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Charles Basnight

Dedicated, Detail-oriented

Wilmington, NC


• Self-motivated, analytical individual with nine years' experience in social work field including working with clients with emotional, behavioral, developmental disorders, severe psychosocial impairment, substance abuse, and legal problems. 
• Recognized by Life, Inc. with Certificate of Appreciation for excellence in utilizing social work skills based on third-party observation of interaction with client. 
• Strong time management and organizational skills. 
• Capable of prioritizing and managing heavy workflow without direct supervision. 
• Excellent written and oral communication skills; accurate and detail-oriented; learn new information and techniques quickly. 
• Assume the roles of advocator, facilitator, manager, educator, coordinator, evaluator, negotiator, and mediator. 
• Able to complete extensive professional and clinical documentation to assess medical necessity of services, progress levels, and link client systems with needed services and supports; chosen to conduct numerous intakes for previous providers due to clinical ability, punctuality, and organizational skills. 
• Provide crisis response and de-escalation interventions for clients.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Placement Coordinator

Touchstone Residential Services
Wilmington, NC

April 2014 to Present

Facilitate intake appointments to link clients with services to meet medical and psychosocial needs. Provide weekly supervision to Therapeutic Foster Parents and monthly supervision to Family Foster Parents to ensure foster parents provide quality care to clients in their homes. Collaborate with multiple collateral support systems involved in the lives of the children served. Complete weekly and monthly documentation required by the state to ensure quality services are provided. Develop Person Centered Plans based on desired outcomes, strengths, and needs of the children served. Monitor and assess progress levels resulting from the treatment regimen. 
Effectively taught parenting skills and strategies to foster parents. Actively monitored compliance with state regulations and ensured trainings were up to date. Established strong networks with collateral support systems.  
Skills Used 
Efficient time management; collaboration; Case management/planning; Effective communication; Coordination; Crisis intervention; Developing treatment plans (Person Centered Plans); Facilitating Child and Family Team meetings; Discharge planning.

Intensive In Home and Day Treatment QP

Le'Chris Counseling Services
Wilmington, NC

December 2011 to April 2014

As Qualified Professional for Intensive In Home services, utilize Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy strategies, components, and interventions to teach clients how to better manage dysfunctional behavioral responses. Successfully teach de-escalation, thought-stopping, progressive muscle relaxation; guided imagery; and slow diaphragmatic breathing strategies to assist clients with improving symptom management. Utilize role-playing, modeling, and behavioral rehearsal to assist client and family with skill development. Provide case management duties such as coordination of care; linking with additional supports, services, and resources; assessing medical necessity of, and progress resulting from, treatment regimen outlined in the Person Centered Plan; advocating for services and resources when available and necessary; and facilitating Child and Family Team meetings. Provide psycho-education to assist clients and families with understanding presenting symptoms in relation to current diagnoses, effective treatment strategies, and ways to apply these strategies to the client's daily routine. Teach clients to successfully manage symptoms and decrease necessity of out-of-home placement. Teach parents how to clearly provide expectations and consistently enforce consequences based on child's behavioral response. Teach families to effectively utilize natural and paid supports and community resources. Conduct discharge planning. 
As Qualified Professional in Day Treatment environment, provided interventions and strategies for the child and adolescent population. Incorporated client strengths into devising plans to respond to aggressive, depressive, and/or noncompliant behavioral responses.

Qualified Professional/Case Manager

A Helping Hand of Wilmington
Wilmington, NC

September 2011 to November 2011

Qualified Professional/Case Manager 
As Qualified Professional for Community Support Team, provided case management and therapeutic interventions for clients with persistent and severe mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness. Collaborated with multiple support systems. Linked clients with supports, services, and resources within the community. Taught clients how to locate and utilize these supports, services, and resources. 
Successfully taught clients to improve psychosocial functioning by providing psycho-education, modeling of coping strategies, and behavioral rehearsal to practice skills taught.

Case Manager/Intensive In Home QP

Youth and Family Alliance, Inc
Wilmington, NC

March 2011 to August 2011

As case manager, responsible for formulating and implementing the treatment plan. Assessed client strengths and needs. Linked and referred clients to necessary supports and services. Conducted monitoring of service provision, progress levels, and treatment effectiveness. Followed up with collateral supports to ensure participation, progress, and receipt of necessary supports and services.  
As QP for Intensive In Home services taught children techniques to improve management of aggressive, severe noncompliant behaviors. Successfully taught children how to recognize triggers and utilize self-imposed strategies such as thought-stopping and time out. Successfully taught parents to provide clear behavioral expectations and reinforce consistent consequences for noncompliance.

