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Shawn Trent

Technology — Education, Visual Communication, Digital Design ☼ Fine Art

St. Louis, MO


- Information Technology Services, Marketing — Application Software, Technology (Adobe, Microsoft) 
- Education Support Professional — Technology, Networking, Software, Digital Design, Social Media  
- Web Page and Graphic Design — Creative Visual Communication Design, Advertising Marketing 
- Professional Artist — Visual, Digital and Studio Fine Art 
Creative Services — Graphic Design, Webpage Design and Development, Social Media Design, Digital Design and Marketing (Mid Level, Career Professional)

Work Experience

Technology, Higher Education — Technical; Graphic Design

University of Missouri - St. Louis
St. Louis, MO

February 2013 to Present

Education Support Professional — Technology, Education Assistant

St. Louis Community College, Networking and Telecommunication/TESS
St. Louis, MO

June 2011 to September 2011

Education — Technology, Wireless and Web Applications, Visual in Teaching and Learning 
Advanced technical knowledge of Adobe and Microsoft and web programs and applications. 
• Provide service in wireless technology computer fundamentals, software and web applications, and social networking in Higher Education 
• Responsible for maintaining networking connections in wireless and browser configuration settings 
• Professional Development in Teaching: Art for Children, Children’s Literature, Teaching Foundations, Teaching Technology, Tutoring, e-Learning devices and interactive academic activity, e-Learning applications, digital design learning modules and presentations 
- Applying technology and the web for effective instruction, promoting alternative learning, individualized instruction and independent learning, integrating academic databases and publications 
- Ability in ouput and emerging devices, traditional and digital audio visuals in teaching and learning, training and presentations 
- Extends efficiency of task completion through additional research and analytical skills, preparation using Audio Visual technology, broadcasts and software or web applications 
- Volunteer in visual arts, programs of exploration in art, reading, nature, and integrated web activities 
- Library volunteer in computer lab, book preparation, shelving, and children’s story arts programs 
- Teaching experience and Education Support Professional in Grades K-1st, Middle (7th), High School substitute teacher, Swim lesson instructor, volunteer and child care of preschool age children 
- Responsible Education Assistant, Teacher K-12 and Higher Education educator certifications 
Information Technology and Services — Application Software, Web Technology 
Advanced technical knowledge of Adobe and Microsoft software and web programs and applications: 
• Adobe Design Creative Suites, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Acrobat, Captivate 
• Microsoft Office, Microsoft for Educators, Power Point, Excel, Outlook 
• HTML, CSS (Wordpress, Google, learning module software) 
- Responsible to troubleshoot and resolve hardware and/or software problems 
- Demonstrates excellent project management and organizational skills to meet objectives 
- Supports the departments priorities and goals through efficient job management  
- Demonstrates considerable skill in exercising communication, leadership and initiative 
- Provides quality customer service with a positive helpful attitude and cooperative teamwork 
- Extends efficiency of task completion through additional research and analytical skills 
Professional Experience: 
• St. Louis Community College, Networking Telecommunication/Technology Education Support Service Departments. Technology, Education Assistant, 2011 
• Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Educator Certificates, 2002-2004, 2011-2013; UMSL Beginning Teacher's Assistance, 2012  
• Community Volunteer: Bonne Terre Library, 2003-2004; Children’s Visual Arts, 2012

Web and Graphic Design — Digital and Visual Communication Design and Marketing

Professional Creative Communication Materials in Advertising, Marketing and Promotions
St. Louis, MO

