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Freddie Apakali

Consultant / PHP Engineer at Forrest Data Systems, LLC

Apple Valley, CA


Seeking professional web engineering opportunities in the IT industry, covering areas in either one of the following: programming, 
web analysis, application design and development, implementation and/or administration: My strongest interests are in the use of 
cutting edge web technology/languages and development tools, evolving around a client/server web architecture and 
.Net/PHP/MySQL/MSSQL web oriented database design and implementation. Some interests in server/site optimization (SEO), 
business analysis and/or training others. I am also interested to explore the software engineering world using technologies such as 
C#/C++/PERL/Objective-C and many more. 
Web Developer, Web Application Developer, PHP Developer, PHP Programmer, Database Developer, Systems 
Developer/Programmer, .Net Programmer, .Net Application Developer

Work Experience

Consultant / PHP Engineer

Forrest Data Systems, LLC
San Diego, CA

September 2010 to Present

Worked as PHP Engineer / Developer for 1Parkplace, responsible for all PHP development and programming work. Worked with other in-house .Net Developers to support bridging a new PHP application built off of the Wordpress framework and the backend all running on Microsoft technology servers. I was responsible for developing new business objects/classes and being able to leverage those with MS SQL Servers' T-SQL Stored procedures. I was also responsible for other major site 
data migration efforts onto their custom application and also into Wordpress. Currently working on one of their flagship 
solutions all built as a custom MLS application plugin for wordpress. Was able to complete up to 85% of the entire project within a span of almost 7 months. Very knowledgeable with wordpress and PHP custom programming and development.

Owner / CEO

Forrest Data Systems, LLC

March 2008 to Present

Established my own Technology company in early 2008 and I manage that from time to time. The sole purpose of establishing this was that I had a few committed and loyal clients with me who stuck around for my services and I wanted to strengthen my relationship with them. Forrest Data Systems main focus area is to provide Web based technology 
services to small to mid-size clients on an ongoing basis. Most technology services provided are more web oriented 
including new website development projects to enhancing an existing website, to e-marketing solutions, and even providing 
IT infrastructure support for these web services. Technologies involved in including PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, ASP.NET, C#.NET, 
PERL, Objective-C, HTML, JQuery, XML and many more. Very competent with SEO Marketing, and developing customer 
centric applications.

Freelance Developer/Consultant (PHP)

Forrest Data Systems, LLC

March 2009 to June 2010

Home Office, California 
Began consulting for Tazoodle Inc. and started working on their one major project, is a major 
search engine project I undertook to develop with the owner, Tazoodle Inc. I took over from a very sketchy start-off This 
project solely employs PHP5.x and MySQL5.x as the standard programming language and implements most of the business 
components for this project using class objects. integrates a search engine part, an ecommerce part, and a 
vast majority of dynamic pages for registered membership, and heavy activity logging and reporting features.

Freelance Developer/Consultant (PHP)

Forrest Data Systems, LLC

April 2008 to May 2009

Home Office, California 
Project: Univelocity ( 
Freelance/Consulting and development work on general website development to a variety of web-based applications and e- commerce solutions. Most of my work was done using LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) technology. I do employ OOP/OOD 
methodologies as well and work for a variety of clients ranging from the greater Los Angeles area to San Diego. Was 
Technical Lead (LAMP) Programmer for Compass Internet Systems (Newport Beach) for a short 3 months stint while working from my home office. I helped develp and launched one of the flagship lead generation products within 3 months. I 
also provided help and was involved in programming and development work for a couple of small clients including and Univelocity. My involvement included translating business logic into functional features and new 
feature enhancements.

