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Diane McDaniel

Analytical Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Technical Analysis and IT Technical Solutions Architect professional.

Longmont, CO


Analytical Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Technical Analysis and IT Technical Solutions Architect professional with over 15 years extensive technical, business and project experience in all phases of software development life cycle. Energetic, dedicated, and enthusiastic team player and leader with a breadth of experience in many aspects of IT. Self starter and quick learner with excellent interpersonal skills and extensive experience in the global environment and well travelled. Able to work independently as well as with others and a proven problem solver capable of prioritizing a demanding workload to successfully meet the clients needs. Expertise includes: 
• Object-oriented Analysis, Design and Programming 
• Business and Technical Analysis 
• Leading IT Project Teams 
• Requirements  
• Team Leadership  
• International Projects 
• Project Management  
• Mentorship  
• Full Project Life Cycle 
• Reengineering  
• Business Lead  
• Root Cause Analysis 
• Functional and Non-functional Requirements  
• All phases of End to End Technical, User and Business Testing and Documentation  
• All aspects of business controls and audit readiness and review 
• Application Development and Implementation  
• Cross Functional and Global Engagements  
• Technical and Business Support 
• Use Cases / User Stories Creation  
• Security Administer  
• Data Modeling 
• Troubleshooting, Problem Determination and Problem Solving  
• Disaster Recovery - technical engagement, solution and recovery, as well as focal point  
• Business support, user and computer operator assistance 
• Development and Development Lead  
• Technical and Business Sizings  
• Extremely Computer Literate 
• Change and Problem Management  
• Process Improvement, Cost Reduction and Prioritization  
• Extremely Flexible - Seasoned Telecommuter

Work Experience

Business Analyst and Application Owner

Boulder, CO

2005 to 2011

Business Analyst: 
Responsible for obtaining business requirements, ensuring they met client needs and were within budget. Worked closely with the client and development teams to transform requirements into tangible and successful solutions. Provided detailed documentation in the form of use cases/user stories and flows. Performed, as well as lead, testing efforts so as to allow for successful, on time, within budget and error free implementation of projects and changes. 
With full project lifecycle expertise, collaborated with clients and company teams to architect, design, document, develop and test solutions for software delivery to the end user customer. Performed and led technical, user and business testing. Led and assisted cross-functional internal and external teams and led final verification testing to ensure all changes met the requirements, were error free and efficient. Projects spanning multiple organizations and geographies. 
Provided support and mentorship to business client and users teams and ensured all customer software orders processed on time and error free. This included ongoing monitoring, round the clock full availability, schedule flexibility and intensive and comprehensive involvement in supporting month, quarter and year end to ensure timeliness, all target were met and full internal and external customer satisfaction.  
Performed team mentorship, user assistance and ongoing support with time zone flexibility as well as traveling to other locations and geographies to provide for both business and technical needs. 
Performed, as well assist in, ongoing problem determination, 24/7 critical support, trouble shooting, problem recreation to allow for resolution and testing and documentation to ensure problems were correctly identified, resolved and implemented.  
Led and assisted in Disaster Recovery test planning, project management, execution and validation ensuring if disaster happened the customer would receive proper orders and on time. 
As subject matter expert from previous positions and experience, continued assisting the application support team on legacy applications as needed.  
An example of efforts: Assisted in engineering, documenting, testing and implementing one world wide software order processing system. Consolidated five unique geography specific applications and systems into one. resulting in savings in excess of $2 million the first year and $1 million a year ongoing. Led and assisted in the move of software manufacturing from Copenhagen to Dublin. 
Applications Owner: 
Application Owner for multiple applications. Responsibilities included all aspects of business controls, audit readiness, business owner delegate and ultimate responsibility. Focus on compliance and controls and maintaining audit ready stable environment.

