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Andrew Carlson

Aerospace Engineer seeking opportunities in the Aviation & Spaceflight Industry

Ramsey, MN


Aerospace Engineer: Mechanical Design with expertise in liquid propulsion, electronics packaging, design, manufacturing, & project management. Fundamental knowledge of chemistry/material sciences, thermodynamics, and reaction kinetics. An adaptable problem solver who provides comprehensive, innovative, and timely solutions to technical issues. An experienced supervisor - recognized for being project focused, while being firm, fair, and consistent. Delivers strong attention to detail and perseveres to keep on target to the overall project. Seen as a consummate Professional Engineer. Associate Fellow with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a world-class aerospace professional organization. Independently, an Aerospace Consultant for Space Studies: Energetics, Launch Vehicle & In-Space Concepts/Implementations. Hypergolic Propellants: Hydrazine (Anhydrous, UDMH, MMH), Nitrogen Tetroxide (NTO, MON-30); Liquid Monopropellants: Hydroxyl Ammonium Nitrate (HAN), TriEthanol Ammonium Nitrate (TEAN), aqueous stoichiometric mixtures; Cryogenic Systems: Kerosene (RP-1, Syntyn), Liquid Oxygen (LOX). 
Skilled in: Parametric Technology Corporation Pro/Engineer Creo Elements (CAD: 3-D Solid Modeling), Pro/Engineer Mechanica, Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow Applications. Multilayer Circuit Board Design & Assembly in accordance with IPC, Military, and Space-Flight Quality Standards. Systems Integration Specialist. Languages: Computer (FORTRAN, BASIC, HP-15C); Foreign (Latin - NYS Regents, Spanish - Conversational, German - Technical Reading, French - Aviation Vocabulary, Russian - Space Vocabulary).

Work Experience

Independent Contractor

Madison, WI

2014 to 2014

Spaceflight Mechanical Engineer – Environmental Controls & Life Support Systems (ECLSS); Humidity Control System 
-Employed as a Lead Design Project Engineer for the U.S. Human Spaceflight initiative of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCiCAP – Commercial Crew Integrated Capability phase) for the development of the SNC Dream Chaser winged space-plane. This phase of the development involved a head-to-head competition between the SNC Dream Chaser, the Boeing CST-100, and the SpaceX Dragon as three commercial space-ships for U.S. human transport capability to the International Space Station (ISS). The first step of the job was to understand the Concept of Operations (CONOPs) of the SNC Dream Chaser from its Launch Phase (aboard an Atlas V rocket), to its Abort Modes during the ascent into space, to its In-Space flight/Rendezvous/Docking with the ISS, to its Departure Mode from the ISS, and to its Re-entry through the atmosphere, Lifting Body Flight, & Terrestrial Landing stages. The second step of the job was to learn how the Dream Chaser compared to meeting NASA’s Human Spaceflight requirements via the earlier legacy Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle Programs and the existing ROSKOSMOS (Russian Space Agency) Soyuz Spaceship Program as it is launched aboard a Soyuz Rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome site in Tyuratam, Kazakhstan. The third step of the job was to delve into the role of developing the Moisture Removal Package for the Humidity Control System; SolidWorks 2012 was utilized for 3-D Solid CAD Models, Visio was for 2-D drawings, & MS Windows 2007 was the office suite: 
--Pressure Regulator studies for the Oxygen and Nitrox (80% Nitrogen & 20% Oxygen) delivery systems. 
o This was the part of the Air Revitalization System (ARS) that metered air aboard the spaceship and involved: 
- Dynamics Analysis of the hardware via the Power Spectral Density profile projected during flight. 
- Measurement and 3-D solid modeling of the prototype hardware. 
- Development of space-flight worthy leak testing techniques. 
--Fan Blower Motor Controller development of the ARS.  
o This was the Pulse Width Modulated 3-phase control of the 28V Brushless DC fan motor that involved: 
- Developing a board outline and Circuit Control Assembly package that contained the Motor Controller power supply, 
DC-to-DC Converter, Power MOSFET, Choke Coil, internal and external electrical connectors, Printed Wire Board layout, 
and a lumped capacitance transient and steady-state thermal analysis to assess the semiconductor junction temperatures. 
- Incorporation of radiation-tolerant Hall Effect Sensors for fan motors in the spaceflight ionizing radiation environment. 
-Development of Fan-Speed Curve Test Techniques to understand the fan performance. Reliability studies. 
--Humidity Removal Package (HRP) development of the ARS.  
o This was the human metabolic moisture removal technique for the Dream Chaser cabin that involved: 
- System Modeling of the DuPont Nafion® semi-permeable tubing that was purchased from Perma Pure LLC. 
- Development of test techniques for the measurement of Moisture Removal versus Air Flow for various designs 
of the Nafion® Bundle geometries within a simulated cabin environment at the company’s Greenview Test Site. 
- Assessment of the test data for iterative design of the Nafion® Bundle geometries within a vacuum-containment system. 
- System design/analysis integration of the HRP into several preliminary layouts of the ARS in the Dream Chaser spaceship.