Web Application Developer (C#)

Callaway Golf Inc
Carlsbad, CA

November 2007 to March 2008

C-Sharp.Net Web Programming/Development, Soap Web Services Implementation, MS SQL 2000/2005 Database 
Programming, Source Code Review / Implementation using VS2005 Team Server Foundation. Worked in a team 
environment with four (4) other programming team members: Using Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 / ASP.NET 2.0 / MS SQL 
Svr2000/2005 and Visual Studio Team Server Systems 2005. 
Primary Project Assignment ( October 2007) 
Involvment: web project for, programming and development work with a team of 4 other programmers. 
The project had been scoped in different high level phases. This project was to redo the entire website. A 
website which literally spans international boundaries in different cultural settings and language translations; Phase 1 of the 
project was to roll out the corporate site that includes the default cultural site Global/en-US/ (English-United States). Phase 
2 and 3 was to take care of the other cultural (global) translations and settings. The overall project entailed a robust web 
application system built on the MS .Net 2.0 Framework. Work was all multi-tiered and had 4 different tiers of development 
work in progress, all within phase1. T1, migration (data massaging and transformation) of a copy of the existing data 
repository into a new database architecture/design. T2, CMS Design and implementation. T3, Front-end UI implementation. 
T4 QA/Testing using Domain/Test Driven design strategies. My assignment was with T2 and T3. Phase1 has since then been 
completed. Ph2 was concurrently being developed by another team then. 
Tasks / Responsibilities: • Developing/Programming C# business objects and classes (OOP / OOD) 
• Developing/Programming custom web user controls. 
• Maintaining Source Code using Visual Studio Team Server Foundation 2005 
• Constant coordination and interaction with other programming team members 
• Constant/Up-To-Date systems documentation on new systems development / design/ implementations 

Web Application Developer/ Technical Lead (C#/PHP)

Modern Solution (Modern Postcards)
Carlsbad, CA

December 2006 to November 2007

PHP / C-Sharp.Net Web Programming / Development and MS SQL Database Programming: • Collaboration with the Creative Team and development of new Marketing Campaigns for our Medical Clients 
• Designing and Implementing E-Newsletter Blasts. Tracking ROI and Click-Through traffic on each newsletter 
campaigns. Setup of corresponding/relative landing pages. Data capture using a backend Database. 
• Writing Custom Stored Procedures, Views, and Functions using MS T-SQL programming. Also automating routine 
tasks through the use of MS DTS packages, and customized offline queries, etc 
• Developing Web UI and .Net Code behind programming using C# language. Including maintenance of C# business 
objects and classes 
• Maintaining and Use of VSS and Source Codes (Comparisons / Differences and historical review/analysis) 
• On-going maintenance of multiple SQL Servers, SQL 2K Databases, both for live, stage and testing environments 
• Developing custom client reports using MS SQL Reporting Services (MS SQL Add-On) 
• Thorough QA/QC implementations on new product feature/functionality improvements. QA/QC and coordination with other team members to make sure jobs (projects in particular) are done satisfactorily and on schedule. 
• Web Statistical Reporting using Google Analytics, Omniture, Urchin on websites / pages being visited. 
Most of the .Net/PHP projects and the web application I maintained on the job were built using thoroughly structured and heavily dependent custom SQL stored procedures, functions and views. All database updates were done through complex 
stored procedures, to avoid SQL database injections. My responsibilities included, but were not limited to, web page 
programming, creating stored procedures and database programming, MS Win2k servers maintenance including MS 2000 
databases servers, web statistical reporting, analysis. And provided internal and client training and technical support on an ongoing basis. 
I was then reporting directly to the VP of Production at Modern Postcard. Been very competent, self-manageable and able to allocate resources, etc. I then served as the only technical support at Modern Solution (which is a subsidiary business 
development entity to the parent Modern Postcard) Company. Modern Postcard (including Modern Solution) had a total 
workforce of 300 plus employees at the corporate office here in Carlsbad, CA. To learn more about Modern Postcard or 
Modern Solution, refer to the following websites. or 
Primary / Current References on the Job: Ken LoFrano: (Cell: 760-500-8136, Vice President, Production, Modern 
Postcard) Linley Law: (Cell: (865) 806-3529 Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Modern Solution) Vince Abbott: (Cell: 949-378-3100 President, Modern Solution)

