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Albert Ebini

Enterprise Architect- Data Architect

Bowie, MD


As a dedicate professional with more than twelve years of IT experience with an enhance backgrounds SDLC methodology and security, I am seeking for a an advance challenging position as a Enterprise Architect-Enterprise Data Architect that will use my strong organizational skills and experience for a technological and career advancements.  
• Information Technology Systems and Enterprise Architect  
• Experience in systems analyst requirements, design, and implementation of complex project using life cycle project methodology 
• Exposed with Big Data Analytics and facets 
• Experience in Data Integrity, Data Quality, Data modeling, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, and Data Governance 
• Experience in Unix and Object Oriented programming architect 
• SQL Database Administrator/Servers […] 
• Extensive use of Database design, application development, Implementation and testing , performing tuning, Database Optimization, Replication, and Log Shipping 
• Knowledge in database schemas, documentation, flowcharts, and modeling 
• Experience using Medicare and Medicaid Claims applications  
• Possess experience in application development with ASP.NET, PHP  
• Experience developing Java/ J2EE web development applications using OLAP and OLTP  
• Extensive use of Web Development tools (e.g. Active Server Pages (ASP), Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Java server Pages (JSP), PHP, etc.) 
• Extensive use of Data Transformation Service (DTS), Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), and Data modeling 
• Code for cutting-edge software product using VC++/MFC 
• Extensive use of C/C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) Experience Developing device driver in embedded system and Tuning performance in RTOS 
• Experience on real-time software development environment

Work Experience

Enterprise Security Architect-Systems Administrator


January 2014 to Present

Enterprise Data Architect

Navy Federal Credit Union/Zillion Technologies
Herndon, VA

January 2013 to December 2013

• Create Data repository and Data model for ER storage using Data modeling techniques to build CRUD with ERWIN after data Analysis procedures.  
• Write VB, Java scripts on Oracle, DB2 and SQL database server using ETL and apply data cleansing and profiling. 
• Provide analysis of software and hardware architectural systems for middleware and mainframe technology and data visualization using MS Visio, MS Access, and Excel. 
• Draft data and business naming/conversion standards for classification and consistencies of change management procedure 
• Using application ITIL service management for tasks, change control, assignment and processes 
• Decision making technique and lifecycle implementations on enterprise software integration/design on day-to-day deliverables and data validation/verification with SME and stakeholders 
• Extract existing data in RAA, CVS using COBOL, Java/C++, and Oracle, SQL, DB2 for the SharePoint Repository  
• Used reverse engineering techniques for data model in the financial/business services 
• Use software methodologies to create programs that are needed for the company 
• Work with higher management to determine best technology and Enterprise Data modeling technique and Data Mining using Erwin, Rapid Miner , R and Solution Playbook  
• Use business model to define new data entity for creation of business process, business object and build logical and physical state of data models 
• Assign schema, classes, and rules that define data governance view of NFCU  
• Use the mainframe ETL to extract copybook, VSAM, Flat file, Sequential file store into resource destination, and data file/view 
• Experience on Unix/ Linux quality security control environment for back-end and front-end 
• Protect sensitive data by using TLS (Transport Layer Security) or its predecessor SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to provide authentication and encryption where appropriate.  
• Use Agile documentation method with stakeholders and manager to determine best data classification, data governance, data mining, and data visualization by establishing a clear storage goal for horizontal data view with TOGAF framework 
• Create programs and applications that applied the CRUD matrix on the database and servers level 
• Evaluate and analyses new streaming data storage/design, MongoDB for Big Data (unstructured) using Hadoop, Map Reduce, Java base framework, NoSQL (Pig, HBase, HIVE, Scala ect.) and Data Visualization using Cassandra.