Independent Contractor

DUNCAN AVIATION [Contract w/Aerotek - Kalamazoo MI]
Battle Creek, MI

2013 to 2013

Aircraft Structural Designer – Commercial Business Jet Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul (MRO) Operations 
-Utilized the CAD tools of SolidWorks 2010 x64, AutoCAD Mechanical 2013, and CATIA v5r20 to create models and drawings for Avionics Structural Installations and their subsequent Structural Substantiations on a variety of equipment for these projects: 
--On a Cessna Citation X: Customized Rotable Cabinets, Tables, and Drink Rails for the RH Aft Emergency Exit station. 
--On a Learjet Model 45: An FAA-approved installation of a COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) Video Converter. 
--On a Dassault Falcon 2000: An Air-To-Ground Broadband/VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) installation. 
--On a Gulfstream Model 200: A Satellite Communications installation for Narrowband Communications. 
--On a Dassault Mystere 50: The installation of Internet and Video In-Flight Entertainment Systems.

Independent Contractor

AAR CORPORATION; AIRLIFT GROUP [Contract w/Aerotek Aviation - Orlando FL]
Melbourne, FL

2012 to 2013

Aircraft Structural Engineer; FAA FAR Part 145 Repair Station & Part 135 Charter Service 
-Provided the design engineering and detailing support for structurally implementing avionics modifications and system upgrades into the AAR Airlift Group's fleet of aircraft logistics operations with U.S. military, NATO, and U.N. expeditionary missions. This fleet was notably comprised of the fixed wing CASA C-212-200 (CC/CD Models) and CASA C-212-300 (DF Model) STOL (Short Take-off & Landing) & Bombardier DeHavilland DHC-8-103 (Dash-8) transport airplane assets along with the rotary wing BELL 412 & Aerospatiale EUROCOPTER PUMA SA330J models of helicopter assets, amongst other fixed/rotary wing aircraft. 
-Designed a unique Portable Oxygen System for the 30/29/21 seat passenger compartment configurations of the Dash-8 aircraft. Based on travelling out for mapping surveys of an aircraft during Heavy Check maintenance at AAR's Oklahoma City OK facility, an installation technique was designed by 3-D CAD system, followed by an FAA DER (Designated Engineering Representative) structural substantiation of the incipient drawings, prior to its sanctioned implementation. This FAA-approved design enabled passenger-carrying flight routes over mountainous terrain (above 12,500 feet altitude) in the event of cabin depressurization. 
-Reverse-engineered a Closed Circuit Refueling (CCR) system for pressurized hovering fueling of the PUMA SA330J aircraft. This effort was in support of developing a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for this relatively quick means of replenishment that enabled these Military Sealift Command shipboard-based helicopters to provide for the logistics needs of naval fleet elements..

