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Frederick Baker

Las Vegas, NV


My objective is to obtain the challenging position as a Video Technician/ Digital Video Specialist within an organization that utilizes the best of my abilities in the Audio Visual Industry.

Work Experience

Long Haul Team Driver

Flat Creek Transportation
Kinston, AL

November 2011 to Present

Traveled 18 continental U.S. States. Transported various products from Frozen Poulttry, Produce to Paper

Public Safety Officer

IPC International
Fort Walton Beach, FL

October 2010 to Present

* Obtained a Class D Security License 
* Certified in CPR and First Aid 
* Patrol and respond to emergency calls to protect from crimes, fires, and other hazards. 
* Patrol assigned areas to regulate traffic, crowd-control, preventing crimes, and arresting violators. 
* Respond to crimes in progress, initializing actions such as aid to victims and interrogation of suspects. 
* Maintain order at public gatherings. 
* Respond to fire alarms to control and extinguish fires using either water or chemicals. 
* Administer first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons. 
* Conducted drills and emergency precautionary demonstrations; as well as inspecting for compliance with local regulations.


Gifted Hands for Gifted People
Fort Walton Beach, FL

October 2009 to July 2010

Private Care Provider 
* Assisted clients in adhering to treatments plans including: setting up appointments, providing transportation, and offering support. 
* Interviewed clients to assess their situations, capabilities, and problems to determine what services are required to adequately meet their needs. 
* Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress with respect to treatment goals. 
* Modify treatment plans according to changes in client status. 
* Plan, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction.

Video Technician

A.V. Concepts
Tempe, AZ

February 2006 to April 2009

* Obtained a Class A Driver's License 
* Transported equipment to off-site venues in a timely manner for set-up to ensure ample time to perform testing, necessary repairs, etc. 
* Ensured all equipment was loaded and unloaded correctly; as well as set-up and break-down performed in a timely and professional manner. 
* Completed all load-related documentation to confirm all is complete and accurate. 
* Inspected vehicles and equipment to secure that all mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment is in good working order. 
* Coordinated and assisted with set-up and strike of A.V. and audio equipment for seminars, shows, cooperate events, concerts, etc. 
* Maintaining hardware and software for items including: computers, servers, scanners, projectors, cameras, recorders, and printers. 
* Supervised and trained warehouse personnel on performing quality control inspection checks to ensure all video equipment in are optimum working condition.

Lead Customer Support Representative

Tempe, AZ

August 2004 to October 2005

* Monitored communication between representatives and customers to maintain company policy and quality assurance. 
* Kept log of employee statistics to determine efficient training and staffing. 
* Assisted with training by positively reinforcing successful performance and reassuring coaching when needed.

Food Service Specialist

United States Army
Fort Hood, TX

July 1998 to August 2002

* Received National Defense Service Medal 
* Received Army Service Ribbon 
* Conducted cook mount formation to inspect soldiers for cleanliness and up to par with US Army standards. 
* Staffed soldiers in specified areas of food service to efficiently feed 800 soldiers daily. 
* Assisted peers in all aspects to ensure meals were on time and up to standard. 
* Ordered food service rations, as well as receiving and inspecting rations upon arrival. 
* Performed preventative maintenance checks and services on military vehicles. 
* Inspected equipment to ensure all was clean, operable, properly stored.


Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts (Film & High Def.)

Collins College -
Tempe, AZ


Pre & Post Production, Live Studio Production, Video Switching/ Engineer Racks, Projection, Audio Mixers

Additional Information

Professional Skills 
* I am proficient in Windows (2003, XP, & 7), Microsoft Office, Adobe (Photoshop, After Effects, & Premier), Final Cut Pro HD, Avid Express Pro HD,  
Various Video switchers from Screen Pro (I, II, & Plus), Image Pro, Presentation Pro Systems and etc. Projection to Tape Operator 
* Well-organized, detail oriented, and very focused on goal & objectives. 
* Familiar with Pre & Post Production process, as well as Live Studio Production  
* Strengths in problem solving and decision making. 
* Comfortable multi-tasking while working under time-constraints.