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Scarborough, ME


Recent law school graduate and team player seeking to make a positive contribution to your work force with a winning sense of humor and with several impressive legal victories in State and Federal courts while underneath the supervision of a Maine attorney. Previously awarded a four-year scholarship to Colby College. Former proofreader for the US Dept of Energy and former winner of a nationally recognized creative writing award. Decorated Army Reconnaissance Scout in the Persian Gulf War. 'Trained, tested & certified by the US Gov't to operate & repair a satellite uplink terminal used by the NSA. This required a very special security clearance. Later assigned to work near Pres Clinton.

Work Experience

United States Census Bureau
Portland, ME

308 Cumberland Ave, Portland, Maine 04101 (207) 228-7924 
Responsibilities: enumerator 
Worked as a member of an enumeration team tasked with gathering info from transient residents.

law clerk

Law Offices of Robert Cervantes
Fresno, CA

Researched and drafted motions with legal notices and supporting memorandums of legal points & authorities regarding changes of venue, contract litigation, family law and landlord-tenant matters. Also wrote responses to discovery demands, affidavits, and assembled exhibits, with letters of stipulation to opposing counsels for senior attorney.

Reading Tutor

Mickey Cox Elementary School
Clovis, CA

Supervisor: Vice Principal Chuck Sonderval 
One of three law students selected by the graduate school to assist the elementary students in developing reading fluency. Received a commendation for exceptional work from Vice Principal Chuck Sonderval. 
◆ Goodwill Industries, Inc. 353 Cumberland Avenue, Portland, Maine 04101 (207) 767-4977 
Responsibilities: State certified direct-care staff Supervisors: Jennifer Joaquin & Charlotte Chambers 
Assisted with the provision of in-home direct-care to 5 clients who had been diagnosed with: Downs Syndrome, brain injury, schizophrenia & dementia; an early stage of Alzheimer's. Modelled & developed personal hygiene skills, social skills, administered medications, & transported clients to appointments. State certified in First-Aid, CPR, MANDT & CRMA duties.


Community Partners, Inc
Biddeford, ME

Patty Crowell: (207) 423-0678 
Administered and recorded medications, prepared meals, transported disabled clients to medical appointments and to recreational activities, encouraged clients' development of personal hygiene standards, housekeeping skills & social skills. State certified in First-Aid, CPR, MANDT and CRMA medication administration. Administered, secured & charted Class II narcotic prescriptions.


Juris Doctor

San Joaquin College of Law -
Clovis, CA

BA in English

Colby College -
Waterville, ME
Regent University School of Law -
Virginia Beach, VA
US Army's Strategic Satellite Communications School -
Fort Gordon, GA


Conversationaly fluent in German

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: United States Army

Rank: 19-Delta Reconnaissance Scout / later certified as a 29-Y in Strategic SATCOM operation & Repair

Previously assigned to work in proximity to President Clinton & The Joint Chiefs of Staff from the Pentagon at Fort Richie, MD


Special Commendation for exceptional work from LTC Norman 1/11th ACR


US Army's Excellence in Physial Fitness award 5 times

June 1993

Good Conduct Medal,  
Southwest Asia Service Medal, 
Liberation of Kuwait Medal,  
Army Achievement Award


29-Y operation and repair of Strategic Satellite Communication Systems

19-Delta Reconnaissance Scout


Read Magazine National Creative Writing Award

Additional Information

Skills Summary: 
◆ Team player with a sense of humor 
◆ Typing ability to 180 wpm 
◆ Army Excellence in Physical Fitness Award five times 
◆ Trained, tested & certified by the US Gov't in the repair and operation of satellite comunication systems on an uplink terminal used by the NSA 
◆ Conversationally fluent in German 
◆ Interim TS-SBI clearance with assignment to work at Ft Ritchie. MD; a hollow mt used by President Clinton & the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the Pentagon.