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Jim Beerstecher

Owner, Manager, Senior Internet Auctioneer - Auction House

Blum, TX


Work Experience

Owner, Manager, Senior Internet Auctioneer

Auction House
Whitney, TX

August 2003 to Present 
Original physical location: 110 W. Washington, Whitney, Texas 76692 
(254) 266-2366 
Owner, Manager, Senior Internet Auctioneer- Created the concept for a local Internet auction house / consignment antique store / antique mini-mall. Designed marketing plan, business plan, and all concepts. Purchased and renovated (single handedly) a 100 year old mercantile building in downtown Whitney, Texas. Hired, trained, and supervised Internet auctioneers. Researched items, wrote Internet auction listings, posted the listings, followed up on all email inquiries, packaged & shipped all items. Community liaison. Created and distributed monthly news releases and public service announcements. Wrote, published, and maintained the web site for this business,

Psychiatric Technician, Substance Abuse Counselor, Chemical Dependency Counselor

Auction House
house, Texas, US

1977 to Present

During the past couple of years, I have gone back to school and received my Texas Real Estate Sales License and my Texas Auctioneer's License. Have been managing my real estate holdings and developing multifaceted auction house, Texas Auction House. 
In my career, I have excelled in positions of increasing responsibility and position in chemical dependency and family treatment since 1977. Progression follows: Psychiatric Technician, Substance Abuse Counselor, Chemical Dependency Counselor (Inpatient and Outpatient, adult and adolescent), Community Supervision Officer, Family Counselor, Program Coordinator, Program Director, Executive Director, Board Member, and President and CEO. 
Tremendous skills and experience in all areas of counseling with specialization in chemical dependency, DUI, and codependency/family counseling with adolescents, adults, and families (success with every conceivable population); program development and program management with all sectors, populations, and modalities; fiscal responsibilities in a wide range of settings (public/private, profit/nonprofit) and all levels of solvency; program documentation at every level and with every type of program, from progress notation to policy and procedures manuals; licensure and ongoing quality assurance in every setting; staff development; policy development and contractor monitor and review; community development; regulations and evaluation; fund raising; marketing; problem solving; and recruitment, management, and supervision of professional staff and volunteers. Complete electronic skillset: writing, publishing, sales & marketing, web development, internet 
auctions, etc. 
Jim Beerstecher is a highly talented, high energy individual capable of standing to any task yet assigned. He is a self starter, a team player, and capable of creative problem solving. 
Back to School: Since leaving the probation department, I have been back to school for the study and completion of Texas Real Estate Commission license for real estate salesperson.Once completed, I organized my own personal real estate holdings into Snug Harbor Properties, LLC, which my wife now manages on a day to day basis. 
February, 2005 - January, 2008 
Hill County Community Supervision and Corrections Department 
66th Judicial District 
PO Box 771 
Hillsboro, Texas 
(254) 582-4075 
COMMUNITY SUPERVISION AND CORRECTIONS OFFICER- Managing a caseload of 60 level I and II mostly felony offenders, all with severe drug / alcohol problems. My caseload are offenders who are heading into or out of chemical dependency treatment or SAFPF. SAFPF officer. Drug Offender Education Program Administrator and Instructor. Psycho-Social Education Instructor (Developing Alternative Methods Seminar). Certified CSO. SCS certified. SASSI certified. Briefings, Risk / Needs Assessments, Strategies for Case Supervision, Supervision Plans, SASSI, Mortimer Filkins, Substance Abuse Evaluation Summaries, Case Supervision, Documentation, Urinalysis, Field Visits, HIV/AIDS Certified, and Winners Circle coordinator.


Auction House
Ventura, CA

January 1986 to July 2003

is my own business in which I have written and published 14 books and have designed and implemented a new concept program for chemical dependency treatment in business, industry, and the judicial system called The Step One Program. Responsible for program development, licensing, marketing, grant and proposal writing, and management. Similar responsibilities for publishing side of the business, as well as writing, editing, and typesetting. Full fiscal responsibilities. Strong 
computer skills, especially desktop publishing and Internet. Hired, trained, and managed professional staff. Individual, family, and group counseling. 
Major Projects 
Step One Program, 1994/95/96 
Devised this intermediary program for business and industry as an alternative first step approach to problem drinkers and drug users. Designed as an early warning education and assessment tool for business to save money with early cost-effective interventions. Wrote the treatment program and all educational material. Wrote and implemented the marketing plan. Hired, trained, and managed professional staff. 
Software Development, Publishing, Marketing, and Sales! 1992/93/94 
Created HotRod SoftWare, Inc. Developed mission statement, created the company, and devised the complete national sales and marketing plan for the agency. Wrote 2 user manuals, 160 pages each, 8.5" X 11"; sales promotion manuals; sales training manuals; and hired, trained, and managed the entire sales and support team of approximately 50. Made my first million at least on paper. 
Write, Edit, and Publish 14 books! 
Subjects include computer software, sales and management, chemical dependency treatment, boating, and pet birds. Prolific writer, editor's eye, and innovative publisher. See Publications Insert in this packet for more details.

