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David Carr

CFO - Southern Clinical Research and Management, Inc

Martinez, GA


Work Experience


Southern Clinical Research and Management, Inc
Augusta, GA

October 1996 to Present

Employee management including hiring, firing, training, counseling, supervising, conflict 
resolution and general office management. Computer networking, software and hardware 
installation, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as smart phone integration. Insure 
compliance with IRB and FDA rules and regulation regarding clinical research. Compliance with HIPPA and Medicare rules and regulations regarding patient care and privacy. Financial and contractual negotiations with major pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Merck, 
Bristol Myers Squibb, and Pfizer. Financial and contractual negotiations with local 
hospitals. Positive"customer service" oriented interaction with executives, pharmaceutical 
representatives, patients and research subjects.

Captain of Detectives and Special Services

Medical College of Georgia

July 1986 to October 1996

Police Bureau 
Captain of Detectives and Special Services 
In charge of investigative and special services section within the Police Bureau. Investigate 
criminal activities, make arrests, and testify in court. I had a 99% conviction rate. My cases 
included the gambit from misdemeanor theft, Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy, kidnapping and murder. Supervised and trained other detectives and crime prevention specialists. 
Supervised training for all officers in compliance with POST council standards and laws. 
Complied with and completed mandatory police executive training. Internally tasked with computer networking for the Police Bureau, making a case management database, and 
integrating computer key management within the facility.


State Olympic Law Enforcement Command
Athens, GA

July 1996 to August 1996

Loaned out as a supervisor for Athens Venue for 1996 Olympic Games. Supervisor, State 
Olympic Law Enforcement Command. Insured the safety of visitors and participants of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Worked as and where needed in a highly visible role.

Detective Lieutenant

Medical College of Georgia

July 1988 to July 1990

Investigate criminal activities, make arrests and testify in court. Provided executive protection on as needed basis. Supervised other detectives and crime prevention specialists. Conducted in service training on computers and information services. Assisted in police training such as 
arrest procedures, firearms qualifications and report writing. On call investigator.

Detective Sergeant

Medical College of Georgia

December 1987 to July 1988

Investigated criminal activities, make arrests and testify in court. Conducted crime prevention 
surveys of buildings and grounds. Conducted crime awareness campaigns and classes for civilians such as rape prevention. On call investigator.

Police Corporal

Medical College of Georgia

September 1987 to December 1987

Supervisor. Assisted the shift supervisor, Sgt or Lt, in the running of the patrol 
shift. Resolved conflicts, trained officers. Patrolled assigned areas and supervised others areas with an emphasis on public safety. Made arrests, assisted officers with paperwork. Responded to emergency calls, organ donation runs and interacted with the public in a positive manner.

Police Officer

Medical College of Georgia

September 1986 to December 1987

Responded to calls for service, patrolled assigned areas. Conducted safety 
checks of buildings. Made arrests as warranted. Conducted routine traffic operations.

Police Cadet

Medical College of Georgia

July 1986 to September 1986

Non sworn and non weapon carrying training position until police academy 
slot became available. Patrolled building on foot and checked for safety violations.


Master of Business Administration

Brenau University


Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

Brenau University


Associate in Applied Science

Georgia Military College


Additional Information

Skills and Training 
Excellent Research abilities 
Understand, apply and implement complex laws, rules, and regulations such as the Official 
Code of Georgia, Hippa, Medicare, Department of Labor employment regulations 
Executive/Management training and development 
Employee Management to include hiring, firing, counseling, supervising and training. 
Strong Information Technology skills to include computer networking, software and hardware 
installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. This applies to smart phones as well as office 
Reid technique of Interviews and Interrogations. Proficient at kinesic interview and interrogation. Extremely high confession and conviction rate. 
Crime Prevention 
Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills. 
Expert Marksman 
Troubleshooter - Successfully accessing situations and implementing solutions dealing with 
public, employees and administrators in highly charged environments and or during emergency 
situations is one of my stronger attributes. This skill set transferred as well in dealing with 
pharmaceutical companies, patients, research subjects and employees. I am generally able to 
appease those who need it within the parameters of the situations, law, regulation or rule. 
Customer Relations - I am excellent at dealing with people.