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Banji Bademosi

Calgary, AB


Work Experience

Civil/Structural Architectural/Building Specialist

Saipem Canada
Calgary, AB

March 2012 to Present

Prepare field design notices (FDN) for design clarifications and alterations while dealing with the non-conformity of vendor design issues and reviewing request for information (RFI). 
• Coordinate the erection process of building envelope and the impacting penetration from piping and electrical/instrumentation cable trays and HVAC vents, air handling units/conditioning and all ducts/pipes penetrating the wall and roof cladding. 
• Provide redline mark-ups based on manufacturer’s detailed drawings. 
• Perform quality checks on sub-contractors’ steel fabrication works for compliance with the manufactures’ design and technical specification. 
• Coordinate technical activities performed outside of the company with vendors and suppliers, subcontractors and engineers outside of the Saipem group. 
• Prepare bid documents, material requisitions (MR), procurement requisitions (PR), and verification/qualification of all FEED documents with the procurement department. 
• Prepare material specifications and architectural designs for buildings, as well as, grant approval of all architectural designs and construction drawings from vendors. 
• Assist the design team by providing technical support for the conceptual design of the Statoil Corner Project administrative/office building during the FEED stages. 
• Intensively supported the Building Contractor in the erection/installation process of 4 units stick built rigid framing buildings with volume of 78519.95m3 each, 6 units stick built rigid framing building with volume of 16373.70.m3 each, and 4 units stick built self-framing building with volume of 391.59.49m3 each. 
• Successfully coordinated pipe penetration, electrical cable trays and mechanical duct/HVAC activities interface with the building envelope 
Skills Used 
Erection conflict resolution  
Erection sequence initiative 
Construction management  
Project management 
Sub contractor (vendor) management