Software Quality Assurance!

Auction House

1999 to 2002

in the Addiction and Recovery Section. As a Content Provider, provide articles on aspects of addiction and recovery. World wide exposure to an audience of over 8 million people! 
Software Quality Assurance! From 1999 through 2002 
Worked a number of contract positions providing software quality assurance. Attention to detail, thorough review and testing, and impeccable documentation were critical components of my success.

Auction House

April 1996 to May 1997

Jim Beerstecher was on sabbatical on his sailboat in the Bahamas. Pictures available on request. Ahhh, that was a nice break!

Steve Kaplan, Director of County Alcohol and Drug Program

Ventura County Drinking Driver Program
Ventura, CA

December 1989 to January 1991

4651 Telephone Road, Suite 210 
Ventura, California 93003 
Steve Kaplan, Director of County Alcohol and Drug Program 
PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR-Always maintained direct service client base: individual and group counseling. Directed every aspect of the world's largest DUI program, a troubled agency for drinking drivers convicted in Ventura County, California. Initially responsible for First Offenders Program and Multiple Offenders Program. Later developed, licensed, and implemented a high-risk Multiple Offenders Program and a Third Offense Program. Managed 25 full time professional staff and 125 part time counselors. Responsible for, and successfully "turned around," this floundering agency's $2 million dollar budget. Developed and directed implementation of new programs. Conducted beneficial liaison work with state, county, and municipal agencies: State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, County Judges, County Board of Supervisors, local and area law enforcement, Ventura County Probation, various local interest groups, and an unhappy union. Strong interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, and very strong inter-agency/intra-agency political abilities. Very demanding position at which I excelled. Responsible for vastly improving collections and healing the staff's hostility and turning around attitudes of approximately a 5000 client caseload. As a member of the County's Alcohol and Drug Program management staff, assisted with Countywide program development and implementation, reviewing and licensing contract program providers, and County Program Policy development and implementation.

Penny Jenkins, Executive Director

National Council on Alcoholism
Santa Barbara, CA

October 1985 to October 1986

133 East Haley Street 
Santa Barbara, California 93101 
(805) 963-1433 
Penny Jenkins, Executive Director 
PROGRAM DIRECTOR-As manager of the Multiple Offender Drinking Driver Program (SB-38), it was my responsibility to totally renovate the program's policies, procedures, and answer a state evaluation that had been far below acceptable standards. I met that challenge! Duties included group and individual counseling; education group; management of up to six professional, licensed employees; full fiscal responsibility; and to develop, implement, license, and document a totally new program within the DUI system. Repaired relations with other local agencies, the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator, and the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs DDP Division.

Clinical Consultant

The Adolescent Foundation
Austin, TX

July 1984 to July 1985

Carol Cofer, MSW, ACSW 
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR- Founded this nonprofit outpatient treatment program for adolescent chemical dependency. Designed and implemented a one-month structured outpatient treatment program with a multidisciplinary / multimodality approach. Negotiated financial and professional relationships necessary to begin and maintain such an organization. Developed and implemented an effective/successful marketing plan. Set philosophy for agency. Developed a strong volunteer program. Hired and trained all professional staff. Created forms, brochures, policy and procedures manuals, etc. QAP. Interventions and individual, family, and group therapy. Working with what was then called the Texas Commission on Alcoholism, we developed the first standards and became the first outpatient adolescent treatment program for chemical dependency to be licensed by the State of Texas. Sharpened pencils and all bookkeeping.


Shoal Creek Hospital
Austin, TX

December 1982 to December 1984

for Chemical Dependency 
3501 Mills Avenue 
Austin, Texas 78731 
CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY COUNSELOR-Initiated true chemical dependency group counseling to the program. Individual and family counseling, case management, and family weekend coordinator. Lectured about related topics in chemical dependency and codependency. Organized the volunteer program from six to ninety-six members in less than a year! Coordinated seven aftercare groups and therapists while expanding the attendance and quality of aftercare. Added codependency counseling skills to the staff. Wrote many forms, 
papers, pamphlets, and parts of the unit manual. Participated actively in the Joint Committee on Accreditation of Hospitals accreditation planning and review. Transferred to, and helped initiate an inpatient adolescent CD treatment program. Community lectures and marketing. Assisted interns from various disciplines. Maintained a small private practice.


Houston, TX

November 1979 to November 1982



Social Work

University of Texas as Austin -
Austin, TX

April 1983

BA in Communications

Purdue University -
West Lafayette, IN