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Police Officer - Patrol

Punta Gorda, FL


Work Experience


Punta Gorda Police Department
Punta Gorda, FL

April 2003 to Present

Harvey has been a law enforcement officer for over (15) fifteen years, and in that time has served in numerous positions. Currently Harvey is assigned as a patrol supervisor, and maintains supervision of a patrol squad of approximately (6) six officers. He is responsible for completing reports, reviewing and approving other officer’s reports.  
Supervising and maintaining the scene of major incidents, delegating and managing officers. Harvey has learned good Communication skills, and on a daily basis will communicate with civilians, officers, and various different agencies.  
Harvey handles scheduling, payroll duties, along with inspections, and evaluations of subordinate officers. Harvey also serves as an agency instructor and field training officer, teaching officers, along with training new hires. Harvey is very familiar with most computer programs, report writing, spread sheet, power point, and is a fast learner to new programs.

Deputy Sheriff

Desoto County Sheriff Office
Arcadia, FL

March 1997 to April 2003

During his tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, Harvey worked in corrections, where he supervised inmates, processed new arrests, searched and located contraband, completed arrest, and non-criminal reports. Harvey further supervised inmate work crews outside the facility and was responsible for maintain equipment and being proficient with a wide assortment of equipment.  
Harvey was assigned on road patrol division, where he handled incidents ranging from minor traffic issues to homicides. Harvey has a well established foundation for report writing and investigating criminal activity. 
Harvey also worked as a Detective in the narcotics task force, and is well acquainted with convert operations, surveillance equipment, and the detection of criminal activity.


Business Administration

Edison College
Punta Gorda, FL

1996 to 1997

Medical Technician Program

Edison Community College
Punta Gorda, FL

1995 to 1997

Diploma in General

Port Charlotte High School
Port Charlotte, FL

1991 to 1995

Additional Information

Management Skills 
➢ Over five years as a training officer, training, and mentoring new hires. 
➢ Over three years as a patrol supervisor. 
➢ Training in leadership, and middle management. 
➢ Responsible for scheduling, payroll, and approving reports. 
➢ Responsible for large investigations and supervision of complex incidents. 
➢ Customer service approach to law enforcement and dealing with citizens. 
➢ Responsible for evaluating employees. 
➢ Budget and financial experience as a supervisor/manager. 
➢ Conducted oral board interviews with prospective hires. 
➢ Responsible for background checks and interviews with new hires. 
➢ Responsible for rating and training new hires. 
During my career I have worked my way through the ranks and for almost four years I have been in the position of Police Corporal, which is a supervisor position, in a middle management position. I was assigned to supervise approximately 6 to 7 officers per shift, responsible for major scenes, investigations, approving reports, ensuring assignments were completed, evaluations, inspections, payroll, and scheduling. Along with being in this position I was in charge of the police departments bicycle unit, which provided me with the opportunity to handle budgeting, ordering new equipment, interviewing new hires, and leading a specialized unit during large events. I believe in leading by example and have a strong, hardworking approach to getting tasks done. I believe that a team needs good leadership, and I possess that ability and would make a great manager.