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Ashleigh Behravesh

Apartment Complex Manager - Crestview Properties

San Bruno, CA


• I wish to utilize and apply the skills that I have learned both in my education and employment history in order to be a part of your organization.

Work Experience

Apartment Complex Manager

Crestview Properties
San Bruno, CA

November 2012 to Present

Supervisor: Chris Fitzgerald (650)922-3030 
• Organizing and scheduling with contractors. 
• Composing reminders and notices. 
• Online ads for apartment rentals. 
• Maintenance work 
• Ensuring Tenant Safety 
• Responding to tenant concerns.

Lacrosse Coach

Burlingame High School
Burlingame, CA

January 2012 to Present

Supervisor: John Philipopoulos: 
* Hosted, organized, planned and executed the U.S. women’s Lacrosse Stars and Stripes event   
for one day at Burlingame High School and was responsible for managing a snack shop to operate during the international lacrosse, tournament. This was the biggest lacrosse event on the West coast as of recently. 
* Coordinate orders from vendors for the Stars and Stripes tournament. 
* Teaching and Coaching high school girls how to play lacrosse. 
* Ensuring safety and wellbeing of athletes. 
* Upholding all San Mateo Union High School guidelines and safety procedures. 
* Attend league meetings. 
* Create league practice and game schedules. 
* Planning Practice and Game strategies. 
* Plan, execute and supervise team fundraisers. 
* Purchase new safety, practice and game equipment.

Server/Bartender/Kitchen Prep.

San Mateo, CA

January 2012 to Present

Supervisor: Brian Morris 
• Set up and Break down of events. 
• Food Preparation 
• Bartending and Serving 
• Catering parties, weddings and corporate events.

Captain/Manager, Bartender, Server, Food Prep

San Francisco, CA

December 2009 to Present

Polished Servers, S.F. Bay Area 
Supervisor: Bob Kaltenbach 
*Supervising employees in the set-up, execution and break down of events. 
* Ensuring a smooth event by managing employees 
* Food Preparation 
*Kitchen management and light cooking. 
* Bartending and serving 
* Catering Parties, weddings and corporate events 
* Set up and break down of events


San Bruno, CA

September 2009 to Present

* Assist a veteran, dyslexic college student in researching, planning, outlining and writing all papers and assignments. 
* Edit all papers and assignments he has completed. 
* Assist and discuss time management for the student. 
* Help further is writing style by comparing and contrasting the edited paper to the non-edited  
papers, in order for him to visualize his mistakes. 
* Teach punctuation through listening and tone of voice. 
* Assist in class schedule planning in order to pursue his A.A. degree and transfer from junior college to San Francisco State University. 
The student I am tutoring is a military veteran, who never believed he could be successful in academia because of his dyslexia. He was a C, D, F student when we first started working together. I have helped him construct his class schedules, assisted him in the transfer from city college to state and have implemented the use of dragon software as a means for him to type his assignments. I have also implemented a new approach in correcting his punctuation mistakes by having him read through listening and tone of voice, much like how some people play music by ear, but cannot read music. I am proud to say that this past semester, he received a 3.8 GPA, the highest GPA in his academic career.

Communications and Production Manager

Made in America Corporation
Foster City, CA

January 2011 to February 2012

* Acted as a liaison between partnered companies and Made in America Corporation. 
* Schedule international meetings. 
* Plan and execute company events. 
* Book conferences. 
* Make travel arrangements for management and other employees. 
* Travel throughout the United States to pursue bids on construction opportunities. 
* Assist in the implementation of sustainable business practices. 
* All aspects of office administration. 
It was a contracted temporary position. I traveled mostly within California to pursue potential clients and address concerns they had regarding our company. I arranged travel accommodations for multiple employees. I was able to help collaborate on prospective business ideas and opportunities. 
Skills Used 
Microsoft office 
Microsoft excel 
Microsoft word 
Power point 
Online travel websites 
All aspects of office administration


San Bruno, CA

January 2011 to December 2011

Supervisor: Katherine Bailey (650)853-0886 
• Creating and managing orders for all products and equipment for the coffee shop 
• Conduct catering of events within Skyline College. 
• Supervising employees 
• Logging, recording and reporting employee hours 
• Using the cash register and logging deposits. 
• Assuring the coffee shop abides by California health code standards. 
• Maintain a smooth and organized work procedure. 
• Conducting employee meetings 
• Taking drink orders and making them

