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Structural engineer

civil/structural engineer

Knoxville, TN


Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Structural engineer

WECTEC Staffing Services
Waynesboro, GA

February 2016 to April 2016

Contract structural engineer employed by WECTEC Staffing Services, a division of Westinghouse, assigned to Vogtle nuclear power plant units 3 & 4 under construction near Waynesboro, Georgia. 
Duties continued as described for Lutech.

Sructural engineer

Lutech Resources
Waynesboro, GA

July 2014 to February 2016

Contract structural engineer employed by Lutech Resources, a division of Chicago Bridge and Iron, assigned to Vogtle nuclear power plant units 3 & 4 under construction near Waynesboro, Georgia. 
Duties included checking of Excel spreadsheet and Mathcad workbook calculations, including Mathcad programming, GT Strudl program input and output for designs of structural steel platforms and pipe supports. Develop Mathcad workbook for conservative determination of base plate anchor forces assuming rigid plate and code check the anchor group using ACI 318-2005 and ACI 318-2011 for headed anchor bolts and studs and Hilti post installed adhesive anchors. GT Strudl Baseplate Wizard input and output for design of structural steel embedded plates, baseplates and anchors designed to meet ACI 318-2005 Appendix D code requirements. GT Strudl nonlinear analysis of combined mat footing for multiple pipe supports. 
Preparation and checking of calculation and engineering design change requests (E&DCR) packages in accordance with CB&I and Westinghouse nuclear procedures

Structural engineer

Spectra Tech Inc
Oak Ridge, TN

January 2012 to June 2014

Contract structural engineer assigned to CH2M Hill working on the Department of Energy Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) project, a multibillion dollar facility designed to replace many of the existing World War II era structures at the DOE Y12 plant. 
Duties included checking of Excel spreadsheet and Mathcad workbook calculations, GT Strudl program and GT Strudl Baseplate Wizard input and output for designs of structural steel embedded plates and anchors designed to meet ACI 349-2006 Appendix D code requirements. Check floor support columns and base plates, HSS beam bracing, and structural steel connections designed using AISC N690-2006 code provisions. Check and check by alternate calculations Mathcad program code, Excel spreadsheet solver routine and Excel VBA program of eccentric weld solvers using AISC 360-2005 instantaneous center method. Checking various calculations, limitations and presentation of project standard designs of equipment support embedded plates and the accompanying interaction equations to be used by other disciplines as a quick check of the embed. Check development of envelope design interaction equations for the beam bracing to be used by others as a quick check of the brace for supporting piping and other attachments.

Structural engineer

Vision Engineering
Maryville, TN

April 2011 to January 2012

Contract structural engineer assigned to Hollywood Wax Museum and Castle of Chaos projects. The museum is a commercial building using reinforced concrete foundations and shear walls, structural steel framing, composite steel floor deck, steel bar joists, steel roof deck. My primary function was to provide guidance for the design and detailing of the main structural system and the design and detailing of stairs, roof frames, and elevated viewing platforms, the latter requiring incorporating the design of an internal support frame for the amusements signature gorilla. The gorilla frame involved considerable 3D CAD work to fit the frame within the gorilla skin. I also checked shop drawings and some field checking of the structural drawings. Chaos was a remodel of an existing structure with the design evolving to a masonry retrofit with the existing building front being replaced with a new concrete masonry wall and additional masonry build outs.

Structural engineer

Shaw Group
Baton Rouge, LA

December 2010 to March 2011

Civil and structural design, budgeting, and preparation of construction documents for maintenance/repair/replacement of various structures and structural components at the Honeywell Geismar and Baton Rouge sites. 
Projects included: • replacement of the bottom ends of columns, base plates and anchor bolts at the Honeywell Geismar plant 
• replacement of interior portions of beams that had corroded at Geismar 
• replacement of a 10 ton (weight) cooling tower requiring a new skid and check of the existing foundation at Geismar 
• preparation of a preliminary design and material takeoff for a drilled shaft supported mat foundation as part of an appropriations request on a project to replace a large boiler at Geismar 
• design of a mat foundation for a large chiller as part of a new refrigeration unit at the Honeywell Baton Rouge plant 
The column and beam repair projects required a field walk down to identify interferences with process piping and electrical and determine a solution that can be constructed without interrupting production, if possible, or at least minimize relocations. The design work also included preparation of drawings and instructions for temporary support systems. 
Obtained site safety training and security clearances from Honeywell and Transportation Safety Administration, the latter being a Transportation Worker Identification Card.