Technology (Web) Director

The Monday Group Inc., Sorrento Valley
San Diego, CA

August 2005 to November 2006

Served as Technology Director for The Monday Group, Inc., a small yet dynamic company specializing in web/internet 
hosting, web development and programming, multimedia development, marketing, advertising and public relations. My 
areas covered the successful development/implementation of web & internet projects, domain name 
administration/maintenance, providing support, direction for new clients. Web Programming using web technology 
languages like Classic ASP, Cold Fusion (light -> moderate), PHP/MSSQL Server 2000 & MySQL. I also provided e-commerce 
support particularly with osCommerce (PHP/MYSQL) and have provided directions for online merchant services. Client 
Search Engine Optimization services. Responsible for our main data center maintenance and support on a 24/7 duty. 
Additionally, I have overseen the smooth operation of the department in terms of its IT infrastructure support and maintenance which spans from PC and application troubleshooting to server upgrades, backups, and coordinating and 
mentoring team members as well as liaising with external contractors.

Technology (Web) Specialist

The Monday Group Inc., Sorrento Valley
San Diego, CA

June 2005 to August 2005

I was brought in on this job with The Monday Group to work as a Contracting Technology Specialist. I was on this job for 2 
months before being promoted to Technology Director (Web). Refer job description under Technology Director.

Search Engine Technologist

Nobis Interactive
Vista, CA

March 2005 to June 2005

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites & URL Rewriting (optimizing URLs) 
- URL Rewriting using Apache's MOD_REWRITE modules (HTTPD.CONF & .HTACCESS files) 
- URL Rewriting using MS IIS Isapi_Rewrite.DLL 
Web, Intranet Server Administration and Maintenance (Apache 1.3/2.0 - Linux RedHat/Win2000) 
- Setup of intranet server, liaising w/ Network Admin for DNS Setup, etc. 
- Maintaining our in-house intranet server which runs on RedHat Linux 8.0, Samba, Vhosts, etc. 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of website pages 
- Recoding website pages for max Search Engine Optimization, benchmarking reporting, etc..

Freelance Developer

Home Office
Oceanside, CA

January 2005 to March 2005

Static Website development administration and support for this client. Including infrastructure support, web site 
administration and maintenance, a bit of Search Engine Optimization etc. Just basic Freelancing web projects. Worked from home mostly.

Analyst Programmer

Ok Tedi Mining Limited

February 2001 to June 2004

Papua New Guinea (P.N.G) 
Worked as an Analyst Programmer for roughly 3 years with a natural Copper Ore Mining company in Papua New Guinea. 
Most of my work was focused around Systems Analysis and business process improvement. Clearing up bottlenecks in the system and providing extensive internal staff and employee systems support. Additionally a part of my work involved 
extensive management reports development and designing and creating new reports based on management requirements.

Analyst Programmer, Junior

Ok Tedi Mining Limited

February 2000 to February 2001

Papua New Guinea (P.N.G) 
Began as a Junior Analyst Programmer straight out of college, after completing my BS in Computer Science. I was on this job for 1 year before being promoted to Analyst Programmer. I was with this Copper Ore Mining company in Papua New 
Guinea. Most of my work was focused around Systems Analysis and business process improvement. Clearing up bottlenecks in the system and providing extensive internal staff and employee systems support. Additionally a part of my work involved 
extensive management reports development and designing and creating new reports based on management requirements.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

PNG University of Technology


Diploma in Computer Science

PNG University of Technology


Additional Information

Competent with the following: 
Operating Systems - Linux / Unix, Windows Systems, Mac 
Technology Language - PHP 5x OOP, MySQL, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, CSS, XML, XHTML, ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, HTML 5, CSS 3 
Implementations - SSL, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems 
Tools - Microsoft Visual Studo, Microsoft SQL Server […] Adobe Dreamweaver, PhpDesigner, Coda(Mac), Textmate(Mac), 
SCP, Putty SSH, FTP, phpMyAdmin, HeidiSQL, md5 encryption, Apache Web Server, IIS 6/7 Server, mod_rewrite 
Version Control Systems - Microsoft TSF, SVN, Git 
PHP Technology Frameworks - Wordpress, Drupal, (NOTE:: Zend, Symfony - very light introduction/exposure to these) 
Exposed to the following/comfortable with: 
Development Methodologies - Agile, Unit Testing, TDD, SDLC