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A licensed bilingual psychotherapist, with background as a business development executive, specializing in treatment of severe mental illness in community-based settings in the US and developing countries.

Los Angeles, CA


Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience


Culver City, CA

2015 to Present

Provide Administrative Supervision to clinicians and oversee outcome measure administration. 
• Exceed productivity by 16% weekly through timely documentation of specialty mental health services (CGF, PEI, FCCS, FSP) for 27 adult/older adult clients. 
• De-escalate clinic emergencies through weekly On-Call and Officer of the Day coverage, facilitating appropriate actions and informational briefings for executive team. 
• Reduce gaps in service by training clinical team to administer MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment Tool) and reducing barriers to collaborative research on suicide. 
• Spearhead agency’s first formalized Mindfulness-Based Meditation through weekly group and staff trainings to reduce symptom acuity and functional impairments. 
• Deliver evidence-based interventions with model fidelity (5 – 52 sessions) with 100% completion of outcome measures. 
Skills Used 
psychotherapy, assessment, crisis intervention, employee training, case management, supervision, team building, program development, research

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist


November 2011 to Present

• Lead practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine managing 60 patients’ long term care for 2 months – 2 years and treating disorders (anxiety, insomnia, depression, constipation, PTSD, acne, menses) through diagnostic exams and lifestyle counseling at follow-up visits. 
• Improving patients’ health from initial consultation to maintenance through individualized health recommendations (herbal prescriptions, diet, lifestyle, aromatherapy, sound therapy, yoga, meditation, body therapy). 
• Ensuring effective patient care by researching, designing, evaluating and creating herbal medicines at herbal apothecary and providing time-sensitive records to administration. 
• Increasing patient base by managing digital and physical marketing campaigns and leading community lectures and events to audiences of 5 – 30 attendees.

Mental Health Clinician

Placerville, CA

2013 to 2014

• Founding clinical team member for the county’s new Intensive Case Management Team, modeled around Assertive Community Treatment practices, which targets high need and high risk clients who are funded through the Full Service Partnership with the goal of reducing hospitalizations, incarcerations and psychiatric detentions. 
• Providing clinical interventions including psychotherapy, psychoeducation and case management to a set of 70 clients 7 days/week in collaboration with a team of 3 clinicians, 1 psychiatric technician, 3 mental health aides and 2 psychiatrists. 
• Composing MediCal billing notes that emphasize medical necessity for all services rendered through regular record keeping in an online client database daily. 
• Facilitating team cohesion through ongoing communication and creative problem solving in order to build a fully functioning ICM team while working to meet current clinical needs by offering services 7 days per week from 8am – 8pm daily. 
• Performing outreach and engagement assessments in collaboration with outpatient clinicians and clients in order to determine whether clients meet the ICM and FSP levels of need.

Mental Health Services Intern

San Diego, CA

October 2012 to May 2013

Provide individual psychotherapy to 7 clients with mental health symptoms (homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleeping and eating challenges). 
• Perform 1 biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment weekly to determine stabilization (mental health, drug and alcohol, crises, groups, chaplaincy) and rehabilitation (income source - benefits or employment & housing options) for new residential clients and prioritize level of need. 
• Co-facilitate 10 session anger management and 18 session veteran's reflections manualized groups for 10 - 25 members and ensure accurate outcome measures. 
• Facilitate crisis interventions for clients endorsing SI/SA by executing a safety plan and follow-up. 
• Collaborate with multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage & family therapists, and case managers to optimize client treatment plans and client and program success.

Teen Center MSW Intern

Sacramento, CA

January 2012 to August 2012

Led 7 week psychoeducational heterogeneous group to increase tolerance in 9 teen members. 
• Oversaw drop-in center for at-risk adolescents by co-facilitating daily group activities, modeling 
effective communication and intervening with teens and their families. 
• Proposed and developed an evaluation technique in conjunction with Sutter Health to optimize services, interventions, referrals, and quality of work.

Holistic Health Event Coordinator

Nevada City, CA

October 2010 to October 2011

Premier institution for the study and practice of Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) in the west. 
• Designed and implemented 4 - 6 week educational programs to teach methods to heal mental health 
issues (anxiety, depression, relationship techniques) and physical disease (hypertension, cholesterol). 
• Drove sponsorships to integrate allopathic and holistic health creating 40% increase in event revenue. 
• Launched digital marketing campaigns by diversifying social media presence and digital strategy to improve community participation in college programs and clinic services. 

Independent Label Business Owner

San Francisco, CA

2008 to 2009

Built positive relationships with 400 international label deals successfully expanding catalog from 3.5MM to 8.5MM tracks. 
• Licensed content for PC/mobile distribution on core/non-core co-brands and secured sync, live 
performance and sponsorship rights allowing launches on multiple platforms. 
• Consolidated and adjusted deals permitting new partnerships with Verizon, iLike, and Yahoo, resulting in 300,000 new subscribers. 
• Spearheaded integrations with social media outlets and print publications to boost brand awareness.

Independent Label Relations Manager

RealNetworks, LLC.

2007 to 2008

Increased revenue by 17% by establishing promotional opportunities for indie music and increasing 
traffic 1000% from 40 to 4000 page views. 
• Tripled stream numbers by expanding powered-by initiatives through multi-platform campaigns. 
• Optimized Rhapsody's SEO and web syndication by securing cross promotions with 80% of artists. 
• Exceeded Ad Sales sponsored music goals driving 7 consecutive quarters of deal renewals.


Master of Social Work

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA


Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

California College of Ayurveda
Nevada City, CA


Bachelor of Arts in French

University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA



Evidence Based Practices: Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, ProACT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Yoga Teacher of Ashtanga, Hatha, Meditation & Breathing Exercises, Other Interventions: Poverty Training, Ayurvedic Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis, Aromatherapy, Mantra and Sound Therapy, Reiki Practitioner Languages: Proficient French, Basic Spanish and Hindi Computer: Microsoft Office Suite on Mac and PC, Google’s suite (5 years)