Structural engineer

Knoxville, TN

October 2008 to December 2010

Structural design and CAD drafting on Oklahoma State Finance Office, Oklahoma City, OK. A 98000 SF office and with emergency shelter designed for tornado loading. CIP concrete first floor and most of second floor including the shelter areas with structural steel, bar joist, steel deck for remainder. 
Since the end of the OSF job the work was the design of various security and emergency enhancements for the City of Columbus, Ohio Dept of Public Utilities that have included design of a foundation and perimeter walls for a Caterpillar emergency generator set for the water system, various security enhancements such as changes to existing roadways and parking areas for the installation of access gates and guard shacks and emergency control buildings.

Structural engineer on assignment at Alstom Power ECS, Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, TN

February 2001 to October 2008

Assigned to: TVA Widows Creek Fossil Plant, Units 7 and 8, SCR structure 
Homer City Unit 3 SCR on-site engineer 
Seward SCR 
Gilbert SCR 
Paradise Unit 3 emergency outage on-site engineer 
Springerville FGD 
Haverhill FGD 
Bull Run SCR outage on-site engineer 
AEP Mitchell SCR 
XCEL King Station ACQS 
Wisconsin Energy Elm Road FGD 
OPPD Nebraska City Unit 2 FGD 
Lee Co Florida FGD 
Louisa FGD 
Plum Point FGD. Seismic design category E and site class F requiring 
response spectra analysis 
Hudson SDA Recycle Ash support structure for elevated tanks 
Duties included computer model analysis and structural steel design, design drawing preparation and supervision of designers, connection design, shop drawing review, checking of calculations and drawings, coordination of design and fabrication teams with construction team, in-office and on-site resolution of construction problems, checking design calculations and drawings. Set up spreadsheets to semi-automate for various tasks. Assist others in development and use of Excel spreadsheets. Develop and checking of MathCAD worksheets. Location and design of erection lugs and erection rigging components including forces, center of gravity, and drawings or field sketches using AutoCAD.

structural engineering consultant DBA Lyons View Design

Self-employed consultant

January 1997 to February 2001

Lyons View Design; Structural engineering services on several primarily commercial and residential projects in concrete, masonry, structural steel, steel bar joist, concrete slab on steel deck, conventional and heavy timber wood framing for: 
• Sparkman & Associates Architects, Knoxville, TN 
• RAAECO Architects, Knoxville, TN 
• RLK Architecture, Knoxville, TN 
• The Campbell Company, Knoxville, TN 
• Brewer, Ingram & Fuller Architects, Knoxville, TN

Structural Engineer

D&M Drafting Co (steel detailer) and Technical Engineering Consultants, PC, and part-time consultant for Dogwood Technologies Inc. (steel detailing software), all In Knoxville, TN;
Knoxville, TN

