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Clifton Allison

Senior Systems Administrator at

Coconut Creek, FL


Senior operations architect with over a decade of experience working with industry leaders in providing Internet services and applications. Proficient in a wide range of technical skills ranging from coding tools that empower operations personnel to overseeing high-performing engineering teams. Currently interested in shifting into the Medical Technologies Industry.

Work Experience

Senior Systems Administrator
Fort Lauderdale, FL

2010 to Present

• Responsible for running VMWare ESX servers (Linux) for Development and QA 
• Built fully automated installation imaging system to enable rapid deployment of Debian Linux monitoring servers reducing time to market from a full day to less than hour per newly imaged server 
• Automated all configuration elements of servers using open-source tools (FAI- Fully Automatic Installation, shell scripting) 
• Maintained reporting system for internal applications 
• Responsible for building out location monitoring servers (called InSite servers) as part of the Alertsite monitoring suite 
• On-call support for all global monitoring servers and enterprise website

Senior Systems Administrator
Santa Monica, CA

2010 to 2010

• Wrote technical documentation on how to administer XEN Virtual Machines 
• Created web based tools to manage XEN Virtual Machine pools to be used by Systems Operations team 
• Managed capacity of XEN based Virtual Machine infrastructure 
• Responsible for the setup and build out of complete site monitoring solution to include Ping Check, SNMP polling, CPU/Memory/Bandwidth trending and thresholding, JMX Heap Monitoring, and URL templates to be applied across multiple environments (QA, Beta, and Production) 
• Evaluated monitoring solutions (Hyperic, SiteScope and Zenoss) for redesign website 
• Major contributor to high level redesign of core infrastructure 
• Coded core systems administration tools to enable standardization and auditing of production systems 
• Collaborated closely with vendor (RedHat) to analyze core dumps from XEN virtual machines 
• Built out and imaged RedHat Linux systems using kickstart for both physical and virtual machines 
• Managed day to day Systems Administration tasks such as access control issues for users via LDAP

Senior Operations Architect


2006 to 2010

• Technical lead of the Virtualization Center of Excellence 
• Awarded 2009 Green IT Award from the Uptime Institute 
• Presented (Systems Utilization and Memory Optimization tool) to the Uptime Institute in NYC at 2009 Green IT Symposium 
• Created and ran the Architects Council to oversee all divisions of Operations (2007-2009) 
• Responsible for leading and the overseeing the closure of the AOL Reston Data Center, a large scale data center migration (year of 2007) 
• Wrote technical specifications for hardware to be purchased through our reverse auction (RFP, 2006-2009) 
• Led initial virtualization efforts in operations 
• Solved and wrote how-to for SSH console redirection for HP iLo2 and Dell Drac 4/5 (something Dell had not done) 
• Tracked and managed the migration of 25,000 RedHat Linux systems to CentOS (2009) 
• Oversaw the sun-setting legacy systems initiative for the release of power-hungry HPUX and Solaris systems from our datacenters

Operations Architect


2002 to 2006

Principal Systems Administrator 
Team Lead for Core Infrastructures and Core Services 
• Created and led Core Service's Unix/Linux based architecture/working group handling all issues ranging from OS imaging, configuration management, alarming, monitoring, and all security items 
• Instrumental in system administrating over 8,000 HPUX, Solaris, and Linux hosts 
• Ensured the successful implementation of Linux systems by developing the tools and infrastructure required to manage and roll out Linux based systems on a large scale 
• Managed standardization, distribution selection and hardware issues related to the Linux migration 
• Served as primary point of contact for all communication with RedHat for all of AOL 
• Effected savings across Systems Operations in hardware purchasing plans saving millions ($) in capital costs 
• Played primary role in the introduction of AMD hardware into AOL, which is what now runs the backend servers of AIM/ICQ 
• Designed hardware benchmarking facility and designed and developed benchmarking application for AOL proprietary application and service oriented applications 
• Wrote original iptables firewall, and deployed first use of host based firewall at AOL, which now serves as a standard 
• Created and managed security policies for AOL's Core Services

