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James Quinno

Product Marketing Manager, Engineering Manager, Program Manager, Project Engineer - Automotive & Medical Devices

Georgetown, MA


Team Leader with Manufacturing, Product Design, Development, Engineering expertise  
Effective at developing and converting ideas into products, from concept to customer. 
Management/Skill Areas: Plan, organize, lead projects from design & development to launch & manufacturing. Develop strategies and proposals based on competitive benchmarking and customer requirements to meet customer satisfaction, performance, cost & weight targets. Utilize Rapid Prototyping, GD&T, and Analysis skills. Manage APQP tasks and logistics. 
Light-Weight/High-Strength Materials: Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, PC/ABS, Polypropylene, BMC, SMC, Nylon, Reinforced Plastics, Urethane Foams, Spray Mastics & Patches, Shoddy/Foam Insulators, and Polypropylene & Aluminum Honeycomb Structural Substrates. 
Processes/Molding/Tooling: Injection, Insert, Multi-Shot/Color, Cubic Rotational, Gas Assist, Blow, Poured Foam & Compression Molding, Vacuum Forming, Extrusion, Chrome Plating, Painting, Die Cutting, and Water Jet Cutting. 
Additional: Plating, forming, cutting, adhesive processes, lasers, optics, fiber optics, acoustics, fastening methods.

Work Experience

Product Marketing Manager

OSRAM Sylvania
Danvers, MA

June 2013 to Present

Program Manager of LED Lighting Modules and LED Driver Modules (LDM) for Automotive Applications. Leader of team achieving improved profitability, under budget, and on schedule. Managed multiple changes directed by customer, maintaining profitability, budget, and timing.

Program Manager/Project Engineer

Scherer & Trier
Saline, MI

May 2011 to May 2013

2013 Ford and Lincoln Pillar Appliques & Fender Triangle Programs. 
Managed timelines, open issues, testing, engineering changes, pre-production builds, logistics, and leader for program launch into production. Assisted Plant Manager by facilitating meetings to review and improve manufacturing processes and reduce scrap. Managed APQP tasks and submitted documentation to customer.

Program Manager

SRG Global/Siegel-Robert Automotive
Warren, MI

September 2004 to May 2011

Guardian Industries purchased Siegel-Robert, and merged it with Guardian Automotive to form SRG Global 
Program Manager: 2012, 2011, 2010 Toyota, Nissan & Tesla Grille and Emblem Programs. 
Managed (1) transfer of four programs out of one SRG Plant to two other SRG Plants (2) 27 new & in-production grille and emblem programs (3) tooling & piece price budgets, timing, weight, cost reduction, design, risk & opportunities (4) coordination between SRG China Mfg. Plant, SRG U.S. Pass-through Plant, and Toyota and Nissan Mfg. Plants. 
• Developed and managed a compressed timing plan - Launched a late customer released program on time. 
• Tooling for all programs were on or under budget. 
• Led and managed transfer of Toyota grille program (6 grilles) between two SRG plants. Coordinated efforts of three SRG plants and Toyota assembly plant. Led development of timing, testing, and bank build plans to transfer program on time. 
Program Manager - Toyota Tundra & Sienna Grilles/Emblems 
• Developed plan to resolve design & testing issues to deliver program on-time and within budget. 
• Brought behind-schedule program out of red status. 
• Managed $.5M customer-directed tooling changes, developed timing plan, and delivered parts as projected. 
Sourced and managed FEA analysis by outside supplier to verify increased robustness of proposed changes. 
Increased strength 187% over previous design (37% over previous model year Grilles). 
• Coordinated development and production activities between 4 plants to supply subcomponents to final assembly plant. 
• Developed plan to relocate sub-component operations to another facility to improve part quality & availability. 
• Managed budget, open issues, test plans, and led internal & customer program reviews. 
• Led and coordinated design, development & production set up, of a team including Plant Manager & Coordinator, Product/Tooling/Test/Quality Engineers, Engineering, Plating & Molding Managers. 
Senior Project Engineer (Managed GM Product Design Engineer) - Program Manager of Pontiac G6 Grille Chrome Surround Trim Rings. Coordinated communication between GM Tier 1 supplier and Siegel-Robert Suzhou, China Plant. 
Product Design Engineer for 2010 Nissan Altima Grille Programs - Managed Product Design Engineering & Release. Led communication with Nissan-Mexico Product Engineering on requirements for design, performance & styling. Directed and prioritized the efforts of 3 Engineering Designers. 
Product Design Engineer for Ford and Chrysler chrome plated and painted ABS and PC+ABS plastic trim components. Hood Appliqués, Grilles, Door Moldings, Decklid & Liftgate Appliqués, Lamp Bezels, Badges and Corporate Emblems. 
Product Engineering - Performance/Timing/Test/Validation - Developed & maintained DFMEA & Design Verification Plan & Report (DVP&R). Supported injection mold design, chrome plating & painting processes, and assembly of plastic components. Championed documentation for best practices.