Independent Contractor

WOODWARD GOVERNOR COMPANY [Contract w/Aerotek - Schaumburg IL]
Rockford, IL

2012 to 2012

Mechanical Engineer – Fuels Management Unit; Aircraft Turbine Systems 
-Supported concept to preliminary design development of the Pre-filming Air Blast (PAB) Nozzle Design System for the LEAP narrow-body jet for General Electric Aircraft Engine Systems of Evendale OH. Traveled to and worked with the Woodward combustion systems program office in Zeeland MI. Tested/assessed numerous design parameters of the Main Nozzle Valve. Established requirements definition of the Air Frame Shut-Off 3-Way Solenoid Valve for the GE LEAP Fuel Metering Unit. 
-Forensically investigated and analysed the failure of the Core Cooling Compartment 2-way Solenoid Valve that had occurred during certification testing of the Robotic Automated Machined (RAM) Housing version of the GEnx Fuel Metering Unit (FMU). Traveled to and worked extensively with the solenoid supplier, Eaton Aerospace (in Tijuana, Baja California - Norte, Mexico) for the Root Cause and Corrective Action of this unique failure mechanism. Worked diligently to bring this key issue to certification conclusion with a successfully-agreed plan forward with GE Aircraft Engines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Principal Engineer - Air Data Systems

Burnsville, MN

2007 to 2011

• Air Data Systems' Mechanical Design Engineer for Airbus Industrie of Toulouse, France involving these aircraft programs: the A380 Commercial Transport, the A400M Military Cargo, & the A350XWB Extra Wide Body Commercial Transport planes. Design for the primary navigation sensors: MFP (Multi-function Probe), ISP (Integrated Static Probe), SSA (Side Slip Angle). Design for the secondary navigation sensors: SBP (Standby Pitot Probe), SBSP (Standby Static Probe). Systems integration. Support for the ancillary sensors: OAT, ICD, FTF5 for outside air temperature, icing detection, flap function - respectively.

Principal Engineer - Inertial Design Engineering

Burnsville, MN

2004 to 2007

• RG78-1101-1 Design Engineer for the Rock Island Arsenal program. Oversaw the drawings for the castings and machinings of the gyro box and cover for this single axis rate gyro. Worked on the continuous improvement for streamlining the sound engineering and efficient manufacture of the gyroscope assembly. Responsible for the re-qualification of this product as a second source for platforms within the U.S. Army, Tank and Armament Command (TACOM). Program Manager & Project Engineer (Design, Build, Test). 
• Mechanical Design Engineer for the Surface Recording Gyroscope (SRG) program. Developed the Pro/Engineer 3-D solid models for the system topology of the SRG assembly. Down-hole production support. Responsible for the design, analysis, manufacture, testing of the mechanical aspects of this electro-mechanical two-axis inertial sensor system.

Design Engineer - Inertial Design Engineering

Burnsville, MN

2003 to 2004

• Mechanical Design Engineer for the Next Generation Tank (NGT) program for the Republic of Korea. Developed the Pro/Engineer 3-D solid models for the system topology of the NGT's dynamically tuned gyroscope assembly. Responsible for the design, analysis, manufacture, testing of the mechanical aspects of this electro-mechanical two-axis inertial sensor system procured from the Ramenskoye Design Company of Moscow, Russia.

Electronics Engineer

MOOG, Ltd. - REPUBLIC OF IRELAND [Contract Position]
Rinn an Scidígh, County Cork

2003 to 2003

MC1000D MLRS: Digital Motor Control - Multiple Launch Rocket System, ANZAC Military 
• Provided Design and Analysis support for the MC1000D family of motor controllers for the European Union's global military market. Interfaced with the Moog Ireland operations group that channeled its product design into Moog Germany's integration group. Responsible for the product design of the card cage support hardware for the Digital Motor Control Card, a Power/Brake Card, two Gate Drive Cards, and two sets of three dual Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) for two axes of motion control. Performed coarse analyses for structural integrity of the chassis during air transport operations, hardware torque calculations, circuit board fundamental frequency dynamic modal analysis, & steady-state and transient thermal power cycling conditions.

