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J Ason

Lewisville, TX


• Excellent communication, organizational and time management, intuitive, and analysis skills; 
excel in both independent and group work environments. 
• Energetic and self-started team player with capacity to work under minimal supervision; at 
ease in high stress, fast-paced situations with emerging and multiple responsibilities across 
multiple plays & departments. 
• Extremely fast learner with the ability to adapt to any technically challenging role. 
- ArcInfo 3.x, 9-10.1 - Excalibur Land Suite - Database 
- Petra - Quoram Land Suite Management 
- Petrel - MS Office 98-13 - AutoCAD 
- SMT/Kingdom (Word-Access) Infrastructure 2013 
- Geographix - Spotfire (Civil 3D, Map 3D, 
- OpenWorks - ArcServer & SDE Rivit) 
- Trimble Suite & GPS - P&A - Aries (& other JIB & - SDI Montage - 3D Modeling AFE Accounting) 
- LandWorks - SQL 
- Adobe Creative Suite - And others 
- WellView

Work Experience


Lewisville, TX

December 2009 to Present

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, Utah, North 
Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana 
• Land Services Consulting 
• Implementing GIS Data and Databases to keep track of the changing face of client's prospects. 
• I also accept clients work with permitting, HBP, Cursory, Mineral Title Search, Negotiating 
leases, Damages Reconciliation, Due Diligence, Curative of Title, GIS Mapping, Managed 
Crews and Projects among other technical and operational aspects of the O & G business. 
• I am very familiar with the State Laws of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, 
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. I am 
also very knowledgeable with section, township and range, as well as metes and bounds and direct and indirect searching of Title. Including probate and heir-ship investigation.

Contract GIS

Dallas, TX

September 2012 to June 2013

Permian Basin & Granite Wash 
• Build by county & prospect; lease tracts, mineral tracts, competition tracts, unit tracts, correct 
parcel tracts, well spots, location, roads, pits, facility's, and other O&G base polygons, lines, and points attached to their respective database. 
• Make E&P maps for Geo/Land/Eng/Ops with geological isopach, thickness, density, 
permeability, etc. with lease, tract, and unit overlays. 
• Map horizontal wells heel to toe with perfs and frac radius to plan adjacent wells and field 
density permitting. 
• Make 3D maps of field reservoirs and pods within, from Geology Department. 
• Make CDC/expiration maps with deepest perf, and then create a field 3D model by lease 
clause for depths that would be affected by a CDC termination or commitment not met. (Field 
• Create tracts, leases, and unit parcels in geodatabase & SDE to provide an on scale 
corporate view down to the smallest tract detail with respective databases attached. 
• Currently extracting/updating Petra data (Thematic Mapper) to display in ArcGIS 10.1. 
• Update Map from drilling schedule, well master, Excalibur, and other external sources IHS- 
Drilling Info-Brokers (Competition) for land review for farm-in/farm-out, AMI, 
divesture/acquisition, and open position's. 
Jason R. Campbell - 817-733-9440 cell


Fort Worth, TX

June 2010 to July 2012

San Juan Basin, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, Woodbine, Anadarko Basin, Ardmore Basin, Mississippi 
Lime (Kansas and Oklahoma), TMS, and Edwards (Louisiana and Mississippi) 
• Ran day to day operations on multiple clients, with multiple plays (Locations), with a range of work from due diligence through damages. 
• Have hired and ran crews of over 100+ Landmen, GIS, and admin. 
• Attended to all company's financials (payroll, accounts receivable/payable, taxes, ect..). 
• Developed and implemented a system for the states of economies to include JIB Accounts, 
royalty tracking, Working Interest, production payouts, and other accounting software to show 
graphic analysis by unit, well or specific lease designation. 
• Constructed online databases with mapping capabilities for landman and administrative 
timesheets, Project Management and reminder tickers for upcoming expirations/CDC/ well 
events & other burdens, required lease renewals, and other variables necessary to manage 
future payouts and/or scheduled events. 
• Created and established a reporting interface for client management to compare and analyze 
broker billing and final products from a clickable map w/ summary page.