Information Technology and Services — Application Software, Web Technology 
A thorough working knowledge of the creative processes of Digital Design, Marketing and Promotions: 
• Digital Media Communication: Multimedia Interactive Web Design and Development, Graphic Design 
• Social Media Design: e-Commerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing 
• Visual and Cause Marketing: Promotional, motivational, informational marketing and presentations 
Advanced technical knowledge of Adobe, Microsoft software and web programs and applications: 
• Adobe Creative Suites, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, Acrobat, Captivate 
• QuarkXpress, Microsoft Office, Microsoft for Educators, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Publisher 
• HTML, CSS and Javascript, coding languages, XML, SQL, JQuery, VBasic, database knowledge 
Professional experience in conceptualizing using technology, software and fine art techniques: 
- Team development of creative communication materials within defined budgets and schedule 
- Developed and maintained websites and a social media presence by web and software applications 
- Assisted in design and content of materials, in a unified image of the organizations identity 
- Responsible for electronic files in design layout, image, illustration, typography in marketing solutions 
- Ability to edit video, photo and image optimization for the web in the most efficient use of bandwidth 
- Maintains the relationship between web and print materials in e-marketing programs 
- Consistent marketing merchandising in timed events, planning, brand position and target audience 
- Demonstrated knowledge of office machines, word processing to prepare reports, correspondence, data and queries 
Professional Experience: 
• K1 Creative, Computer Village, Wright Group, AccuColor, Leinicke Design, 1999-2006 
• Voss Promotions, Color Associates, Maritz, J.P. Communications, Townsend Communications, Missouri Color, KCS, Anzographics, Kane Graphical 
• JCPenney Co., St. Louis, Marketing and Merchandising, 2006-2011

Professional Artist — Fine Art

Exhibits, Awards and sales in photography, printmaking, illustration and design

- Accomplished in Fine Arts and Design, Visual Art and Communication. 
- Studio Art Exhibits, Awards and sales in photography, print making, illustration and design. 
- Created promotional marketing and presentation materials employed with creative services agencies, in education and have promoted art conferences and exhibits, and music venues 
- Volunteer in chidren's programs of art education, visual arts, extended learning online activites 
• Design/Composition I-V, Illustration/Drawing I-VI, Lithography, Serigraphy 
• Fine Arts: Design, Printmaking, Painting, Spatial Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography 
• Computer: Interactive Webpage Design and Development, Image Optimization; Promotions integrated with social design and networking 
• Art History: Western Art, American Folklife, Italian Renaissance, 20th Century European & American (Art History and Archeology minor) 
• Art for Children, Teaching Technology, Children’s Literature, e-Learning  
Exhibits and Awards: 
• CAM City Wide-Open Studios, Sculpture Group Exhibit; Java Journal, Photography, 2011 
• St. Louis Community College, WirelessTechnology; Rustbelt to Artist Belt: At the Crossroads, 2012

Customer Service — Education, Digital Design

Marketing and Restaurant Hospitality, Services Industry

Accurate information provided to customers and clients. 
- Friendly and attentive customer service and knowledgeable of service/product.  
- Accurate point of sale system transactions and cash handling. 
- Server, Banquet and Catering Server, Hostess, responsible Team Leadership and Training.  
Professional Experience: 
• St. Louis Community College, 2011 (Library Volunteer and Digital Design Creative Services) 
• JCPenney Co. Marketing Merchandising Associate, Sales Support, 2006-2011 
• Giancarlo's, Guido's Tapas, Gourmet FoodWorks, Bess Family Restaurant, 2003-2005

Professional Development — Conferences

and Affiliations

• National Educators Association, N.A.E.A. Missouri Chapter; Mizzou Alumni Association, St. Louis  
• U.M.S.L., Women in the Arts, Focus on Teaching and Technology Conferences, 2011, 2012 
• FATE (Macaa) Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Conference & Member 
• CompuMaster, Website Development and Design Conference


Education. Teaching and Learning, e-Learning

St. Louis Community College and UMSL Continuing Education, Teaching and Technology. 2011, Captivate, Beginning Teachers Assistance Program, 2012 -
St. Louis, MO

Website Design & Development, Interactive Webpage Design

University of Missouri, St. Louis (Continuing Education) Web Design and Development, 2002. Interactive Web Design, 2005 -
St. Louis, MO

University of Missouri, Columbia. Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.)

and some Graduate School -
Columbia, MO