Senior Systems Programmer


2001 to 2002

Systems Analysis and Troubleshooting Team 
• Selected Linux Distribution to be used by Operations and Development for AOL proprietary applications 
• Implemented solution to enable AOL Systems Integrations Team to install hosts from a network server remotely across thousands of hosts. This system was used to upgrade over 2000 Linux hosts to RedHat Advanced Server 2.1 
• Ported all operating system configuration packages to support Linux 
• Performed production platform testing for Linux systems; vendor vs. vendor; distribution vs. distribution 
• Directly led all communication with vendors to initiate Intel Systems rollout: HP, IBM, Compaq, Dell, RedHat, Intel 
• Led security initiatives such as the deployment of SSH across all systems, including legacy Unix systems

Senior Systems Programmer


1999 to 2001

• Created monitoring system for America Online's Proprietary System API 
• Manager of centralized repository of all system alarms using Micromuse's Omnibus database 
• Set up centralized site-independent System Logging (syslog) for 2000 host which alarm to Netcool/Omnibus. 
• Managed centralized remote monitoring for all AOL proprietary routing processes 
• Deployed site-independent MeasureWare alarming for HP and SUN alarming back via SNMP traps which report to Netcool/Omnibus 
• Created system that generates host list of all actively-monitored hosts, created daily for monitoring with a ICMP monitor 
• Responsible for AOL Ads Server monitoring via internal logging and alarming system 
• Engineered and wrote system that checks the validity of Ad URLs that service AOL and ICQ web based properties 
• Wrote a web interface to view and edit alarms in the Omnibus database using Sybase communication layer 
• Kerberos Administrator and Securities Consultant

Systems Administrator of Internet Operations


1996 to 1999

• Administrator of all Internet Service Monitoring 
• Responsible for the shared on-call administration of all Internet Services Web Hosting (,, 
• Technical consultant for all streaming media (AOL branded Real Networks Audio/Media ventures, Princess Diana Live Funeral Broadcast with BBC) 
• Administrator of all AOL Internet Relayed Chat (IRC) machines 
• Primary tools developer (tcl/adp's) for Internet Services Web Hosting Infrastructure 
• Administrative lead for Compton's Encyclopedia, AolStore, and the AOL Multmedia Channel 
• Administrator for Real Video Servers during the Clinton Live Video Tapes / Star Report

Web Content Manager

Medford, MA

February 1996 to August 1996

• Director of all multimedia efforts for IACenter's website 
• Graphic designer for Cognito!:Student Research 
• UNIX System Administration

World Wide Web Consultant and Internet Support Contractor

Lockheed Martin Technical Services
Raleigh, NC

June 1995 to December 1995

Contracted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water) 
• Software purchase advisor 
• HTML author 
• UNIX System Administration

NCSU CSC Multimedia Lab Volunteer

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

1993 to 1995

• On cover of Boardwatch Magazine for being first CUSeeme user outside of Cornell's development staff 
• Alpha Tester for Cornell University's CUSeeme Internet Video Conferencing Software 
• Macintosh System Administrator 
• Afterhours lab supervisor 
• Site administrator


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

North Carolina State University -
Raleigh, NC

1991 to 1995

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics -
Durham, NC

1989 to 1991

University of London -


Additional Information

Technical Expertise 
• UNIX: Solaris 6-10 (Sparc and Intel), Linux (RedHat, Slackware, LinuxPPC, Debian/Ubuntu), HP-UX 9-11 
• Shell Programming: awk, sed, sh, ksh, bash, perl, tcl/tk, expect 
• Advanced Logical Volumes: xlv, lsm, Veritas, ext3 
• Web Servers: AOLserver, Apache, Netscape Enterprise Vosaic 
• Database Servers: Sybase, Informix, NetCool Omnibus 
• Web Programming [Specialization]: Database interfaces (TCL/AOLserver's Dynamic Pages and PERL-dbi/CGI)