System Analyst, IT Architect, IT Technical Solutions Architect, Systems Architect, Test Architect, Lead Developer, Disaster Recovery Coordinator, Technical Lead and IT Specialist

Boulder, CO

1996 to 2005

Assignments and responsibilities included:  
• System Analyst  
• IT Architect  
• Test Architect 
• World Wide IT Architect  
• IT Technical Solutions Architect  
• Test Specialist 
• Technical and Business Test Leads  
• Technical and Business Test Manager  
• Disaster Recovery (technical and business lead 
• Technical Application Support Lead  
• Technical Application Support  
• Systems Architect 
Responsible for obtaining business requirements, worked closely with the client teams and development teams to turn the requirements into a tangible and successful technical solution. Ensured error free and all business controls in place. 
Architected, tested and installed solutions spanning across multiple geographies and unique in each geography to consolidate multiple software order processing systems, into one common software manufacturing process running in two different locations.  
Instrumental in successful move of a very large, data intensive and complicated mainframe order processing application and system from Japan to US with downtime of less than 48 hours. 
During this period successfully performed multiple different assignments. Also taking on additional responsibilities and roles to meet the business needs. 
Projects spanned multiple organizations and geographies. Often spending extensive time in other locations and geographies to accomplish and support technical and business needs. Instrumental in the success of multiple worldwide software manufacturing consolidation efforts. 
Performed very successfully beyond assigned roles and responsibilities, gaining extensive knowledge of the z/OS system, assisting z/OS operations team in performing their tasks, as well as assisted with the offshore transfer of operations support. 
Provided extensive cross-functional assistance and mentorship to the internal and external client teams. 
Trained and transferred technical application support responsibilities to the Global Resource Application team and provided ongoing mentorship and assistance. 
Successfully performed in technical testing role in disaster recover tests. Performed the testing not only of my application and area of expertise, but also other applications beyond my area of responsibility and expertise. As technical and business expert in many area of the business, became the go to person for many additional applications and tasks. To include, but not limited to assisting in solutioning the overall environment and testing needs. Expanding to include focal point, project manager, assisting in identifying solutions and coordinating many areas of test preparation for over all efforts. Including hardware and systems tasks and set up, performed testing of applications not only within my area of expertise, but also applications beyond my responsibilities and expertise. 
Beyond my role and responsibilities, gained extensive knowledge of the z/OS system and often assisted the z/OS operations team in performing their tasks as well as assisting with the transfer of operations to Brazil. Provided extensive assistance and mentorship to the Production Control and Product Enablement teams. Ongoing mentorship and assistance to the Global Resource application support team after responsibility transfer.

Lead Developer, Application Developer, Application Support

Boulder, CO

1990 to 1996

Performed successfully and became the lead of the technical application support team. 
Obtained knowledge base beyond that of an application developer, often assisting and training the z/OS operations team in performing their tasks. Became engaged in assisting with the transfer of operations to Brazil. As well as became very engaged and knowledgeable of the business / user side of the software manufacturing business. 
Worked on worldwide engagements, to include supporting applications which required extensive interface with multiple geographies. 
Successfully performed in recovering after an actual disaster which affected software manufacturing. Becoming very involved in creating, verifying and testing the Software Delivery and Fulfillment process for future disaster recover testing to ensure recovery in a more timely manner, which could potentially have a greater impact to the business and customers. Successfully performed in all future DR tests, in many facets and roles, on many different applications, systems activities and tasks.



Regis University, Front Range Community College, Niwot High School


Object-oriented Analysis, Design and Programming, Business and Technical Analysis, Leading IT Project Teams, Requirements, Team Leadership, International Projects, Project Management, Mentorship, Full Project Life Cycle, Reengineering, Business Lead, Root Cause Analysis, Functional and Non-functional Requirements, All phases of End to End Technical, User and Business Testing and Documentation, All aspects of business controls and audit readiness and review, Application Development and Implementation, Cross Functional and Global Engagements, Technical and Business Support, Use Cases/User Stories Creation, Security Administer, Data Modeling, Troubleshooting, Problem Determination and Problem Solving, Disaster Recovery - technical engagement, solution and recovery, as well as focal point, Business support, user and computer operator assistance, Development and Development Lead, Technical and Business Sizings, Extremely Computer Literate, Change and Problem Management, Process Improvement, Cost Reduction and Prioritization, Extremely Flexible – Seasoned Telecommuter

Additional Information

Web, Websphere, zLinux, Eclipse, AIX, z/OS 
SQL, Brio, DB2 Script, HTML 
Extensive z/OS Knowledge 
Databases: DB2 
Application Servers: WebSphere 
Methodologies: Agile, Rational Unified Process 
Defect Tracking Tools: ClearQuest, TSRM 
Project Mgmt & Version Control: ClearCase 
Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, Lotus Symphony, Lotus Notes, Rational Team Concert, Rational ClearQuest, Rational ReqPro, Brio, WBI, MQ Visual Edit, Filezilla