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Aysar Al Ayibi

Marketing, Clerical Assist

Houston, TX


• Gained First Aid and CPR Certificate, Security Guard training certificate 
• Excellent computer skills; earned certificate for MS Word. May 2007 
• Excellent researching skills 
• Communication skills; Interpreted several languages including Arabic, English, Turkish, and American Sign Language. 
• Organized, detail oriented 
• Earned Letter of Recommendation from PCG Utility Consultants Inc. Aug. 2010 
• Earned Letter of Recommendation from CDC Inc Sep. 2011 
• Earned employee of the month for May and July 2012 from Vi La Jolla Village.

Work Experience

Marketing, Clerical Assist

San Diego, CA

July 2011 to August 2012

10 months; September- July 2010-2011

Chef Assistant

T.C. Restaurant

June 2010 to August 2010

Two Years; 2006-2008


Education Training

El Cajon Valley High School -
El Cajon, CA

June 2011

Additional Information

Relevant Skills: 
Communication Skills 
• Interpret several languages including: Arabic, English, Turkish, and American Sign Language. 
• Translate English to Arabic and Arabic to English. 
• Assist non-English speaking people and Deaf people. 
Computer Skills 
• Gained a certificate for Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel. 
• Gained a certificate for Graphic Designs. 
• Knowledge of software and hardware. 
• Created projects by using Photoshop, InDesign, illustrator 
Helping Skills 
• Assisted Teacher for two years. […] 
• Assistance at Calculus Lap Aid for […] 
• Supported other students and helped them with their homework. 
• Assisted family with babysitting and auto work. 
• Creative and have the ability to solve problems. 
• A team player and worker.