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Jim Arbon

Manufacture's Regional Business Development Manager

Gretna, LA


Work Experience

Manufacture's Regional Business Development Manager

Sensidyne, LP Corporation

October 2007 to October 2009

My Occupational background includes experience as a Manufacture's Regional Business Development Manager, with a successful history as a distributor's accounts executive, and the management of sales and marketing through distribution, training and motivating sales forces, developing & maintaining national accounts, conducting technical presentations, pioneering new products and corporate selling. I am a sober, stable Christian family man with excellent work ethics and professional communication and presentation skills. 
-Employment History- 
Sensidyne, LP Corporation 10/1/07-10/7/2009 
Regional Business Development Manager-Gulf Coast Territory, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri. Managed approximately 30-35 outside professional accounts managers. 
The management of sales & marketing for Sensidyne, Fixed Gas Detection instruments through exclusive distribution channel partners for the Gulf Coast territory, which represents approximately 40-45% of the annual sales forecast. My direct responsibilities included the following; 
❑ 100% attainment of annual sales forecast for each exclusive contract representative, 
❑ Cultivate Key Accounts and high level decision makers for value added selling opportunities, 
❑ Identify Target Accounts using competitor's FGD instruments and convert through features & benefits selling and value added techniques, 
❑ Conduct high level Technical Training & Certification presentations for FGD with channel partners sales forces and with owner companies, design engineering consultants, construction contractors, subcontractors, and fire & gas integrators, 
❑ Identify approved budgetary Capital New Construction Projects and obtain specification approval for their bid list, 
❑ Develop new and emerging vertical markets for FGD, e.g., FPSO, LNG, Deepwater Exploration & Production, Drilling, Pipeline, Plants & Refineries, 
❑ Build a formidable & successful sales team dedicated to achieving 100% of the sales & marketing forecast, while maintaining profitability, through value added selling and building rich customer relationships.

Southeast Regional Business Development Manager

Zellweger Analytics Corporation, Inc

June 2002 to September 2007

6/02-9/07 (Honeywell safeguard acquisition) 
An global manufacture of Fixed & Portable Gas Detection, Scientific Analyzers, System Controllers, Single Gas & Multiple Sampling Systems, with headquarters in Poole, England and sold, in 2005 to Honeywell Safeguard, America. 
Southeast Regional Business Development Manager 
Factory direct and sales & marketing through distribution for IGUS toxic & combustible fixed & portable gas detection, system controllers, single & multipoint sampling systems and process analyzers targeted for the following vertical industries; Chemical Processing Plants, Refineries, Gas Transmission/ Pipeline Facilities, Exploration & Production, Drilling, Marine fabrication, Ship building, Wastewater treatment facilities, Design Engineering Consultants, Construction contractors & subcontractors for the East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama territories.

New Orleans Division Manager

Alpha Process Sales, Inc
Lake Charles, LA

June 1997 to May 2002

Established in Louisiana in 1959, Alpha Process represents seventeen manufactures, see product line sheet attached, with offices located in Houston, Corpus Christi, TX, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette & Lake Charles, Louisiana 
New Orleans Division Manager 
Responsible for sales & marketing of instrumentation products, control valves, actuators & position indicators, pressure regulators, rupture disc, & pressure relief valves, process analyzers, ultrasonic gas flow meters, for applications in the following vertical markets; chemical processing plants, refineries, pipeline/ transmission facilities, exploration & production, drilling, marine fabrication, ship building, wastewater treatment facilities, design engineering consultants, construction contractors & subcontractors. 
Key accounts; 
Shell Chemical, Shell refinery, Dow-Carbide, Monsanto, Cytec Industries, Witco Chemical, Occidental Chemical, Du Pont Chemical, Marathon Refinery, Air Products, Exxon/Mobil Refinery, Murphy refinery, Chevron Chemical, Conoco-Phillips Refinery, Warren's Petroleum, Wellman Chemical, GE Plastics Chemical Plant, Shell Exploration & Production, Chevron USA E & P, Freeport E&P, Dominion E&P, and numerous independent oil & gas producers.

An exclusive manufacture's representative

AWC, Inc

September 1992 to May 1997

120 M) for over twenty-four (24) highly successful instrumentation, and process control manufacture's products. I represented the mechanical division's products and the territories from Grammercy to Venice, and Southern Mississippi, which included the following industries; Upstream & downstream markets, i.e.; Exploration & Production, Drilling, Pipeline/ Transmission, Refinery, Chemical Processing plants, Design Engineering Consultants, Instrumentation & Electrical Contractors & sub-contractors, Fire & Gas Integrators, Marine fabricators, Ship-building, Wastewater treatment facilities and OEM accounts.

Accounts executive

Capital Valve & Fitting Co., Inc

September 1978 to August 1992

An independent exclusive distributor for the Crawford Corporation, which manufactures Swagelok, Nupro, Cajon, & Sno Trik fluid and gas control instrumentation components. CVF is responsible for the management of sales & marketing for Louisiana & Mississippi. 
Accounts executive; 
Direct sales & marketing for Southeast Louisiana's chemical processing plants, refineries, oil & gas exploration & production, drilling, original equipment manufactures, marine fabricators, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment facilities, design engineering consultants, construction contractors. 
Key accounts; 
BASF Chemical, Borden Chemical, Vulcan Chemical, Shell Chemical & Refinery, Shell Exploration & Production, Chevron USA E&P, Exxon-Mobil Refinery, Murphy Refinery, Chevron Chemical and Conoco-Phillips Refinery.

Accounts manager

Pan American Supply Company, Inc

1972 to 1978

for a 65-year old local supply company specializing in wholesale distribution of industrial supplies & equipment to service companies, fabricators, & original equipment manufactures.