilities across the nation 
¨ USP/NF Monograph testing used as the main source of testing when appropriate for Identifications or other specialized testing 
¨ Provided laboratory assistance when needed for Infrared Spectrum, Acid Numbers, Saponifications, Viscosities, pH, and other testing for verification purposes 
¨ Applied vendor Test Methods in laboratory to allow a reference point for rewriting new test methods for J&J specs 
¨ Visually identified all raw materials to standardize the appearance attribute of the vendor materials coming to the site 
¨ Worked with the supply chain to acquire vendor agreements and interacted with vendors to align with their requirements for the tests employed at their sites for all raw materials

Temporary Assignment


February 2009 to November 2010

Analytical Chemist 
¨ Method Development in Gum Products and Hard Candies 
¨ QC raw materials, in-process, and finished product testing 
¨ HPLC using Empower for data collection, GC for sample analysis 
¨ Karl Fisher, pH testing and adjusting of solutions, titrations 
¨ Sample prep, mobile phase prep, stock and check standards, working standards, buffers 
¨ Method validation and method transfer work using Waters and Agilent systems 
¨ FTIR Spectroscopy in analyzing powders, fats, and high viscosity liquids 
¨ cGMP environment, calibration of all equipment, documented notebooks/logbooks 
¨ USP methods and in-house procedures used in testing finished products and raws 
¨ Stability testing and comparison studies on pilot plant batches 
¨ Daily calibrations on scales, pH meters, KF titrators

Staff Chemist Technical Services

International Specialty Products

June 2007 to November 2008

Worked for various markets performing tech service support in supply chain 
¨ Raw material and consumer finished products 
¨ Generated data and composed data for product literature both new and existing literature 
¨ Wrote in-house procedures for prototypes using ASTM guidelines 
¨ Impact Studies using epoxy amine combinations 
¨ Exothermic studies using resins with different curing agents 
¨ Interacted directly with suppliers, marketing, and sales people 
¨ Color Comparison using Gardner - sunscreens, personal care products 
¨ Designed planning of experiments, data analysis using excel for charts, tables, and calculations for technical reports. Conclusions based on experimental findings. 
¨ Formulated for salt tolerance in building gel structures for personal care market 
¨ Formulated for digital printing market using various Polyvinylpyrrolidones 
¨ Formulated epoxy resins with curing agents to determine impact and DSC profiles 
¨ Extensive cloud point work for the oilfield group using various surfactants 
¨ Formulated prototypes for sealants and natural gums for food and building markets 
¨ Submitted monthly reports and ongoing work reports to Tech Services Manager 
¨ ISO training, Safety Team Member, Monthly Lab Inspector, Hazardous Chemical Training 
¨ Performed cross hatch testing on products to various substrates 
¨ Viscosity profiles, stability testing, tensile testing, and some HPLC

Raw Material Coordinator

Enzon Pharma

May 2007 to June 2007

Temporary Assignment) 
Very short term replacement position for a person on medical leave. Delegated raw materials and testing to laboratory staff for in house testing. Organized off site testing with contract and reference laboratories.

Applications Chemist


March 2004 to January 2007

Tensile testing on fresh and aged sample, cure profiles, oil immersions, tear testing 
¨ Analytical testing for compound separation by GC 
¨ Comparison testing using competitor samples of known and unknown sealants 
¨ Compression and extension testing on sealants using various types of substrate 
¨ Used ASTM methods as well as in-house testing procedures. 
¨ Boeing jig for slump test for flow properties in silicone sealants

Temporary Assignment

Cardinal Health Pharmaceutical

August 2003 to December 2003

Raw Material Chemist 
♦ In process and final approval testing, worked closely with pilot plant for scheduling tests 
♦ Performed in-process and finished product testing on soft gels. HPLC for separation analysis 
♦ FDA environment with monthly reviews in regulations and updating. 
♦ Worked closely with QA for data review of notebooks, required documentation 
♦ Raw material approval testing - spectroscopy, color comparisons to FLUKA standards 
♦ Analytical testing was performed by USP, EP, and some in house methods 
♦ Karl Fisher, UV, FTIR, pH, Hardness Testing, Fill weight testing,


National Starch & Chemical

June 1999 to July 2003

Wrote Tensile Testing Procedure for products utilizing cross linkers and began work with catalytic effects on moisture cure mechanisms. 
♦ Worked with pilot plant team to scale up products for customer trial runs both in-house and customer locations. Full scale plant production sale up. 
♦ Addressed problem of delaminating due to breakdown of polyester by rosin pitch in the wood being used in the application of windows and doors.


Masters in Chemistry

Lehigh University

BS in Health Science

State University of New York

AAS in Medical Technology

New York City Technical College