August 1987 to January 1997

D&M responsibilities and projects included: Structural steel connection designs on large industrial and commercial project. 
Some of which include: • Toyota automobile assembly plant, Scott Co , KY, Giffels Engineers, Towe Iron Works, Knoxville, TN 
• General Motors' Saturn production facility, Smyrna, TN; Havens Steel, Kansas City, MO 
• Kansas City Convention Center, Havens Steel, Kansas City, MO 
Calhoun, TN , Rust Engineering, Owen Steel, South Carolina 
• Indian River Power Plant exhaust gas flue support trusses, Bechtel International, S.S. Fisher Steel 
• U S. Naval Air Station, Bermuda aircraft hangar, U.S. Navy, Atlantic Command, S.S Fisher Steel 
TEC responsibilities and projects included: Project engineer providing all structural engineering services and job supervision, as both design engineer and supervisor over draftsmen and other designers. Performed estimating 
engineering services, job setup and standards, design calculations and drawing 
production including geometry for conveyors and hoppers and static/dynamic 
structural design, specification preparation, and field inspections on several 
industrial, commercial and residential projects: • 400-foot long elevated box conveyor for Smurfit Paper Co., Jacksonville, FL for Graco Inc., Chattanooga, TN. 
• Heavy timber trusses and framing for the J. Alexander's restaurant franchise 
chain and several custom residences for Martella Associates, Hutchins 
Associates, and Bullock, Smith and Partners, all of which are architectural 
firms in the Knoxville area, 
• Screening and transfer towers at the Florida Rock Industries gravel 
production facility near Macon, GA for Graco Inc., Chattanooga, TN. 
• 41500 sq. ft., addition with new overhead cranes and extensions to existing 
cranes to the Komatsu-Dresser heavy equipment manufacturing facility, 
Chattanooga, TN for Cope Associates, Knoxville, TN and The Citadel Corporation, 
Atlanta, GA 
• 161 kv electrical substation for Nippondenso-Tennessee, Cleveland TN for TVA 
power lines, transformer foundation (concrete cap on drilled piers) switch stands, conductor and insulator 
supports, for Electrical Power Representatives (now Power Specialists), 
Knoxville, TN 
• 23000 sq. ft. addition to the Olan Mills warehouse in Chattanooga, TN, for 
Bullock, Smith and Partners, Knoxville, TN. 
• 120 ft. x 110 fl x 28 ft. deep above ground storm water detention vault with cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls and precast-prestressed concrete roof, 
West Park Place Shopping Center for Mauldin-Parnell and Associates, Knoxville, 
• Modifications to existing coal conveyor trusses as required for the installation of JBL Co. coal sampling system at Tennessee Valley Authority's 
John Sevier, Cumberland, Colbert, and Allen fossil fuel power plants for John B. Long Co., Inc., Knoxville, TN 
• VARO laser tower for Wystwind Designs, Inc., Knoxville, TN 
DTI responsibilities included: • Checking and resolving problems with DTI's structural steel connections design software.

structural engineering consultant

Knoxville, TN

June 1986 to August 1987

Structural engineer on the TVA Watts Bar and Sequoyah Nuclear Plants

Impell Corporation
Knoxville, TN

February 1985 to June 1986

Structural Engineering Consultant


August 1984 to February 1985

Contract work with Flynt Engineering Co (Knoxville), Glazer Steel Corp. 
Knoxville), Starstone Construction at Searcy AR.

Structural Engineer

United Engineers and Constructors
Knoxville, TN

December 1983 to April 1984

Pipe support design for TVA's Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Structural Engineer

Gilbert and Associates
Oak Ridge, TN

September 1982 to December 1982

Nuclear pipe support design for various plants.

Structural engineer on the TVA Watts Bar and Sequoyah Nuclear Plants

Tennessee Valley Authority, Engineering Design (contract)
Knoxville, TN

March 1978 to March 1982

Pipe support design for TVA's Watts Bar and Sequoyah Nuclear Plants

Structural Engineer

Lockwood-Greene Engineers
Atlanta, GA

July 1977 to March 1978

Structural Steel Detailer

Thigpen & Treon, Inc
Orlando, FL

July 1974 to July 1977

Thigpen & Treon, Inc., Orlando, Florida; 
Steel detailer on projects including Coca-Cola Tower, Atlanta, GA, Richard B. Russell Federal Building, Atlanta, GA.


Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

University of Florida


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

University of Florida


Continuing education courses at University of Tennessee in Concrete Technology, Pressure Vessel Design, Solar Engineering

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN


Software: AutoCAD IES Visual Analysis StaadPro Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Programming in Visual Basic for Applications in Excel worksheets MathCAD Algor Linear RAM (limited) GT STRUDL & GT STRUDL Base Plate Wizard Microstation V8i and V8 XM for 3D model viewing, measuring, dimensioning, design sketches Bentley Navigator 3D model viewer Intergraph Smart Plant Review 3D model viewer


Recognition from TVA's Ralph Johnson, Manager of Fossil Engineering

September 1996

Recognition for a good job in the design of modifications to an existing coal conveyor for the installation of a new coal sampler at TVA's Cumberland Fossil Plant.

Recognition for field work at TVA’s Paradise Fossil Power Plant from TVA's Stephen Whittier

September 2003

Field support for rigging and layout for lifting an air preheater.

Recognition for field work at TVA’s Bull Run Fossil Power Plant from Tim Kelly, Alstom Power ECS

April 2004

Field support structural engineer during construction of SCR.


Professional Engineer; Florida (#17627), 1977; Tennessee (#15719),

Additional Information

Contact information for my references will be provided upon request. 
Fran Byrne, Civil Structural Architectural lead engineer, WECTEC a new division of Westinghouse created after Westinghouse bought CB&I nuclear interests in Vogtle 3&4 
Eugene Adams, Civil Structural Architectural site engineering design team lead engineer, WECTEC 
Scott Wilhoite, UPF project manager for CH2M Hill, Knoxville, TN 37922 
Gregg Johns, UPF project lead structural engineer for CH2M Hill, Knoxville, TN 37922 
Norman Johnson, vice president of structural engineering, Vision Engineering, Maryville, Tennessee 37801 
Steve Lewis, PE, Lead Civil Engineer, Shaw Power Group, Shaw Maintenance Inc, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 
Frank Pickering PE, Asst VP & Managing Director, Benham/SAIC Oak Ridge, TN 
Gary Given PE, Structural Engineers Supervisor, Alstom Power ECS, Knoxville, TN 
Tim Kelly PE, Senior Structural Engineer, Alstom Power ECS, Knoxville 
Frank Stidham PE, Senior Structural Engineer, co-worker at Alstom 
Bob Defenderfer PE, Senior Structural Engineer, Benham/SAIC Oak Ridge, TN 
Todd E. Duncan, P.E., Structural Engineering Assessments, PC, Knoxville, TN 
Dan Brewer, AIA, principal, Brewer Ingram Fuller Architects Inc., Knoxville, TN 
Frank Sparkman, AIA, principal, Sparkman & Associates Architects, Inc., Knoxville, TN 
Thomas Caldwell, AIA, principal, Thomas Caldwell Architect, Knoxville, TN 
Charles Richmond, AIA, principal, Raaeco Inc Architects, Knoxville, TN 
Key Words:  
heavy structural steel, steel connection design, seismic connections, steel detailing, light gage steel, steel deck, spread footings, drilled piers, low-rise concrete building design, concrete beams, concrete columns, composite steel-concrete design, wood framed residential, heavy timber framing and connections, field problem resolution, fabrication problem resolution, coordination with architect, coordination with equipment requirements, AutoCAD drawing and sketch preparation, Excel spreadsheets with Visual Basic programming, MathCAD 15, Mathcad programming, GTSTRUDL, Base Plate Wizard, Staad, response spectra analysis, seismic design category E, site class F, site specific response spectra, seismic design with soil interaction per ASCE 7-1998 section 9.5.5, IBC 2006, FEMA 361 tornado design, ACI […] AISC […] AISC […] seismic provisions, AISC ASD 9th, ACI […] ASCE 7-2005 including sections 11, 12, 13 (components), 14 (material specific), and 15 (non-building structures), AISI […] light gage steel design, AWC NDS 2005 wood design, chemical plant maintenance engineer, commercial structures, ACI 349-06, ACI 318-08, AISC N690-06