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Duane Connor

Connor Administrative Nursing

The Dalles, OR


Work Experience

Connor Administrative Nursing

Clinical Consulting

2001 to 2011

Recent experience as DON for hospice in Northern California. The hospice had several changes in DON position and other director positions in recent years resulting in disarray of patient services, poor employee morale, and dysfunctional organization. I provided the leadership needed to create three great teams of nurse leaders who in turn had team members. Within six months time the facility was functioning smoothly and very organized. 
Also streamlined the care process from admission to discharge, appointing talented personnel to advance and grow service base. The changes made in the process was a great success, the talent of choosing and educating effective leaders being the key. 
Consulting DON at leading psychiatric hospital in Portland, Ore as well as Consulting Branch Manager/ DON Home Health, both positions successful in recruiting and training new staff, growing census, correcting/-maintaining budget. 
The following positions involved repairing facilities that had problems for quite some time. I became known by word of mouth as a "facility repairman". Reputation spread by word of mouth with each success, each facility being more difficult than the last to put back into operation status, meaning: improved quality of care, correcting state complaint issues, alleviating patient complaints, lowering nursing hours, financial improvement, attracting new talent, and training existing personnel. 
More Consulting Positions

Chief Nursing Officer

Clinical Consulting

March 2009 to August 2009

Oversee all clinical aspects of the Acute & Long Term Care departments including; ER, 
Outpatient Clinic, Rehab (including Physical, Occupation and Speech/Language 
Pathologists), Quality care/ Risk management, as well as the attached 71 licensed bed Skilled Nursing Facility. CNO duties: budget, policy & procedure review and instigation if needed. Hire and provide training of new nurses. Staff turnover 0% talented medical personnel at this time due to my leadership/ employee education style. New personnel as well as previous talented employees attracted to new reorganization of staff, definition of duties. Other departments organized to support nursing, as this was an issue also. Opened and recruited for new areas of treatment of respiratory care, wound care, and reopened the operating room. MMC realized first profit in past 13 years of operation first month I was there. 
Suggested the hospital go to district funding instead of past funding source, county personnel resistant at first however passed county vote so hospital on the road to recovery.

Director of Nursing Consultant

Clinical Consulting
King City, OR

July 2008 to January 2009

- Oversee entire clinical department of this 148 licensed bed Skilled Nursing Facility. Due to state hiring constraints on the facility by the state of Oregon, I was not able to act as Consultant Director until 8/2008 after the initial survey took place. Annual Survey on 8/2008, with being there less than 2 weeks at the facility, we received 4 tags, 1 of which was a level 3 Quality Care (prior on-going issue), which I immediately implemented & enforced clinical systems to clear the tag on our resurvey. Our facility was under complete continued remodeling to create a Rehab wing. 
On 11/2008, due to suspected plant operational havoc and reconstruction, we received a 
resident complaint survey resulting in 3 additional Level 2 no-harm deficiencies in resident rights & quality. I personally created wound care program, recruited and trained talent, acquired leading wound educator to train nurses, reorganized nursing to accommodate new wound nurse positions. The issues were resolved.

Consultant Director of Nursing- Current DON

Clinical Consulting

May 2008 to May 2008

Consultant Director of Nursing- Current DON stepped down until reorganization of Clinical nursing department. Oversee entire clinical department of this 131 licensed bed Skilled Nursing Facility with a psychiatric and dementia locked units. Annual Survey on 9/2007 with 9 deficiencies, all minor Level 2 and cleared within 2 month resurvey. Created and implemented education programs, including CNA program, and wound care protocols while enforcing clinical systems regulation, resulting in increased quality care and satisfaction. Interim Administrator hired and leadership changes occurred in April- May 2008, which in-turn resulted in unhappy staff and increased turn-over at facility. 
Just prior to the Administrator change, I had saved the facility on average of 30k per 
month for eliminating agency staff and retaining our own clinical staff.

Director of Nursing

Now called Payette Care & Rehab Center
Payette, ID

2005 to 2007

Permanent Position, - Oversee entire clinical department of this 80 licensed bed skilled nursing Facility. Personally trained by Regional Director (RD) at the time. RD launched my career in facility repair. 
Other consulting positions: Senior Nurse Consultant- State of Idaho, education, multiple developmental programs. 
Quality Care Consultant - various hospitals and acute care centers, developing and training- systematic programs for physicians and clinicians. 
Psychiatric Hospital - Staff Education, develop clinical programs for multiple 
treatment modalities. 
Utilization Management Nurse Consultant- large hospital system and patient population, researched issues regarding admission category errors. Created a Physician training program resulting in immediate profit for hospital. 
Examples of facility clinical compliancy and turn-Around efforts as DON: I usually inherit facilities with prior troubles and pre-existing conditions; Pending State 
Survey - needing mock surveyed, post state survey citation clean-up, long standing history of compliancy/regulatory issues, lack of clinical systems in place, needing immediate quality audit checks and labor/staff issues resolved to improve care, just to name a few. Corrective actions are put into place as soon as I am made aware of them either by team leader report or audit. I take the problems head-on and aim the facility towards the correct clinical goals. I do extensive employee buy-in, with leadership training, teaching and education of all clinical teams. I pride myself on my clinical compliancy knowledge and regulatory results on surveys. 
Excluding inherited situations, like Avamere, where I had an annual survey less than 2 weeks after starting and was not made aware of the quality care problems beforehand - still clearing the quality care (level 3 tag) deficiency on my first resurvey 10/2008. 
Every consulting position has required immediate employee education, updated 
educational system/program check, chart and survey auditing and clinical team 
evaluations in order to increase the quality of resident care, place facility back into state compliance and clinical budget costs under control.


MSN in Healthcare Administration/ Leadership/Education/Psychology

Idaho State University

May 2003

BSN in RN Leadership/ Management

Boise State University

March 2001

Treasure Valley Community College

January 1999


Leadership, team building, I build leaders!