Solutions Development Analyst/Data Architect

Providence Hospital
Washington, DC

May 2006 to December 2012

• Administer, install, configure, and monitor functionality within SQL application, 2008 R3 servers and databases, HMED and Cognos reports 
• Experience on Microsoft Project, MS Visio, MS Flash, MS Excel, MS Access 
• Develop Liferay portal, portlets and content management specific to each departments and control by PR role with security access level assign.  
• Provided technical expertise and support in database and servers administration functions  
• Analyzes and documents client’s complex business requirements and processes, and develop requirements for implementation and creation of data models with Erwin 
• Experience for architecting, designing, and implementing big data solution. 
• Experience on distributed data processing using Hadoop Map Reduce, parallel processing, Stream processing, Flume 
• Created Scalable databases and object stores/DW using Cassandra, MongoDB,Hbase 
• Coordinates business analyst tasks on information technology projects and provide team members guidance or support project life cycle. Provides also work guidance and mentoring to less experience personnel 
• Coordinates and facilitates meetings with clients to gather and document requirements and explore complex solutions 
• Performs the function of the lead in creating complex test case scenarios for testing and or monitoring the testing of business and verify that client requirements are incorporated into the system design 
• Provides time line estimates for project related tasks and assigns responsibility for team members 
• Creates and maintains the architecture for highly complex business process domains to ensure alignment with the organization priorities 
• Participate and provides expertise in technical reviews and inspections to verify the implementation of ‘intent of change’ through the entire project using ITIL 
• Experience Developing Web Application Interface with JAVA/J2EE and JAVA Script, PHP, HTML using REST for distributed systems.  
• Create data models (physical and logical) by identifying entities, attributes relationship, naming and convention, data normalization, service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF) 
• Use data modeling Skills such as data cleanse, data profiling, data clustering techniques, data analysis, ETL (Extract, Transport, and load) . 
• Application testing techniques for quality assurance phase in Meditech project 
• Migrate and configure group policy using active directory project with LDAP and JBOSS 
• Restrict incoming network connections to the minimum set of TCP/UDP port numbers 
• Set project management(PM) architecture metrics and executive update

Network and Systems Administrator

FDA/ I.T. Solutions
Rockville, MD

March 2005 to May 2006

• Configured and connected FDA/NIH servers in all DC area buildings. 
• Verify integrity of all patches and updates for enterprise and local software 
• Ensure that there are no shared accounts other than root for each user 
• Protect sensitive data by using TLS (Transport Layer Security) or its predecessor SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to provide authentication and encryption where appropriate. 
• Create/write disaster recovery that implement a backup, restore and rebuilding process that satisfies your security policy for a rapidly deployment of services and various accesses 
• Configured new laptops and desktops backups/restore in Windows XP environment. 
• Resolved day-to-day operation problems in the OITSS_RDC queue 
• Provided hardware failure analysis and diagnostic support. 
• Provided data migration from an existing to new database server 
• Performed on site repair for all IBM, Laptops, desktops and Printers. 
• Provided technical support in Windows 98, 2000, XP, as well as various software 
• Installed and configured different nodes on Windows NT /2000 environment 
• Installed and Configured Microsoft Outlook on different platforms. 
• Configured and synchronized Blackberry desktop installation. 
• Configured and installed Backups/restore SAS software application 
• Configured and solved MS Exchange servers Inbox mail connectivity

Servers Administrator

Bowie State University
Bowie, MD

September 2002 to February 2005

• Accessed the Novell software and group-wise school communication  
• Performed day-to-day Novell and applications testing of labs servers 
• Performed Backup, Restore and Recovery 
• Implemented system migration from SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 7.0 
• Knowledge of networking APIs and protocols( TCP/IP, UPD, HTTP) 
• Created dynamic web pages with JSP by embedding scriptlets with HTML 
• Created data access layer for the application built with C# and .NET 
• Database performing, monitoring and tuning 
• Ensured proper database , archive log backup, and recovery procedures  
• Assured the functionality of PeopleSoft application  
• SQL Database Administrator/Servers 2000 and database design, application development, Implementation and testing 
• Performing tuning, Database Optimization, Replication, and Log Shipping 
• Knowledge of data modeling and Indexing

Systems Analyst/ Programmer

Excel Communications, Inc

October 2002 to January 2005

• Designed, Analyzed, Developed, and Implemented in-house Application using C++ 
• Maintenance and modification of the existing software system to address changing using C/C++, Unix , Linux, Java, ADO.NET 
• Solid understanding of platform development processes, including requirements analysis, design, documentation, coding, testing and maintenance 
• Migrating from VxWork to LynxOS using the Microprocessor Management Memory Unit (MMU) for Software Protection in Real-Time System 
• Experience Developing device driver in embedded system and Tuning performance in RTOS 
• Experience on real-time software development environment and multitasking operating system from Wind River Systems that uses the VRTX kernel 
• Provide day-to-day support for the Solaris Operating System 
• Provide feedback and support to core technology and professional services teams 
• Ensure that, all Unix-Related components and resources are adequate and appropriate for their purposes ( using Perl, shell, cshell )  
• Write code for cutting-edge software product using VC++/MFC 
• Bring-up and test embedded platforms with Unix and other operating system such as QNX, Linux (2.4 and 2.6) 
• Having porting on touch panel, serial port, flash, and audio drivers with MPEG 
• Provide feasibility report to supervisor regarding system modifications and new system delivery 
• Train end-users to maintain content as needed


BS. in Computer Science

Bowie State University -
Bowie, MD

2002 to 2005

AAS in Computer Science

Prince George's College -
Largo, MD

1999 to 2002


Data Modeling, ITIL, ETL, SOA, REST, Big Data, Data Governance, Data Security