Sam Rose O&G Prpoerties
Norman, OK

June 2010 to December 2010

Eagle Ford Shale, West Texas and Oklahoma 
• Created, integrated and implemented GIS mapping system with (CHK's) "PLAN" using up-to- date information stemming from courthouse, appraisal district and tax district databases and 
information to as close to real-time as possible. 
• Implemented new procedure for creating, operating and managing technology in tract books by linking GIS mapping software and Landman researched information in an Adobe Acrobat 
clickable format. 
• Implemented new procedure for creating, operating and managing technology in tract books by linking GIS mapping software and Landman researched information in an Adobe Acrobat 
clickable format. 
• Developed SharePoint platform for quick product and document transmittal and retrieval for title 
attorneys and assistance with supplemental and curative requests. 
• Mentored & trained new and experienced title and land personnel as to improved technological 
advances, legal updates, and Railroad Commission rules and regulations. 
Jason R. Campbell - 817-733-9440 cell


Kastner Land Services
Fort Worth, TX

January 2010 to June 2010

Barnett Shale and South Texas 
• Developed systems to link GIS mapping, county appraisal district databases and courthouse 
land records with merged oil and gas leases for quick and easy lease package reproduction for mass community meetings in urban areas. 
• Worked effectively with GIS mapping software to integrate and update leasehold, leasing, title, and curative information into a single seamless visual representation. 
• Created Adobe Acrobat clickable tract books linking ownership reports, mineral ownership 
reports, flowcharts, runsheets and supporting documents, plats and any and all regulatory 
documentation as accessible through GIS mapping software.

Land Manager/GIS

Davis Land Services
Fort Worth, TX

January 2008 to January 2010

FORT WORTH, TX • 01/2008 - 01/2010 
Barnett Shale, Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale, Haynesville Shale, Fayetteville Shale, Niobrara 
Shale, Bakken Shale, Gammon, DJ & Williston Basins 
• Spearheaded administration, business development, GIS and management of land 
departments; Supervision and coordination of land and lease acquisition activities and unitization with geological orientation. 
• Furnished community, city, and county presentations for both leasing and permit planning. 
• Created and implemented Landman training course consisting of PowerPoint presentations, 
Socratic question and answer series, and weekly testing to ensure a complete understanding of the breakdown of oil and gas leases, title, curative and Landman duties and responsibilities in order to further lease attainment and contractor knowledge of Texas Railroad Commission 
Rules and Regulations. 
• Developed systems to link GIS, county appraisal databases, courthouse records, and merge 
leases for mass community meetings. 
• Developed and implemented organizational Human Resources database of 200+ personnel for quick and easy employee/contractor retrieval in reference to client staffing.


Chesapeake Energy
Fort Worth, TX

February 2007 to January 2008

Barnett Shale 
• Negotiated and drafted Leases, Assignments, Joint Operating Agreements, Farm-in and Farm- out Agreements, Surface Agreements and other documents relative to oil and gas exploration, 
pipeline and production activities. 
• Helped develop systems to link GIS, County Appraisal Databases, Courthouse Records, and merge leases for mass community meetings; signed over 1,000 leases in one day with one 
brokerage firm. 
• Interfaced with industry partners and prospective industry partners. 
• Interfaced with administration, Geo-Sciences (Petra), GIS, marketing and engineering staff; 
supervision and coordination of land and lease acquisition activities as directed. 
• Supervised field brokers and coordinated leasehold activities with leasehold operations staff and other departments. 
• Coordinated other landman areas into an area map so exclusive LSA (MSA) could be tracked and not competed with from CHK. 
• Obtained and developed landowner relations. 
Jason R. Campbell - 817-733-9440 cell


Dale Property Services
Dallas, TX

August 2005 to February 2007

Barnett Shale 
• Established innovative technology using GIS Mapping which increased lease acquisitions 
exponentially (700 leases a month to 3,000 leases a month [Rooftops]), resulting in the company securing a record-breaking amount of leases in one day. 
• Obtained and secured landowner relationships for the procurement of mineral lease 
acquisitions in the Barnett Shale region of Texas. 
• Negotiated and drafted oil and gas leases, surface agreements, and Right of Way 
• Researched, organized and provided mineral and base title using information obtained from the county courthouse and abstract plants; resolved curative title issues; and due diligence with the 
sale to Chesapeake Energy.(PSA 1,2, and 3)


Gladewater, TX

April 1996 to February 2005

East Texas and West Louisiana 
• Prepared and submitted contracting bids for residential and commercial construction projects 
ranging in cost from minimal to million dollar, including oilfield pipeline, oil and gas drill site 
excavation, reserve pits, plants, meter runs, and compressor stations. 
• Staked and built drill site pads, pipeline, reserve pits, water pits, lease roads, compressor 
station pads, and soil cement/lime stabilization. 
• Worked hand in hand with oil and gas drilling operators regarding drill site makeup and construction requirements with regard to landowner conditions/remediation. 
• Supervised teams in the set-up, building, and finalization of numerous building projects, 
including turf reconstruction, building construction (civil) and landscape consulting throughout the North-East region of Texas and Louisiana. 
• Provided technological support and served as company-wide network administrator.


Bachelor of Business Management

Le Tourneau University -
Longview, TX