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Ananya Panja

Software Systems Engineer - Data I/O Corporation

Bellevue, WA


Seeking a position of an embedded Systems Engineer, focusing on hardware design and programming where I can utilize my 
analytical, technical and communication skills to benefit the company.

Work Experience

Software Systems Engineer

Data I/O Corporation

November 2010 to Present

o Writing Memory drivers in C++ for various families of Nor-Flash, EEPROM, NAND and EMMC flash memory devices 
o Software Testing on the FlashCore platform of FlashPak, RoadRunner and PS device programmers 
o Using Logic Analyzer, Digital Oscilloscope and Lauterbach debugger for algorithm testing and debugging 
o Understanding datasheets, JEDEC protocol and writing robust software for programming and protecting memory 
o Head meetings with the memory team Engineers and other team members from Shanghai and Canada concerning project management

Interim Research & Development Engineer

Telos Systems

June 2010 to October 2010

o Converting ABEL and Verilog logic designs to VHDL for the Livewire protocol used in Axia Audio processors 
o Implementing VHDL VOIP projects on FPGAs and CPLDs using Xilinx 11.5 tools 
o Creating a top level design of the project and making a system on chip design using VHDL 
o Composing test benches in VHDL to test hardware designs on Xilinx and Altera platforms

Digital Senior Design

Purdue University

January 2010 to May 2010

o Constructed a digital robot which uses Computer Vision to track a ball and returns back 
o Designed the power supply circuit, schematic and PCB entirely using PADS software 
o Performed the testing of electrical components on the PCB and surface mount soldering 
o Accomplished in servo programming on robot to pan its head and control a mechanical gripper 
o Succeeded in making a Proportional Integrator Differential (PID) controller in MATLAB 
o Composed the user manual, poster and professional papers on Patent Analysis and PCB considerations - My Senior Design Team website - Project Video

sponsored technical writer & Software Developer


September 2009 to May 2010

Student driven learning resource), Purdue University 
o Accomplished in creating a text processing software for data clustering deploying the decision theory models in 
o Contributed technical web pages on DSP applications using MATLAB for RHEA

MEMS Research in Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University

May 2009 to August 2009

o Built a single layer PDMS actuator, used as valves in the human body and measured its deformation under high 
voltage and used COMSOL for simulations 
o Working with Prof Babak Ziaie, in making radiation measuring sensors used in radiotherapy 
o Developing a water hydrolysis system, to be inserted inside the human body, in order to generate oxygen. 
o Designed a PCB for a radiation sensor

MEMS Research in Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University

May 2009 to August 2009

o Working with Prof Edward J Delp on Image processing, emphasizing on segmentation 
o Ground truthing of the images using Adobe Photoshop

Purdue University

January 2009 to August 2009

o Developed cross talk detection algorithm solely in MATLAB, used in traffic system 
o Designed a wireless sensor network using C, setting up a communication between a wireless chip and msp430 
o Worked with the Network layers and making packet sniffers 
•• Officer at the Toastmasters International club (Flash talkers- Corporate club).



West Lafayette, IN

2008 to 2010


Digital System Design, Analog circuit design, Feedback systems, Electromagnetics, Digital Signal processing, Software design using object oriented paradigm(UML), Data Structures, Computer Architecture •• Microprocessor (M68HC12), Computer Architecture(x86 Assembly) •• VHDL, Verilog, ABEL, Python, MATLAB, PADS, C++, C, MS Visual SourceSafe, Logic Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscope, Lauterbach Debugger, Logic Design, Layout, MS Visual Studio .NET, PSPICE, Adobe Photoshop, PCB Design, Rational Rose, Macro assembler (MASM), Object Oriented Programming ••Problem Solving, Creativity/Innovation, Team Player, Technical Writing, Communication, Advanced Troubleshooting

Additional Information

§ Officer at the Toastmasters International club (Flash talkers- Corporate club). 
§ Published a paper in the field of Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) presented in the Hilton Head 2010 Conference. (2009, August) 
§ Semester Honors (Spring 2009 & 2010)  
§ Served as the Employment & Alumni Liaison for RHEA development team, in where I collaborate with company HRs about endorsing themselves on RHEA <> 
§ Mentor in the Mentor & Mentee Program (2009) 
Guiding young women in the field of engineering by delivering academic and personal advice 
§ Involved in Community Service project, EPICS, Purdue University 
Designed the database module for the myEpics2.0 server  
Awarded the certificate for a project design of the myEpics2.0 server (April 2009) 
§ Received the RAJYA PURASKAR, the state level award, as a Girl Guide ( 2004, Kolkata, India)