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Jerry Berg

Consultant Senior Inspector

Clovis, CA


Work Experience

Consultant Senior Inspector

Fresno, CA

This project is a Federally Mandated project and consists of installing over 110,000 water meters w/ AMR's Citywide. The project incorporates locating existing valve cans, re-plumbing/adjusting in preparation for new meter installation and the Installation of the new Meters and AMR's/transmitters. 
My inspection duties include documenting 50+/day installations of new plumbing, temporary meter spools and meter boxes/lids. 
As lead inspector, I have provided daily inspection/progress reports and photographic documentation of As-Built installations for each residence as well as identifying right of ways and easements as well as researching property titles and pulling titles. Additional responsibilities include working closely with residents to resolve public relations issues that often do arise and tracking of individual bid items for monthly progress pay estimates. 
All daily reports, photographs, bid item tracking and other administrative reports are compiled in the field via a wireless internet connection into a designed web-based database. 
I was also called upon to train in-coming inspection staff as needed.

JB Inspections/ Owner- Independent Contract Senior Inspector

SJWD Wholesale Transmission Pipeline System Metering Improvements Project

As a Contract Inspector representing Sharp Inspection Group and the Engineering firm of Domenichelli & Associates, was Senior Lead Inspector for this project. 
This project was a 4.2 Million dollar metering upgrade project in total construction costs and consisted of the construction of approximately 1000 lineal feet of new 8" to 12" DIP pipeline and the installation of 33 flow meters ranging in size from 8" to 72", including associated valves, fittings, vaults, electrical panels, conduit, RTU's, SCADA integration, antennas and all surface restoration. 
My Inspection duties included recording daily construction inspection reports, inspection/testing management and coordination of 36 job sites, keeping a photographic time line of the entire project, updating all as-built drawings and creating and then completing punch list items. 
I have worked as an extension of the SJWD staff on a day to day basis and was key to the everyday problem solving associated with this type of project.

JB Inspections/ Owner - Independent Contract Senior Inspector

Historic Utilities Rehabilitation Project
Folsom, CA

Historic Utilities Rehabilitation Project (Phase 2)

Senior Inspector

Sharp Inspection Group and the Engineering

on this project for the City of Folsom. 
This project consisted of the installation of approximately 4,000 feet of new sewer main to include laterals to property line as well as the placement of 4,000 feet of new water mains to include water service lines to property line and installation of new meter boxes and meters to more than 100 properties. 
My primary duties included the submission of written and electronic Daily Construction Inspection Reports, documenting construction progress, equipment and personnel as well as material delivered on site and any corrective actions as necessary. 
I have scheduled and documented all materials testing and the disinfecting of all pipe lines. He provided a full photo timeline of the project and created a final punch list along with following through to ensure all items were successfully corrected.

Consultant Inspector

Riverside County Flood Control District

Senior Inspector on Multi Partner Ownership Business Park.

Consultant Inspector

City of Moreno Valley

- Land Development 
Consultant Inspector 
City of Temecula, California Citywide Verizon Communications Fiber Optic Installation 
This project consisted of fiber optic system installation citywide through all residential areas within the city right of way in approximately 100 "Hub" areas utilizing directional boring techniques. Installation included the placement of conduits (directional bore and trenching), pull boxes and hub cabinets behind the curb line. 
My duties included the inspection of Fiber installation as well as the repair and restoration of city improvements and private landscaping. I also enforced all encroachment permit requirements and special conditions, coordinated with Verizon to maintain updated schedules; managed RFI's and change orders, conducted weekly progress meetings, and enforced traffic control in accordance with approved construction drawings, city standards and Green Book requirements. I worked very closely with Southern California Gas Company, with all of their utility locates. 
There were Multiple prime contractors (as many as 10 concurrently) with numerous subcontractors that worked on this project. One of My most critical activities is performing public relations services with residential property owners affected by the work.

Consultant Inspector

City of Lake Havasu City

Sewer Expansion Program City Wide 
I was the resident representative for a citywide sewer program that included pavement restoration, new sewer installations, pump stations including fiber-optic lines for communication (SKADA), decommissioning of septic tanks, and the installation of water services and sewer force mains. My responsibilities included daily monitoring of contractor activities for quantity, quality, and accuracy of installed materials, schedule review, site safety monitoring, ensuring that state and county criteria were met, performing public relations services, reviewing contractor pay applications, and monitoring county and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality submittals. 
Sewer Construction Project- Santa Monica, CA 
I was only inspector for a sewer construction project that replaced and relined sewer lines. My responsibilities included project tracking, specification and permit compliance, safety monitoring, and daily reporting.

foreman/field supervisor

Fiber-Optic Route Construction
Perris, CA

during VCI Telecom's citywide fiber-optic route construction, I supervised multiple crews involved with boring, trenching, asphalt restoration, and similar work. I coordinated with permitting entities to verify that permit requirements were met and that representatives of each permitting entity signed off on the work.

(OPO) site east to an existing pipeline entry point

Fiber-Optic Cable Build - Los Angeles
Riverside, CA

to Riverside, CA 
I was the spread supervisor during construction of a 57-mile route from metropolitan Los Angeles to Riverside (one Wilshire point of purchase [POP] site to Riverside POP site) and a 6-mile spread from the Riverside optical parametric oscillator (OPO) site east to an existing pipeline entry point. My responsibilities included managing inspection staff, overseeing all contractors invoicing, coordinating with all city, county and state representatives to ensure compliance with permit requirements, and coordinating with environmental monitors and contractors to verify compliance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements. I supervised all phases of construction from beginning to the point of operations acceptance of the route, which included splicing and final span testing within specifications.

Additional Information

Key Qualifications Cell […] 
I have over 15 years of Construction Inspection experience specializing in fiber-optic installations, underground infrastructure with emphasis on water and sewer pipeline construction and roadway improvements ranging in value from several thousand dollars to multi-million dollar Public Works projects. 
I maintain excellent communication skills, work habits and attention to detail on projects for which I am responsible. My job skills include maintaining accurate daily field logs, updating as-built plans, maintaining photographic and written documentation of work in progress as well as researching right-of ways, easements, and property ownerships, researching titles as well as pulling titles. I also applied excellent communication skills both with the client as an extension of their staff and in communicating with the business and residential community. I exhibit excellent problem solving skills from both a professional and common sense point of view.