Qualified Professional

Community Support Professionals, LLC
Wilmington, NC

October 2010 to March 2011

Qualified Mental Health Professional 
As QP for ACTT services, taught multiple techniques to reduce the presenting psychiatric or substance abuse symptoms for adults suffering from severe and persistent mental illness. Promoted symptom stability; appropriate use of medication; restoration of personal, community living, and social skills by utilizing behavioral rehearsal and modeling. Linked clients with housing, employment, medical and dental services. Linked clients with community resources. Monitored client’s utilization of these resources. 
As QP for Community Support Team services, improved client’s ability to restore their community living and interpersonal skills; ensured linkage to community services, supports, and resources. Provided skill-developing, behavioral interventions such as modeling, behavior modification, behavior rehearsal, and psychoeducation for adults with significant impairments in emotional, social, safety, housing, medical, educational, vocational, and/or legal life domains. Conducted discharge planning. 
As QP for Intensive In-Home team, successfully provided intense levels of interventions to address the identified needs of children suffering from serious and chronic mental illness. Successfully taught children to correlate consequences with behavioral responses and accept responsibility for choices/actions.

MST Therapist

Uplift Comprehensive Services, Inc
Elizabeth City, NC

February 2010 to June 2010

Empowered parents/caregivers with skills and strategies to manage adolescent's problem behaviors such as serious or chronic alcohol/substance abuse, and delinquent, aggressive, violent, antisocial behavior. Improved caregiver discipline practices, enhanced family affective relations, decreased youth association with deviant peers, increased youth association with pro-social peers, improved youth school and vocational performance, engaged youth in pro-social recreational outlets, and developed support networks of extended family, neighbors, and friends to help caregivers achieve and maintain such changes. Designed behavioral contacts. Provided support, guidance, and skill development in all functional domains including adaptive, communication, psychosocial, problem solving, and behavior management. Utilized a strengths focus, while targeting all systems involved in the child's life including family, peer, school, judicial, individual, and/or community. Prepared monthly court reports. Facilitated meetings with court counselors and judges to implement therapeutic interventions to avoid out of home placement due to delinquent or violent behavior.

Qualified Professional; I/DD Case Manager; Therapeutic Foster Care Manager

Life, Inc
Elizabeth City, NC

May 2004 to January 2010

As a mental health QP, performed therapeutic interventions such as modeling, behavior modification and rehearsal, and psychoeducation to assist children, adolescents, adults, and families with improving symptom management of emotional and behavioral disorders and severe psychosocial impairment. Provided case management duties such as assessing, collaborating, planning, and linking. Facilitated and coordinated multi-disciplinary team meetings to address client’s needs. Assessed medical necessity of services to meet presenting problematic behavioral responses and psychosocial functioning. Linked clients with additional supports including counseling and psychiatric services. Responsible for formulating, implementing, and assessing effectiveness of the Person Centered Plan. Effectively conducted assessment of client and family needs. Taught families how to access and utilize supports, services, and resources within their community. Conducted case management responsibilities for children requiring level III and PRTF residential care. Conducted discharge planning and coordination.  
As Targeted Case Manager, linked children with residential care based on client’s level of social, mental, and developmental capacities. Linked clients with additional supports and services as needed. Provided case management duties such as assessing, collaborating, planning, linking, and monitoring for child, adolescent, and adult clients with developmental disabilities. Responsible for assessing medical necessity of service provision, client’s needs and strengths, skill development, and implementation of the Person Centered Plan. Completed necessary documentation per regulations such as NC-SNAP. Linked clients with developmental disabilities with additional supports such as Developmental Therapy. Conducted review of effectiveness of treatment, third party provider’s adherence to rules and regulations, and appropriate documentation of service provision. Taught families and clients how to successfully access and utilize various supports, services, and resources within the community. Conducted transition planning. 
As Case Manager for Therapeutic Foster Homes, coordinated the development and implementation of treatment plans for at-risk youth receiving therapeutic foster care services. Responsible for monitoring and managing the service delivery process and activities of the therapeutic foster parents, ensuring all necessary trainings were conducted in a timely manner per state requirements. Conducted home visits to ensure efficient service provision and client’s needs were addressed. Maintained client and foster parent’s records and certifications per state requirements. Conducted discharge and transition planning. 
As an Associate Professional, worked hands-on with children possessing emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders. Provided therapeutic interventions to teach client to effectively manage symptoms and psychosocial impairments. Maintained a safe environment for children while developing their social and behavioral skills. Planned and coordinated child’s behavior modification and daily schedule, emphasizing the child’s involvement in making decisions regarding routine.  
Additional work experience, references, trainings available upon request


BA in Social Work

Elizabeth City State University -
Elizabeth City, NC

1999 to 2002


Trained to utilize Trauma Focused Cogntive Behavioral Therapy strategies and interventions; over nine years of providing direct care such as modeling and engaging clients and families in behavioral rehearsals to improve functioning, carried out numerous case management and supervisory capacities such as advocator, evaluator, assessor, coordinator, and facilitator; capable of providing supervisory duties; and collaborating with multiple support systems.