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Senior Web Developer

Web Designer and Consultant - Passive Ninja | LutherNet | Educabana | Satisfamily

Milwaukee, WI


Work Experience

Senior Web Developer
Milwaukee, WI

July 2015 to Present

Turning the internet into the Luthernet. Designing modern, mobile-friendly church websites for all churches. Staying within a strict budget. Completing site makeovers in a week or less.

Web Designer and Consultant


January 2008 to Present

Giving back to other educators and institutions. Leading Amazon sales for Cranium Chromebook Protector. Housing information on best practices in education, including flipped classroom, PDSA, Moodle and other EMS scripts, and Google Drive/Sites. Hosting lesson plans and a member community of tutors for area students. Exploring new ways to use technology to teach. Designing and implementing websites for school and non-profit fundraising.

Web Developer

Passive Ninja

June 2006 to Present

Designing custom websites for businesses, schools, churches, or personal pages. Using Google Sites for education or churches. Hosting sites securely. Maintaining and updating sites. Implementing and learning newest web standards, including relevant elements of Joomla CMS, CSS, PHP, and HTML. Understanding customer needs in order to institute better user interface of site. Creating websites for any category, including amateur baseball, school/church fundraising, church, hair salon, musician, fishing bait, satirical news, travel, insurance, and education. Experimenting with several CMS and open source options in order to develop new skills. Implementing custom bulletin boards, shopping sites, and image galleries into those sites. Teaching all clients how to update their own sites. Analyzing data to drive future decisions. 
Sites include,,,,,,

Family Blogger

June 2003 to Present

Leading while also remembering to compromise. Maintaining a presence as a role model. Instilling a desire to learn. Loving. Helping others through blogging at Teaching children to embrace creativity and love learning. Monetizing a website by writing interesting, usable content.

High School English Teacher

School District of Menomonee Falls

August 2002 to June 2014

Teaching English curriculum to high school students. Leading in life lessons and acting as a positive role model. Designing websites for educational purposes and implementing use of technology in the classroom. Developing and teaching creative writing and English 9 classes. Communicating effectively with more than 100 students and their parents every semester. Using relevant stories, speaking, and presentation skills to capture and maintain student attention. Integrating cultural literacy, world news, other subjects, and vocabulary into daily introductory lessons for students to make learning more relevant. Welcoming and acknowledging diversity, especially if personal background experiences attending Milwaukee Public Schools would enhance the lesson.


Teaching Certification

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI

2000 to 2002

BA in English

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

1994 to 1999


Joomla (10+ years), Creative Writing (10+ years), Editing (10+ years), Web Design (10+ years), Website Design (10+ years), Web Development (10+ years), Writing (10+ years), French (10+ years), Google+ (2 years), Google Docs (4 years), Google Webmaster Tools (3 years), Web Content (10+ years)


Nearly News: Satire Stories Seeking Significance 2006-2014

Good satire is hard to find. It's even harder to write. While this is not a complete guide teaching all of the intricacies of writing satire, it does provide some biting satire and an explanation behind each story.  
The purpose of many of the articles was to show human flaws but not necessarily to solve problems. You can read right-wing rags or liberal laments for that. While most of the book is written as news articles, you will also find interviews with God and Satan, a sermon, and several opinion pieces from various voices. While nobody is a clear winner in this book, you might note the slightly liberal bias of the author, especially in later years.  
Even though most of the stories appear in Real Wisconsin News and some of the stories are written specifically about a suburban Milwaukee school district, you will be able to relate to just about all of the content, unless you are living under a rock or from Europe. However, if you are from elsewhere, there is no better way to understand Americans that to see what they find funny about the news.  
If you enjoy The Onion, The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, or The Golden Girls, you should like this book. It's a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our country, even if that person is one of the One Percenters. Great for social studies teachers, social scientists, social climbers, social disease carriers, and socialites alike.

The Catcher in the Rye and Rebel Without a Cause Very Sincere Combo Pack

The Catcher in the Rye and Rebel Without a Cause should both be taught in high schools and colleges. They are both relevant and they both have messages that today's youth can recognize. This combo pack provides you with the ability to teach two American classics in a way that is entertaining and useful to students, while it also meets all the needs to teaching ACT or SAT or Common Core-type reading skills.

Philadelphia Store: The Musical

Brian is a dock employee who is too scared to talk to all the pretty girls who work at what others call The Philly Store. When a no-nonsense corporate efficiency expert shows up, the dock workers want Brian to hit on her to find out more information about MegaCorp's plans for the store. Brian is just as interested in Anya, a former mail-order bride who is getting a divorce, and Julia, a blonde, blue bombshell who barely knows he exists. In order to help save the store, Brian spies on the store manager who only hires pretty girls, the security guards who need someone to watch them, and the Russian ladies who only speak Russian. While Brian wants to believe in an America with opportunities for all, he is also cynical of the powers that be, including those that run The Philadelphia Store.

Eighth Grade Ends: The World Probably Doesn't

Casey is an eighth-grader who continues to fall for the wrong girl. Brian, his best friend, has no idea what to say to the right girl. Together, they search for love and acceptance while delivering papers and one-liners. Set in the early 1990s and amazingly based partially on true events, this tale offers the reader an in-depth analysis of why girls who develop faster are more popular, why guys embarrass each other in order to impress girls, and why clueless dads are much more funny than dads who know which way is up.

Leaves of Paper: Poems and Stories About Teaching

A book of poetry and other short pieces with introductions. It is chicken soup for the complete idiots who need a survival guide because they are dummies who are teachers. From a teacher who has taught for over a decade in a mean suburban high school, readers will learn how to stand and deliver in the blackboard jungle as their dangerous minds in the breakfast club lean on me and the dead poets society while waiting for superman in the race to the top with no child left behind.  
The book should be required reading for all new teachers as they seek advice for the future, all current teachers as they seek confirmation someone understands them, and for all former teachers as they seek affirmation of a career well done.

Rumbling Stumbling Bumbling Fumbling: An American's Jittery Journey Through Life

We are not alone. You and I are connected, even if it's just because you're accidentally reading this book description right now. Books of poetry attempt to connect humans to one another. Rumbling Stumbling Bumbling Fumbling represents twenty years of Brian Jaeger trying to figure life out. You will read about thoughts on high school, college, dating (barely), marriage, and fatherhood.  
Many of the poems were written and edited while at UW-Milwaukee, and the author brings the reader along for a walk around that commuter college. The rest of the poems were written and often read for students at Menomonee Falls High School where Brian taught creative writing for a decade. In fact, high school teachers will appreciate content mostly appropriate for students and often crafted to demonstrate how to write poetry, hopefully without ever getting too highbrow.  
If you're looking for a book of poetry that also has surprising sports poems, this book is for you. You'll travel from a Nazi concentration camp to a virtual world two-hundred years in the future, always grounded in Wisconsin.