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Felix Arcebal

Inventory Control Coordinator - Driessen Zodiac Aerospace (Aerotek)

Garden Grove, CA


Work Experience

Inventory Control Coordinator

Driessen Zodiac Aerospace (Aerotek)
Garden Grove, CA

November 2013 to Present

• Monitor work order updates and closing. 
• Generate work order shortage list. 
• Monitor and maintain inventory levels and submit to purchasing on a timely basis.  
• Order work order for fabrication of parts. 
• Monitor kit dates and parts on dock. 
• Review parts received on purchase orders.  
• Print inventory labels before being moved out of stocks.  
• Perform pick and pull parts for production and cycle counting. 
• Reconcile onhand report with physical from pending work orders. 
• Used hardcoded template in excel to search for inventory details.  
• Used a program template to evaluate a work orders with inventory stock.  
• Prepared reports to management relevant to inventory control.

Logistics Coordinator

Diamond Distribution and Logistics (Tri-Star)
Fullerton, CA

2011 to 2012

DDL is a 3rd party retail distributor from foreign suppliers to retailers here in the US. (Closed) 
• Browse on documentations, EDI files system, shipping system and inventory system process. 
• Maintained inventory accuracy. 
• Monitored import shipments, ETA, BOL and reconcile invoices, data search and discrepancy reporting. 
• Processed shipments documentations, closed and prompt delivery of shipping information. 
• Coordinated with warehouses staff and freight carriers for schedules and fulfillment. 
• Reprinted damaged labels from EDI labels. 
• Maintained a two day work order process time, tagged, shipped and closed BOL. 
• Automated vacant locations report. 
• Used a sheet formula template to search inventory by word, color, size or qty. 
• Used a program template to evaluate a work orders with inventory stock. 
• Used the pick list to create automated tags (back-to-stock). 
• Summarized reports into biweekly, monthly, semi and annual reports.

Inventory Control Coordinator

Costa Mesa, CA

2010 to 2011

APC is leading manufacturer of UPS, surge protector and cooling system for Data Centers. 
• Responsible for updating inventory stock movement and work order requirements are met at all times. 
• Acknowledged warehouse inventory cycle. 
• Assisted in the arrangement of parts and update locations. 
• Updated, maintained and evaluated inventory stocks using Oracle ERP. 
• Tested and validated accuracy of inventory by creating an automated work order evaluation process. 
• Traced sources of negative inventory from the report and correct errors. 
• Recommended control counters for back-to-stock and visual movements to production line. 
• Prepared pick list report from BOM. 
• Created basic setup programs to automate emails alerts, ad hoc reports and search details instantly. 
• Gathered reports and create new form of datasets.

Inventory Coordinator

Good Neighbor Care

2009 to 2010

GNC is a facility for Alzheimer patients with branches all over America. 
• Walked along with shift supervisor for updates on the current situation. 
• Prepared patients personal supplies and belongings for the schedule shift. 
• Recorded unusual conditions of patients and behavior in the log book. 
• Followed up charts and monitoring schedules. 
• Attended to documents and records for lab representatives and other vendors. 
• Followed up doctor's and pharmacy's prescriptions. 
• Maintained accurate inventory stocks into the system and rotation of medicines (fifo). 
• Assisted on medicine intake and non-cycle medicines. 
• Assisted on informing family member of resident's recent behavior and follow SOP prior to 911 calls. 
• Actively taking part to activities and development. 
• Attended to first aid treatment and condition status assessment. 
• Updated next shift supervisor with the current observations, activities, behavior and progress of high risk patients.

Stockroom Supervisor

Willard Marine Inc
Anaheim, CA

2007 to 2008

Willard Marin Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum and fiberglass boats for the U.S. government. Responsible of ensuring all parts are kept in proper location, updated and well organized stockroom are met at all times. 
• Performed a variety of routine to moderately complex warehouse activities. 
• Organized locations for parts and control. 
• Extracted inventory stock details for analysis. 
• Coordinated with the planning, sales and accounting department. 
• Monitored inbound shipments reconcile and update discrepancy. 
• Performed transfers of stocks and monitor movement, allocation of parts, locations totals and corrections update. 
• Performed data entry and process ad hoc reports. 
• Assisted on sales forecast based on 5 years sales analysis to keep min/max of inventory stocks. 
• Assisted with verification of Accounts Payables and invoice details. 
• Merged two warehouses into one, organized and arrange new setup. 
• Reduced inventory stocks from 24K to 2.4K leaving only those not equal to 0. 
• Performed formulated description of parts to facilitate in alphabetical order when printing. 
• Assisted with retail sales, accounts receivable and UPS online shipping. 
Salam Studio and Stores LLC. 
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman - System Administrator/ Programmer/Unix 
Nine years with a wholesale/retail Department Store in the Arab region. 
• Formulated and defines systems scope and objectives. 
• Analyzed business procedures and problems to develop/design new specs and convert them to application code. 
• Created test areas, organized file system, flowchart diagrams and system documentations. 
• Deciphered and debug application logic and codes. 
• Performed creative and critical database extract for reports and analysis. 
• Created account codes, customer codes, supplier codes and item codes. 
• Verify and reconciled Purchases, AP/ AR, invoices and inventory stocks. 
• Managed closing of MTD/YTD GL accounts, schedule backups, log books and other confidential reports.


Mandaluyong Man Power Center -
Garden Grove, CA

Additional Information

Oracle, COBOL, My SQL, Mas90, VBA/Macro, Visio, Access, BASIC, MS Excel, and DOS. Loves working with electronic, electrical connections and assembly. 
Created YouTube videos on MS Excel automation: 
• Excel Column, Word and Row Search 
• Visual Basic Test Program I & II 
• Automate excel to your specific needs