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Janice Winterhalter

Aurora, CO


Work Experience

Environmental Technician/Air Monitoring Technician

New Horizons Environmental Consultants, Inc June-July 2010 short-term project
Centennial, CO

June 2010 to July 2010

Ensured project personnel safety and eliminate possible unsafe acts to OSHA PEL guidelines. Performed and monitored utilizing MultiRae for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide(H2S), VOC's, methane, hydro-carbons. Worked performed on a bridge-construction site: dealt with confined space per man-hole, trench box work, installation of water main lines.

Environmental Technician: Radiological Worker II- D&D Fixed Price DOE Contract 6 weeks

Navarro Research & Engineering, Inc
Lemont, IL

November 2009 to December 2009

Environmental Technician/DOE Radiation Worker Level II- Composed Job Hazard Analysis for sample collection for the areas of: restricted lab drain headers, floor, and sink drains.  
Sampling: Used radiological paper smears for sampling per floor and sink drains, collected debris from shower drains, sludge material from sink traps, liquids came from janitor drains.  
RCT's from their survey sampling plan metered readings for interior rooms, floors and ceilings on main and upper level of bldg 310, marked areas to survey. Entered data to survey log on Navarro's laptop.

Bakery Associate-Food Demo-Night Crew Merchanding/Stocker

Sams Club
Lone Tree, CO

March 2007 to July 2009

* Associate of the Month for June 2007 merchandising Health-Beauty Aids. 
* Part of the team Lone Tree store#6634 achieved over $1M in Sales. 
* Acknowledge for my Team Player skills, assisted other departments in their merchandising, signs, clean-up. 
*Prepared quality batch cooking to maintain integrity of foods. 
*Kept high standard of Sanitation and Safety in handling foods, equipment and supplies. 
*Utilized resources in an efficient manner and avoid excessive waste.

Level III NSF Check Collector ($300-$500)

TRS Recovery Services, Inc
Englewood, CO

March 2004 to November 2006

QC Remediation Project Waste Tracker

Tetra Tech ECI, Inc Army Program Management Contractor at Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Commerce City, CO

April 2000 to February 2003

Quality Control Project Waste Tracker an representative of the highly regulated projects tracked from 2000- 2003 
Telxon PDA * Site Health/Safety Plan * Remediation Management Plan * RCRA C Landfill * Environmental Compliance 
South Plants Excavated structures per demolition using contaminated soil removal on a ratio of 2:1 soil to debris. Tracked over 200,00 cubic yards of contaminated to meet this ratio submitting 23 haul trucks, and structural debris of over 40 building structures.  
-Tracked over 130,00 cubic yards of contaminated agent soils, pipe debris from SP Chemical sewer site (ROD3X0, and from SP Lime Pond site over 50,000 cubic yards of highly odorous contaminated soils. Contacted PMC QC supervisor at HWL Operations of condition from this site. 
-Buried M-1 Pits Soil Remediation Project: In-Situ Cement Solidification/Stabilization Pug Mill/Hopper Operation. 
Project involved Site-Wide Air Monitoring *project contaminates: Mercury/Arsenic * Volatile Organics 
-Tracked M-1 hazwaste(Lewisite agent) 26,000 cubic yards excavated from 3 pits on site through a pug-mill process. PMC QC Supervisor at HWL Operations contacted in reference of the highly odorous conditions from site to possible address higher level of PPE. 
-Switched duties to QC Inspector approved by PMC Superintendent. On-site observations and including logbook documentation notating subcontractor complied to a specification in soil mixing prior to pug mill operation in mixing M-1 Pits soil to surrounding soils on a ratio 4:1.

Waste(Hazardous) Waste Management Technician for Shell Rocky Mountain Arsenal Project

URS Washington Division (Morrison-Knudsen Environmental Corp)
Commerce City, CO

June 1997 to April 2000

* Characteristic/Listed Waste * Universal Waste * Waste Minimization/Recycling * RCRA Compliance 
Waste (Hazardous) Management Technician June 1997- April 2000 
-Level B SCBA activity for final drum remedy: decanted 600 hazwaste drums from Shell's IDW sections from 1987-2000. Work zones established, submersible pumps used to transfer liquids to tank. Aqueous liquids treated at CERCLA on-site industrial waste-water facility. Updated inventory database. Complied with decontamination standards.  
-Participated in a QC Surveillance with a WGI inspector during a weekly WGI waste inspections of satellite accumulation points and Shell's drum storage areas. QC inspector's analysis specified Shell's RCRA regulations and waste management tech in compliance in storage areas and documentation. PCB containers stored in compliance to TSCA regulations. 
-During weekly RCRA waste inspections checked for possible leaking drums, integrity of bermed areas of warehouses. Checked dates and integrity of fire extinguishers, eye-wash station and spill kits. Complied with weekly safety and operational checks on forklift, power tools. Check-points for stored Universal Waste(segregated batteries, mercury ballast, used motor oil/antifreeze). Waste minimization compacted steel and poly drums for recycling for an EPA listed vendor and for used oil pick up. 
-Collected waste drums of spent carbon filters from Army satellite accumulations points; the boundary containment systems for transfer to an army contractor on-site. Composed and submitted chain-of-custody (COC) document, and waste profile. Signed custody transfer at Army's contractor warehouse. 
-Dunned Modified Level D in operating Case front loader and forklift with lift accessories in Shell field remediation areas of collecting drummed well cuttings during well development by WGI hydrologist crew. Field activity logged in field book consisting of 50 drums collected with Shell Hazwaste label. 
-Dunned Modified Level D and operated forklifts in staging hazwaste drums/containers for Shell's annual DOT shipments. Verified shipping manifest for inscribing Listed Waste Codes (F and D list) 
and placarding. Received directive from Shell's compliance officer and chief waste technician. Hazwaste stemmed from MK's South Plants operations. Facilitated the shipment of 200 drums and labpacks to Shells' TSDF facility in Texas.  
-Composed and developed a PowerPoint presentation for WGI's annual RCRA waste management program with updates on identifying health and safety issues with the contaminates prominent from the arsenals history and Shell Chemical Company.  
-Assisted with Sampling technician for WGI's quarterly plan monitoring ground-water piezmeter wells with depths from 20 to 120 feet. Utilized M-Scope sensor, water levels entered on GW logbook.


Candidate for Associate of Science in Geology

Red Rocks Community College -
Lakewood, CO

Associate Applied Science , in progress in Environmental Technology and Safety

Arapahoe Community College -
Littleton, CO


Radiation Worker II PID monitor RCRA Waste