Electronics Engineer

MOOG, Inc. - SYSTEMS GROUP [Contract Position]
East Aurora, NY

2002 to 2003

RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter - Turret Gun System, U.S. Army 
• Designed and Developed the Electronics Control Unit (ECU) Assembly that contained the Azimuth, Elevation, Reel, and Gun Drive Motor Control Units. Worked closely with up to six personnel, in the design and engineering analysis necessary to meet the system's mission critical needs. 
• These details are germane:  
-Responsible for the engineering design of the solid model of the dip-brazed ECU Chassis. 
-Ensured thorough analysis of the thermal management of the unit via SINDA-G Transient Thermal Modeling. 
-Carried out ANSYS Finite Element Analyses for the Modal Vibrational modeling and frequency separation necessary for dynamic motion stability. 
-Followed through on the drawing structure for these design details: 
9 Rigid Circuit Card Assemblies 
7 Flex Circuit Card Assemblies 
1 Laminated Bus Bar Assembly 
-Responsible for the Interconnect and the associated cabling and connectors (circular, circuit board, and lugged varieties) 
-Applied accurate weight analysis, followed up by actual hardware weight measurements for the flight weight version of this mission critical hardware. 
-Reviewed the hardware build with manufacturing personnel, making design revision where necessary to ensure an adequate producibility.

Senior Electrical Project Engineer

Minneapolis, MN

2000 to 2002

Armament Defense Systems 
• Led the project for cabling and packaging of electronic designs of naval weapon systems, efficiently meeting tight timelines with marginal funding and resources. Supervised up to eight personnel, building a motivated team able to produce concept designs under a $2 million annual budget. Advanced Gun System (AGS). 
• Led risk reduction test efforts verifying thermal performance of power electronics modules prior to embarking on program detail design phase, thereby ensuring product integrity. U.S. Navy AGS Program for the Zumwalt-class destroyer.

Senior Design Engineer

Johnson City, NY

1996 to 2000

Control Systems 
• Performed product integration of electronics & electrical power systems for the prototype development build of state-of-the-art Orion HybriDrive• electric buses for the New York City Transit Authority. Built circuit card assemblies (up to 10 layers each), power and signal cabling, and power electronics modules using commercial off-the-shelf parts ensuring significant cost savings while meeting rigorous environmental demands. 
• Developed unique designs and manufacturing material processes for space-flight qualified circuit board assembly operations, enabling early program successes in this new product line. High Energy Firing Unit (HEFU), Titan IV Launch Vehicle; 
Avionics Systems, Atlas V Launch Vehicle Development Program: Lockheed Martin Astronautics – Littleton CO.

Design Engineer

Pittsfield, MA

1992 to 1996

Defense Systems 
• Developed a liquid monopropellant gas generator as a research and development project that led to a United States Patent, further yielding both continued and increased government funding. Provided support for the combustion engineering development that led to program milestone achievements for unique, liquid propellant cannon artillery systems. U.S. Army Crusader Program. 
• Provided electronic operational support for submarine fire control systems; interfaced with fleet field service operations. U.S. Navy Trident Submarine fleet.


Town of Wheatfield, NY

1986 to 1992

Liquid Propulsion Division 
• Provided design, manufacturing, test, quality, and project engineering for liquid monopropellant and bipropellant rocket propulsion/gas generator systems for the Strategic Defense Initiative, military defense, & communication/planetary programs. [At Bell Aerospace Textron (predecessor to Atlantic Research): University Internship in 1986, hired as an employee in 1987.] U.S. Air Force; Brilliant Pebbles. United Kingdom, Ministry of Defence; Hydrazine Actuation System (HAS) Program. Space Systems Loral; Intelsat VI & VII Communications Satellite Programs. NASA; Mars Observer Program.