Lead Project Engineer/Program Manager - Family Entertainment and Electronics/Communications Systems

Lear Corporation/Interior Trim Systems Div
Dearborn, MI

October 1998 to August 2004

Lead Project Engineer/Program Manager - Family Entertainment and Electronics/Communications Systems 
Managed Product Engineering, Performance, Timing, Testing, and Validation of Injection molded plastic components. Tier II Overhead DVD Video Entertainment Systems Consoles for Mitsubishi Electric. Lear Corporate Compass Module. 
Launch Engineer - 2002 Ford U222/8 Expedition/Navigator Interior Luggage Trim Launch Team (Special 8-month Project) 
Blow/injection molded & vacuum formed components. Turned around and completed project, resolving all launch issues.Engineering Supervisor 
Engineering Supervisor - 2004 Ford D219/D258 Interior Trim Programs - Managed Suppliers/Design Engs./Designers 
Lead Engineer for Total Vehicle Acoustical NVH, Interior/Exterior Trim. Maintained Timing/Work Plans, BOMs, Risk & Opptys. & Open Issues lists. Performed and maintained Competitive Benchmarking & Craftsmanship Studies. DFMEA, PFMEA, DVP&R, DFA & FMA's. Oversaw One-Off Mock-Ups, Product Design, Tooling, Cost, Weight, Timing & Status. Prepared and negotiated Early Sourcing Target Agreement, Statement of Work and Requirements. Developed detailed up front test plan and budget based on program budget & performance requirements. 
Engineering Manager / Cross Functional Products 
• Managed Industrial Design, Technical Illustrations, Optics Engineering, and Product Design & Launch Engineering. 
• Led quote development, and centralized response to marketing in support of Sales & Marketing Group. 
• Provided Benchmarking & Brainstorming for New Product Development, Standards Development & New Program Sales. 
• Primary coordinator for corporate pre-program sales/engineering support for N. America & Overseas Engineering. 
• Provided GD&T support for Product Engineering. 
• Illustrations and renderings used for presentations to Lear, Donnelly, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda & Magna. 
• Helped establish start-up Engineering Operating Procedures, Training Program, Recognition & Patent Awards. 
• Engineering Manager for Ford Corporate Interior Map & Cargo Lamps. 
o Developed single corporate compass module design for use in all Lear Compass Consoles. 
o Evaluated, reorg’d. & deployed new Visor Design Verification Plan. 
o Saved & Revived NVH program for Ford 500, rebuilding a developmental and product design team. 
o Developed mechanical system to automatically deploy a structural load floor. 
o Led team that developed apparatus, test methods and procedures for advanced NVH Testing and Evaluation. 
o Submitted 3 patent disclosures on new overhead concepts and features (Lear patented two of them) 
o Renderings used in Advanced Engineering Publication for Automotive Interiors International Magazine (July 1999) 
o Developed concept renderings for drop-down Video Display Screens, DVD players, GPS/Navigation Units, Overhead Audio Systems (OASys), Aircraft Lighting, Integrated Sunglass Holders, Grab Handles, Coat Hooks & Rail Lighting.

Senior Product Design/Systems Engineer

Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI

March 1990 to October 1998

Senior Product Design/Systems Engineer - 1999 Windstar Exterior Ornamentation (3/1997 – 10/1998) 
• Launch Leader for Exterior Lighting, Bumpers, Fascias, Glass, Roof Racks, Moldings, Wipers/Washers & Mirrors.  
• Project Manager/Design Engineer of Exterior Lighting & Wiper Systems for 1999 Windstar Domestic & Export Programs. Created Multi-$M Early Sourcing Target Agreement (ESTA), Statements of Work (SOW) & Requirements (SOR). Directed supplier developing product designs. Liaised between suppliers & Ford Windstar Senior Management. 
Product Design/Systems Engineer – Windstar Lighting & Mirror Systems (Domestic & Export) (7/1993 to 3/1997) 
Directed Full Service Suppliers re: Design issues - Testing/Durability, Styling, Function/Performance & Craftsmanship. Guided Ford Senior Management and Full Service Suppliers in Domestic & Export Gov’t. regulations and requirements (FMVSS, EEC/ECE, Homologation & SAE.), determining feasibility of system designs. 
Product Design Optics Engineer – Interior/Exterior Lamps-Lighting (3/1990 to 7/1993)  
Used pillow, flute, complex faceted, multi-parabolic & reflector pin optics. Supported Optical Fiber Lighting Systems being developed by Ford Advanced Groups.  
o One-Piece Headliner Team achieved cost saved $13 per vehicle ($3.9M per year). 
o Developed Stereo Lithography and Wax Mold rapid prototyping techniques for lamp lenses and reflectors. 
o Led supplier in developing an ethyl acetate bath process for determining acceptable levels of molded in stress in acrylic lamp lenses. 
o Developed strategy for 98 Windstar Lighting to achieve early Functional/Legal Lamps using Rapid Prototyping. 
o Authored several Early Sourcing Target Agreements, Statements of Work, and Requirements at Ford.  
o Optics Designer of various interior and exterior lamps while at Ford.

Project Engineer - Advanced Engineering & Development (R&D to Commercialization)

USCI Division/CR BARD Inc.
Billerica, MA

June 1987 to February 1990

Project Engineer - Advanced Engineering & Development (R&D to Commercialization) 
Developed, Transferred, Implemented & Manufactured Coronary Laser Recanalization Catheters. Transferred Laser Glass Welding Machinery & Processes in-house for use in manufacturing. Identified new optical connector. Cut connectorization costs 50%, increased yield (50-90%) and improved fiber-coupling performance.


Masters in Engineering Management

University of Detroit -
Detroit, MI

BS in Mechanical Engineering

University of Lowell -
Lowell, MA


“Extendable Automotive Video Display Console Assembly” (#7,090,186 )

“Hinge Mechanism for a Monitor of an Overhead Console” (#7,021,728)

“Visor Docking Arrangement for Removable Transmitter” (#6,275,379)

“Integration of Sunglass Storage Holder with Pull Handle Assembly” (#6,234,570 )

Additional Information

Professional Development 
> Project Management Course  
> Green Belt Certification  
> Design for Excellence (DFE) Training 
> CAD/Project Management Software 
> FMEA, PFMEA, DVP&R, 8D, Control Plans, WERS & Process Control Methods 
> Microsoft Office