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Military Product Development

Military Maritime Product Development Professional for USVs and UAVs

Marshallville, GA


Senior level professional with a solid background in Corporate Management, Engineering, Business Development, and Operations with a proven track record in the development of advanced military and commercial products and systems. 
• $30+ Million PMS 420 Contract Win for 11m USV in 2006 
• $2.3 Million - 2008 Winning design for ONR Littoral Combat Ship's Universal Common Launch and recovery system first phase 
• $1 Million contract win for Unmanned Systems contract for Singapore Defense 
• Won SOCOM contracts for Harbor Security and Riverine USV 
• Awarded 46+ military contracts since the 1980's through SBIR's, and BAA's 
• Direct links to various Pentagon offices, as well as established contacts and relationships with SOCOM, ONR, NRL, OPNAV, NAVSEA, EOD, OST, DARPA, and EOD/LIC staff 
• Longest running program at DoD Office of Special Technology 
• Management responsibility for 60+ employees and subcontractors, managed P & L statements 
• Implemented new military business development and PR strategies to acquire new customers and retain existing contracts 
• Set individual and company-wide sales objectives through team building and formulated plans to expand business and meet goals 
• Demonstrated ability to listen to prospects needs, develop solutions to meet their goals and budgets, and build trust and respect 
• Identify strategic alliances that further business goals 
• Strategic Planning of Unmanned Vehicle development and design - USV - UMV - UUV - UAV - UGV - UAB 
• Spiral development practices to achieve Technical Readiness Levels (TRL) 
• Organized Team building and Six Sigma quality practices 
• Implementing ISO 9000 certification 
• International Business - Middle East, Australia, Asia, and International Security IPO offerings 
• First Unmanned Maritime System ( USV ) fielded by DoD 
• Unmanned aerial vehicles ( USV's ) maritime operation applications 
• Patents on: Marine Robotic Vessels (UUVs & USVs), Oil Well Pump, Security ID System, Fuel Cells, MFP, MARS, Solar Panels, and security products for Unmanned Systems 
• USV refueling system for future Naval combatant ships 
• PEM Fuel Cell Power Systems, marine UUV fuel cells, Li Poly batteries • Specialty sensors systems EO/IR for Maritime applications 
• Phos Acid fuel cells for undersea applications 
• Hybrid power plant design and Automotive system development 
• High efficiency methanol reformer for fuel cell operation 
• Designed and assembled Special Operation covert Camera system for Underwater and in Air operation 
• Developed high powered laser and fiber optic systems utilizing solid state diode pumped, ruby, and CO2 systems 
• "WORMS" unmanned Potable Water UUV, self powering system for pipe inspection

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Military Product Development

Naples, FL

2007 to Present

Executive Vice President Advanced Products and Business Development 
• Li- Poly Flat matrix batteries packs for Unmanned Systems. 
• Developing forecasts and business strategy for rapid inception of unmanned systems into government arenas. 
• Managing the transfer for French Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Technology to US company, for integration and pursuit of US Military contracts. 
• Designed Advanced low cost, light weight fuel cell energy system. 
• Formulated future strategy for Unmanned Air, Ground and Maritime systems. U 
• Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV) design for Maritime operations. 
• LCS Launch and Recovery Systems design. 
• Remote refueling platforms for unmanned systems configuration. 
• Systems integration and engineering of advanced systems for the maritime industry. 
• International business consulting for maritime surveillance. 
• Preparing Proposals, SBIR'S, and White Papers to introduce fielded systems directly to Naval PM's. 
• Assisted Raytheon on SMCM III UUV Proposal.

Director Business Development and USV Development for LCS

Westminster, MD

2005 to 2007

Westminster, MD 2005- 2007 
Military Robotics Development Company for UGVs, for the US ARMY 
Director Business Development and USV Development for LCS 
• WON - First USV contract for PMS 420, 11m USV for LCS -$10M to $30M. 
• WON - $2.3m Launch and Recovery system utilizing for USV's/UUV, for LCS by ONR with follow on of $10m plus. 
• Market Development for the latest Unmanned Vehicle Systems for the Military and Homeland Security. 
• Directed Business Development and implemented designs of USV's for all phases of unmanned system operations. 
• Writing of Military Proposals, BAA, SBIR 
• Systems engineering management for advance unmanned systems and directed engineers for development of future product design. 
• Light weight power system design for unmanned systems. 
• Titanium Material forming processes teaming for first phase SBIR award and follow on second phase2 option. 
• Future Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Backpack OPS, unmanned ground vehicles business development with TARDEC.