M.S. in Technology Management

University of St. Thomas -
Saint Paul, MN

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering

The State University of New York, University at Buffalo, School of Engineering & Applied Science

B.A. in Chemistry

The State University of New York, College of Arts and Science at Plattsburgh

A.S. in Chemistry

The State University of New York, Community College at Jamestown

Diploma in Math & Science; New York State Regents Curriculum

Chautauqua High School -
Chautauqua, NY


Top Secret Security Clearance (previously held during Military Service)

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: U.S. Navy

Rank: Lieutenant (O-3)

Naval Officer, U.S. Pacific Fleet 
Principal Duty Station: USS Bagley (FF-1069); San Diego, California 
Second Division Officer, Weapons Department: Gunnery & Missile Officer 
Underway & Inport Officer of the Deck - Fleet Qualified Surface Warfare Officer 
1115 Designator: Surface, Line; U.S. Navy Campaign Veteran: Honorably Discharged


Battle E Ribbon Navy Expeditionary Medal Sea Service Deployment Ribbon .45 Caliber Pistol Marksman Award


Technical Leadership Certificate


Binghamton University - Vestal, New York 
28-week Lockheed Martin company-sponsored training program.

Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate


August 2011 Recipient of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers “Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate”, a curriculum sponsored by the Green Enterprise Development Technical Assistance Program of Purdue University.


FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics' License (A&P)

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Professional Engineer's License; Registered in New York State

January 2004 to Present

The University of the State of New York: State Education Department


The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (the AIAA,

October 1983 to Present

Associate Fellow - Lifetime Membership: 
Member of the AIAA Space Logistics Technical Committee (June 2011 - Present). 
Chair of the AIAA Twin Cities Section for the 2009 - 2010 & 2010 - 2011 Seasonal Years. 
Presided over the Section for these 2009 - 2010 Awards in the Small Section Category: 
1st Prize: Most Outstanding Section, Communication 
2nd Prize: Career & Workforce Development, Membership, STEM K-12 Outreach, Public Policy, Young Professional Activity

Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers (MnSPE,

February 2004 to Present

Professional Engineering Society: 
Member of the Professional Development Committee


Liquid Monopropellant Gas Generator (#5,648,052; U.S. Utility Patent)

July 1997

Continuous flow gas generator using a stoichiometric mixture of Hydroxyl Ammonium Nitrate (HAN) and Triethanol Ammonium Nitrate (TEAN) in aqueous solution. 
Developed for Lockheed Martin Corporation.


AIAA 2012-5127: "The Logistics of Utilizing a cis-Lunar Transfer Vehicle for Near Solar System Exploration"

September 2012

Presented at the AIAA Space 2012 Conference & Exposition; Pasadena, California.

AIAA 2011-7110: "The Logistics Development of a cis-Lunar Transfer Vehicle" (with Panel Discussion)

September 2011

Presented at the AIAA Space 2011 Conference & Exposition; Long Beach, California.

AIAA 2009-6469: "Reliability Considerations for Egress in Privately-Built Manned Orbiting Vehicles"

September 2009

Presented at the AIAA Space 2009 Conference & Exposition; Pasadena, California.

AIAA 2008-7682: "Logistics Considerations for Privately-Built Manned Orbiting Vehicles" (with Poster Display)

September 2008

Presented at the AIAA Space 2008 Conference & Exposition; San Diego, California.

AIAA 2007-6142: "Considerations for the Implementation of Privately-Built Manned Orbiting Vehicles"

September 2007

Presented at the AIAA Space 2007 Conference & Exposition; Long Beach, California.

Additional Information

Aerospace Technology: 
-U.S. Human Spaceflight 
--Private Spaceflight Logistics 
---Launch Vehicles 
---Sub-Orbital Flight 
---Earth Orbital Operations 
---Earthly Cis-Lunar Travel 
---Solar System Exploration