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GIS Developer

GIS Developer ( National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) )



 Currently working on NESPAK WAPDA JOINT VENTURE on Indus basin model revised project 
Development of Indus basin database using Oracle and publishing Indus basin data on web using Arc Server and Flex technologies 
 Development of Mobile Backup Server using Java EE with Tomcat & java Servlets 
 Mobile Backup Application (SyncML) for Java (Midlet) Supporting cell phones. To upload and download Mobile Data (Contacts, Calendar, Images , Videos, Audios, Sync Location) into MySQL Database Through Mobile Backup Server Which is developed by using Java EE , Tomcat6.0 & java Servlets(http request http response) 
 Java (J2SE) Based Desktop application getting spatial data(Digital Map) from Oracle Spatial and drawing on java panels with Affine Transformation and perform spatial analysis on map (buffer, shortest path mouse click identifier etc) 
 Developing Mobile Based Vehicle Navigation System using Google Android platform (vehicle current location target location shortest path & .Assistance to driver on self developed maps (Computer Graphhs) ). 
 Development of GIS Web Application using MapGuide web server and PHP for GIS Based Sales and Distribution analysis 
 Development of GIS Web Application using Geo Server web server and Java Servlets for GIS Based Map analysis 
 Developing an application for calculating Land tax using Java 
 Digitize and prepare a database of Digitized Map of Iqbal Town Lahore. 
 Digitize Road Map Of Lahore and Visualize it in Suitable Graphical variables 
 DEM Generation using Contour to analyze the Water Follow Pattern of Northern Area of Pakistan, generate DEM and perform Analysis on DEM. 
 Development of GIS Based Water supply networks system (Web GIS application for online water supply network analysis, detection of leakage , socket information user complaints, etc ) 
 Development of GIS Based web application for sales and distribution analysis for PEPSI in Pakistan. Route analysis, competition analysis, consumption area analysis etc 
 Development of Mobile GIS application for GIS Based Survey (Mobile application development for GIS Based survey Collection of lat long, images elevation , other attributes direct entry into database using WI-FI and GPRS Technology) J2me technology & Google Android getting spatial information through GPS + Google Maps and if GPS is not available like inside building taking spatial information with Network Providers. 
 JAVA Enterprise Application for receiving Survey data from mobile and inserting in database; 
 Development of Spatial Data Infrastructure A prototype for SDI development in province Punjab in Pakistan 
 ESR I + .Net Solutions 
 Development of ArcGIS tool using ArcObject (C#) for drawing utility network in a city town or colony on some bases of attributes (like parcel attrubiutes parcels density population density etc). 
 ArcGIS Server 9.3 , 10 Installation Configuration Updating  
 Creating ArcGIS Services and Using That Services in ESRI Silverlight Web applications 
 Development of GIS Based Silverlight web Application Using ESRI Silver light Viewer (C sharp) Updation and customization and maintenance

Work Experience

GIS Developer

National Engineering Services Pakistan

GIS Reasarch Analysis and GIS Development including Mobile , Desktop and WEB

GIS Developer

The EWORKS Company

February 2009 to April 2012 (3 years, 2 months)

GIS Research Analysis and Development



Virtual University of Pakistan


Punjab University College of Information Technology
University of the Punjab


Islamia University Bahawalpur

Additional Information

• Java (J2SE, J2EE, J2ME) JavaScript, JSP 
Technical Languages: C#, PHP, UML, HTML, XML, GML & KML 
• Oracle 9i, 10g, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access Installation, configuration and 
maintenance SQL DDL & DML Operation 
• NetBeans 6.9.1, Java Builder, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2008, 2010 
Development Tools & 
• Window 2000, Window XP, Window 7, Window Server, Linux opensuse 
Operating Systems 
• Apache, Apache Tomcat 7.0, Geo Server, Autodesk MapGuide, ArcServer 
GIS & IT Web Servers 
• Toad for Oracle, MATLAB, Arc GIS 9.X, Erdas imagine 8.7, 9.1 (Digital Image Processing) 
Arc View3.X, Ilwis 3.4, and GPS Receiver, GPS Tools, GPS Utility Google Earth 
GIS & IT Tools & 
Utilities Shp2dbo, Shp2KML, KML2Shp, Notepad ++, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Front Page etc 
• Oracle 9i, 10g, MySQL and SQL Server Installation and its maintenance and updating. 
• Applying DLL and DML Queries in Oracle 9i & 10g MySQL & SQL Server. 
• Placing the vector, Attributes and Raster data to Oracle 9i, 10 g & MySQL Database. 
• Google Maps Web and Android 
• Java Development Experience in J2SE, J2ME, JEE Tomcat, Java Servlets 
• Development of Google Android & J2ME IT and GIS Mobile applications. 
• Http Request and Response Handling in J2EE &Threading in Java 
• Web Development Experience Using Apache and PHP and JavaScript Language 
• ArcGIS Development 
• J2ME Development 
• Skill in Mobile phone Application Development Using J2ME and Google Android. 
• Storing Geometry into Spatial Database and retrieving Geometry Drawing Geometry into Java 
panels using java Graphics. 
• Affine Transformation in Java, Strong experience to handling spatial Meta Data table in oracle and 
handling spatial reference system (SRS). 
• Digitizing using the ArcGIS 9.X. 
• Worked on Spatial Analysis in Arc GIS 9.X. 
• Worked on Arc GIS 9.X Extensions. 
• DEM generation in ArcGIS 9.X and Ilwis 3.4 
Amjad Ali 
GIS Developer