Lifeguard Coordinator

Burlingame, CA

August 2011 to November 2011

Supervisor: Suze Gardner (650)558-2883 
• Supervising Daily activities and staff 
• Run in-services 
• Administrative tasks; filing, confirming qualifications 
• Community outreach projects; Guerilla advertising. 
• Help interview potential employees and run a skills assessment 
• Help with Scheduling lifeguards 
• Lifeguard 
• Masters Water Polo Substitute coach and lifeguard 
• Children's Age group Water Polo coach

Water Polo Coach

San Mateo Union High School District
Burlingame, CA

September 2009 to September 2011

Supervisor: Suze Gardiner (650)558-2883 
* Teaching and Coaching high school girls how to play water polo. 
* Ensuring safety and wellbeing of athletes. 
* Upholding all San Mateo Union High School guidelines and safety procedures. 
* Attend league meetings. 
* Planning Practice and Game strategies. 
* Plan, execute and supervise team fundraisers. 
* Purchase new safety, practice and game equipment.

Front Desk Receptionist

Burlingame High School
South San Francisco, CA

September 2010 to April 2011

Supervisor: Don Chu (650)794-2500 
• Scheduling conference rooms 
• All aspects of office administration 
• Answering phones and transferring 
• Logging and creating work badges

Head lifeguard & Swim Instructor

Burlingame Aquatic Center
Burlingame, CA

June 2002 to September 2010

Supervisor: Lindsy McCleoud N/A, Carlos Sandoval (Manager) 650-558-2881 
• Managing swim lessons and lifeguard shifts and rotations. 
* Plan and execute audits. 
• Help with scheduling employees. 
• Managing and cross referencing employee time cards. 
• Promoting excellent customer service skills. 
• Teach children and adults how to swim. 
• Cashier for people entering the facility. 
• Teach diving to children.


Burlingame, CA

November 2005 to December 2006

Supervisor: N/A 
• Food Preparation, light cooking and set up of buffets. 
• Break down and set up of events. 
• Catering parties, weddings and events.

Cafeteria Worker

Burlingame High School

October 2001 to 2005

Supervisor: Lou Rivera 
• Cashier and food server at lunch and breaks 
• Set up and break down of food.

Basketball Referee

Burlingame Parks and Recreation
Burlingame, CA

December 2000 to June 2001

Supervisor: Mike Blondino (650)533-0864 
• Refereed and kept score for Junior high school and High school teams.


B.A. in Communication

University of California Santa Barbara -
Santa Barbara, CA

A.A. in Communication & Liberal Arts

Santa Barbara City College -
Santa Barbara, CA
Burlingame High School -
Burlingame, CA


- Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Power Point, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Google docs, Instagram, Youtube, theBerry, theChive, Event Planning, Scheduling, Inventory Management, Managerial Experience, Coordinating Experience, Some Military and Medical knowledge, Vendor Relations, Academic Advising, Editing, Fax Machine, 10Key Calculator, Cash Register, CPR, First Aid, AED, WSI and Lifeguard certified, Coaching.

Additional Information

* Captain of Life Guard Games 2007-present, Northern California Iron Guard Champion in 2007 
* Head Sports Editor for Burlingame High school Yearbook 2005. 
* Head Photographer for Burlingame High school Yearbook 2005. 
* Video Producer and Creator for Burlingame High School Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser awareness. 
* Anchor, Cameraman, Reporter, Video Editor and creator for Burlingame High School Television.  
* Pacific Athletic League (PAL) Cross country champion for two years in a row 2001-2002   
* My softball team and I took third place at the Nor-Cal Championship as well as third place in Nationals in Midland Texas. 
* First Team all-League Short stop for Softball in the Pacific Division two years in a row. 
* First Team all-League Point guard for basketball in the Pacific Division 2002. 
* Editor in Burlingame Intermediate School Newspaper. 
*Anchor, Cameraman, Reporter, Video Editor for Burlingame Intermediate School: Student Television  
* Assist in the heart walk fundraiser with San Mateo Medical Center: 2012-2013. 
* Princess Project: Providing under privileged high school aged girls with dresses and accessories for prom: 2011-present. 
* Internship at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, CA as a teacher’s assistant: 2009. 
* Worked school function booths at Lincoln Elementary carnival and Our Lady of Angels carnival. 
* Taught swim lessons for under privileged kids with Glide Memorial: 2001-2007. 
* Nanny and a mother’s helper for parents that work at home. 
* Junior lifeguard from age 8-15 years old with the San Bruno Aquatic center, Mills High pool and the Burlingame Aquatic Center.