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Henry Baughn

Powered Support System Mechanic

Benson, AZ


Work Experience

Powered Support System Mechanic

Arizona Air National Guard
Tucson, AZ

September 1990 to November 2012

6615 S Air Guard Way 
Tucson, Arizona 85706 United States 
Supervisor: Frank Parades - (520) 295-6331; DSN 844-6331 
Pay Grade: WG - 10 
Highest Military rank: Master Sergeant (E-7) 
Security Clearance: Secret (9 Feb 2005) 
Responsibilities include operating, inspecting and checking equipment to determine operating deficiencies, maintaining, repairing, and overhauling powered support equipment and associated components including air compressors, generators, air conditioners, heavy duty industrial air compressors, generators, hydraulic test stands, electric carts, heaters, jacking manifolds, and aircraft start carts. I performed major repair, replacement, and overhaul of power support equipment (AGE) components such as diesel, multi-fuel, or gas turbine engines, and electrical accessories of engines. I repaired and troubleshot AC & DC generators, transformer rectifiers, frequency converters and self generating nitrogen compressors. I operated load banks and hydrostatic tester while performing inspections and diagnostic testing. On a rotational basis I was the lead technician assigning work to 10 to 20 people and verifying that it was properly completed. I performed preventive maintenance on powered support equipment (AGE). 
I performed risk assessments while adapting or modifying procedures to improve productivity for the accomplishment of immediate and long-range production. 
I planned, scheduled, and organized the work load for daily, weekly and monthly operations to facilitate maintenance of equipment. 
I provided periodic maintenance included removing, replacing, cleaning, and installing a variety of parts, components, and accessories such as filters, radiators, engine thermostats, etc. I analyzed and interpreted blueprints, wiring schematics, control panel diagrams, technical manuals, and manufacturer's manuals, parts manuals and manufacturers repair manuals. I possess an understanding of the makeup and operation of the various individual systems and their interrelationships which allows me to analyze test results in order to locate improperly functioning parts for repair or replacement. I operated various testers to determine if batteries are discharging or need replacement, hand-held computer diagnostic equipment, circuit testers, micrometers and dial indicators, calipers, tachometers, dwell meters, battery hydrometers and chargers. I performed visual, audio, and dimensional checks on system components such as engines and electrical accessories of engines to determine extent of wear and parts to be repaired or replaced. I made adjustments and settings, such as performing engine tune-ups, setting engine timing according to specifications, and adjusting brakes. I serviced and checked air conditioning systems including purging and recharging systems; flushing radiators and replacing anti-freeze solutions. I utilized safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintained a safe and clean work environment.

Master Sergeant on Active Duty Operational Support

Aerospace Ground Equipment

April 2007 to December 2009

AGE) career field over 15 years of which has been overseeing a geographically separated maintenance facility. From 28 Apr 07 to 31 Dec 09 I served as a Master Sergeant on Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) orders in support of Operation Snowbird on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB). I was responsible for verifying the accomplishment of all maintenance tasks associated with 60 pieces of equipment used to provide support to deployed Air National Guard (ANG) units on training exercises. I directly supervised deployed AGE personnel and oversaw the production and scheduling of the deployed units. I conducted training in the proper operation of equipment for employees that where unfamiliar with the operation of the equipment. I performed in progress inspections on employees to verify their technical capabilities. I preformed Quality Assurance (QA) inspections on all scheduled and non-scheduled inspections and Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs) of AGE and Munitions Handling Equipment (MHU) prior to returning equipment into serviceable use. 
I am certified on the use and supervision of the lock out tag out program. I am certified in the utilization of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Arizona State, and Air Force Base specific standards in handling hazardous and non hazardous waste and recyclable materials for handling and disposal. 
I maintained records and documented maintenance actions by utilizing Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) for supply parts ordering, tracking, training, time accounting & scheduling. 
I am a U.S Air Force motor vehicle operator and am qualified to drive and operate: Tractor trailers 5, 7.5 & 10 ton with 20-40 ft trailers. Bus 29&45 passenger. Forklift 2-15K. MB-4, Bobtail.& Re-fueling C300 & A1B. 
I am Flight Line driving qualified. 
I am a Government Purchase Card Approving Official. 
I am the custodian for Squadron Computer System Administrator (CSA), Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE), Unit Software License Manager(USLM), Land Mobil Radio equipment custodian(LMR), Equipment custodian (EC), Technical Orders (T.O.), Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) monitor. 
I am the Vehicle Control Officer (VCO) 
Supply custodian: bench stock, shop stock, operating stock.

Dispatching/Receiving Tech/ Assistant Manager

Arizona Air National Guard
Sierra Vista, AZ

December 1990 to June 1993

I supervised employees performing scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and inspections of rental equipment to include diesel and gasoline engines, heavy moving equipment vans as well as the site material handling equipment. I installed trailer hitches and electrical wiring systems. I provided counter sales of stocked items and accessories. I opened and closed the store and make bank deposits. I managed stock level, placing orders, restocking and inventorying as necessary. I transported rental equipment from other locations to fulfill customer requirements. I advised customers on the safe use and operation of equipment.

Welder / Fabricator

Cholla Metal Craft Inc
Tucson, AZ

November 1984 to December 1989

Rick Prefling 
Foreman, Welder /Fabricator 
I supervised employees performing layout of structural steel and fabrication. I ensured the quality and production level of components for the construction contractor. I read blue prints and take offs for estimating materials required and material costs for construction bids. I performed maintenance on lift trucks, tractor trailers, iron press and punch/ sheer, etc. I am skilled in the operation of gas and electric 
welders, grinders, drill press, lathe, mill, box & pan break, and precision measuring devices. 
Additional Experience


Air University

January 1993 to February 2009

Air University, USAF Non Commissioned Officer Academy Correspondence

September 2006

Diploma in Education

Cholla High school

June 1980

Additional Information

Additional Education 
Microsoft Front page 98, New Horizons, 19 Jun 00 
Microsoft Intermediate FrontPage 98, New Horizons, 24 Feb 00 
Microsoft Dedicated FrontPage 98, New Horizons, 15 Dec 99 
Microsoft PowerPoint 7 Enhanced, ExecuTrain, 29 May 97 
Microsoft PowerPoint 7introduction, ExecuTrain, 28 Apr 97 
Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsmen course, 27 Jun 97  
A/M32A-86 Diesel driven generator set course, 18 Oct 96  
Air Force Technical Order (TO) system General & Advanced, 24 Mar 95  
Hydraulic Test Stand Engine driven, 29 Jul 93  
A/M32a-60 Turbine driven generator set course, 6 May 93  
Aerospace Ground Equipment mechanic Journeymen correspondence course, 9 Sep 91  
Apprentice Aerospace Ground Equipment mechanic course, 15 Oct 90 (Honor Graduate)  
CFC/HCFC Refrigerant processing certificate, Universal. May 94  
CPR and Self aid buddy-care.