Managing Director

Naples, FL

1987 to 2005

Naples, Fl 1987 - 2005 
Military Product Development Company, patents on Stealth Remote Controlled Boats for the US Navy 
Managing Director / CEO / Systems Engineering Manager• 
Directed all Engineering activities and Engineered neural net controls, Specialty RF designs, Underwater acoustics, Miniature Fuel Cells, Fuel cell patent for mass production - low cost cells, Light weight Fuel cells for UAV systems, Composite Plastics, materials engineering, products fabrication and design, Composite plastic articulating thrust vectoring design for David Taylor Research Lab and UAV, ROV, UUV systems engineering. 
• Managed staff of employees to manufacture, develop, engineer and provide onsite operations for the US Navy in the Middle East. 
• Writing of Military Proposal's, BAA's, SBIR's. 
• Patents secured in marine hull design and development. 
• Assisted in International Marketing, bids and proposals for foreign military sales. 
• Formulated specialty composite FRP for stealth materials and components. 
• Provided business plans and quarterly reports with P/L. 
• Developed the OWL MK II USV, the First Unmanned Maritime System fielded by DoD. 
• System Engineering management for Electric Hybrid power for automotive and maritime vehicles -operational and design support for Florida Power Light electric vehicle program. 
• Produced the First autonomous use of TB23 acoustical array with beam forming, Sonar integration on OWL USV system for remote target acquisition. 
• Development of directed energy laser systems using solid state, fiber optic, multi pulse Q -switching techniques. 
• Developed electro-optic and specialty camera systems for special operations forces missions including long range tracking and under water use.

Director Research and Development / Principle Systems Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

1984 to 1987

• Managed R & D Underwater Vehicles and Energy Power and Sensor Systems. 
• Managed Military Skunk Works Operations. 
• Managed R & D group for the Underwater Vehicles (UUV) and PM for Energy Systems, designed PEM fuel cells used in Underwater Vehicles and Automotive power systems with over 22 patents, which became Energy Partners, Inc.. 
• Developed advanced phosphoric acid fuel cells for maritime system power. 
• Designed command and control systems for unmanned systems. 
• Developed Methanol reformers, Chemical Oxygen Generators to produce hydrogen and oxygen production. 
• Responsible for all aspects of Engineering Design, Budgets, Cost control, and schedule for research and development programs. 
• Designed unmanned underwater vehicle systems. 
• Evaluated Stirling heat engines for undersea propulsion.

Electrical Engineering Manager / PM / Systems Engineer DoD programs

San Diego, CA

1981 to 1984

San Diego, CA 1981 -1984 Fortune 500 Company 
Off Shore Oil, Military and Marine Robotic Products 
Electrical Engineering Manager / PM / Systems Engineer DoD programs 
• Managed staff of 35 professional electrical engineers for design and development of Unmanned, Remotely Operated Vehicle systems. 
• Writing Military Proposals, BAA, SBIR. 
• Products developed for Commercial Oil companies. 
• Designed hydraulic system, electrical solid-state components, and PCB design and integration. Analog and Digital circuit design. 
• Designed underwater wet mateable Fiber Optic connectors. 
• Training and Simulations systems. 
• Design of underwater fiber optic systems, UUV's and other government systems. Assisted in Special Navy and Government programs.

Leader in Solar Energy Products for commercial and residential systems

San Diego, CA

1980 to 1981

Manager Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering for residential solar and spa systems 
• Managed R & D of solar Energy and Sensor Systems. 
• Designed solar panel and high efficiency gas heating systems. 
• Held California State Contractors B-1 license.

Leader in Nuclear Reactor Production and Fusion Reactor Development

San Diego, CA

1977 to 1980

Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineer• Managed R & D of high energy pulsed Laser and Sensor Systems 
• Managed team of 20 Technicians and Contractors for system construction and integration. 
• Fusion reactor development and sensor design - development and installation. 
• Operations of Tokomak Doublet fusion reactor. 
• Design of High Energy power supplies. 
• Design of Laser System Controls and Development. 
• Design and testing of EO systems and detectors. 
• High Vacuum system design and assembly.

Marine Science Technician


Managed R & D of Oceanographic Operations Command Pacific area. 
Conducted Oceanographic Air Bourne operations for covert oil spill operations. 
Develop IR sensing calibrations systems 
At Sea operations for Oceanographic Programs at Scripps and John Hopkins Research 
Coast Guard Cutter ship operations for electronic warfare.


Construction in Building construction

Contractors License school
San Diego, CA

1980 to 1981

Computer Programming and Operations

University of Florida


Florida State University

Masters in ME/EE

University of S. Florida Masters Program

Oceanography and Meteorology

US Coast Guard Oceanographic School

Electronic Systems

De Vry Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL


HIGH SPEED BOATS. MARINE ENGINEERING (10+ years), Marine Design (10+ years), Unmanned Systems robotics (10+ years), CAD CAM (10+ years), MS Office (10+ years), Military contractors (10+ years), GRP / FRP design (10+ years), Offshore Racing (10+ years), Marine Engine development (10+ years), Electronics (10+ years), DOD Business Development (10+ years), Solar power (5 years), Marine Connector (10+ years), Off Shore Oil and Gas (10+ years), 6 Sigma (10+ years)

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: US Coast Guard

Rank: E5

Oceanographic operations


Building contractor B 1 general