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Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer - NAVAIR

Waldorf, MD


To obtain employment as a supervisor, project manager, engineering manager, or senior level engineer in the New York City or Long Island New York area.

Work Experience

Systems Engineer

River, MD, US

March 2011 to Present

P-3 Aircraft Airframes Sustainment IPT Lead Systems Engineer 
• Plan, manage, and facilitate the systems engineering management efforts associated with the P-3 Airframes Sustainment programs to ensure the technical plans and processes are formulated and executed in accordance with guidance and instructions appropriate to the phase of acquisition to enable sound management of the Sustainment projects. 
• Managed the engineering efforts associated with the new P-3 wing production/ manufacturing and installation programs to ensure a quality product by working with the contractor and the Defense Contracts Management Agency (DCMA) liaison engineers. 
• Manage the oversight of the technical analysis of Deficiency Reports (DR), Variances, Deviations, and warrantee claims. Configuration Management of the technical requirements to facilitate the Engineering Change Notices (ECN) to the technical drawings. 
• Work with Navy structural engineers to manage and provide analysis, tracking, and recommendations initial and recurring fatigue aircraft inspections. 
• Managed the fatigue life management program contract as acting program manager to ensure successful contract award and execution of the contract delivery orders on schedule, on budgeted cost, and delivery of a quality of product. 
• Ensure Statement of Work and Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) reflects data requirements necessary to support specification verification and certification requirements. 
• As the Deputy Aircraft Platform Assistant Program Manager for Systems Engineering (DAPMSE), facilitated the successful release of flight clearances, Aircraft Maintenance Bulletin (AMB), Total Life Index (TLI)/ Probability of Failure (POF) values for restripes, Hazard Risk Identification (HRI), safety risk Assessment, review Engineering Change Proposals (ECP), and provide leadership to resolve technical challenges presented by an Engineering Investigation (EI). 
• Provide inputs to program Integrated Master Schedules (IMS). 
• Identify and manage technical risks, support cost and schedule risk assessments. 
• Provide oversight and successful execution of technical design reviews, Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM), and Program Management Reviews (PMR).

Systems Engineer

River, MD, US

September 2007 to March 2011

Navy Rotary Wing Aircraft Stores Integration (WSI) Lead Systems Engineer, WSI Performance Monitor 
• Supported PMA-299 and PMA276 as the DAPMSE with the weapons systems software and hardware integration onto the rotary wing platforms (AH-1Z, UH-1Y, MH-60R, MH-60S) by planning and managing the engineering efforts associated with the acquisition and in-service support of Naval Aviation aircraft, weapons, and associated systems. This includes orchestrating and directing overall technical work, work planning, technical team composition/ structure, system requirements development and management, configuration baseline management, risk management, flight clearance achievement, technical performance measurement, and tracking across a broad spectrum of scientific and engineering disciplines to achieve an integrated, balanced total system that meets cost, schedule, and performance objectives in naval aviation's unique operating environment over the entire life cycle 
• Provide System engineering expertise and services to facilitate the integration of the AH-1Z/ UH-1Y weapons subsystems (Hellfire Missile, JAGM, Rockets, Crew Served Weapons, ALE-47, AIM-9) which includes Pylons, Bomb rack Units, and armament systems. 
• Provide System engineering expertise and services to facilitate the integration of the MH60R/S Weapons subsystems (FLIR, Hellfire Missile, JAGM, Torpedo, Sonobouys, LOGIR, rockets) Provide System engineering expertise for weapons software 
• Provide System engineering expertise for Design reviews of new weapons integrations on the platforms, and Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) generation.

Test & Evaluation Engineer

River, MD, US

November 2004 to September 2007

Weapons Flight Test Engineer 
• Provide test and Evaluation facilitate the timely and efficient software and hardware testing on the navy aircraft (MH-60S, AH-1Z, UH-1Y, P-8A) of the various weapons subsystems (FLIR, Hellfire Missile, Torpedoes, ALE-47 counter measures) 
• Support in the creation Weapons Certification plans on the P-8A 
• Support in the creation and execution of the Hellfire Ground Tests and planning of Flight Test on the MH-60S and AH-1Zby the creation of Test Plans, Release and Control check list for developmental tests. 
• Author anomaly reports and test reports for all test activities resulting in the support of the yellow sheet/PTR/SCR documentation and verification process. Debug existing anomalies and create new test procedures to support the integration and testing process.

Electrical Engineer

Lockheed Martin
Owego, NY

June 2001 to November 2004

Weapons Test Engineer 
• Provided expertise and services to facilitate the timely and efficient testing of the MH60R/MH60S Weapons subsystems (FLIR, Hellfire Missile, Torpedo, and Sonobuoy) as the Lead weapons flight test engineer for the MH-60 Romeo, 
• Support in the creation and execution of Ground Tests and planning of Flight Test of the DTIID, DTRR, OTRR and TECHEVAL. 
• As a member of the Weapons flight test team conduct on aircraft engineering test to support system development and proof of compliance/ performance compliance test activities. Produce objective evidence in the form of reports and analysis products. 
• Conducted Data Analysis of the Ground and Flight tests and then authored the data analysis technical report for the command and control of the weapons. 
• Supported MK 46 Torpedo Testing conducted at AUTEC (The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) 
• Assisted in training of government personal on MH-60R weapons systems. 
Acoustics Test Engineer 
• Data Analyst of the flight test from the Acoustics system (Dipping Sonar, Sonobuoy) on the MH-60R. for various test phases (CT, DTIID, DTRR, OPEVAL, TECHVAL). 
• Created requirements of the software analysis tools needed to analyze flight data from the MH-60R. 
• Verified that the MH-60R extracted all the data necessary from ground and flight testing to meet Proof of Compliance and Developmental test phase requirements for the Acoustics subsystem. 
• Involved in Scenario/System Test, overall testing of every subsystem (NAV, RADAR, Acoustics, ESM, ISD) of the MH-60R to ensure stability is achieved. Created Metrics and statistics obtained from the system test. 
• Developed and executed realistic mission scenarios to be executed to ensure the overall stability of the MH-60R Avionic Operation Program (AOP) Millstone software release and conducted a demonstration to the Navy. Worked in the MH-60R Acoustics Integration laboratory and executed system integrations tests of the Acoustics subsystem in the lab. 
• Created Acoustic subsystem grooming procedure for the Low Rate Production aircraft of the MH-60R. 
• Gained experience using the following tools: PASS 3200(MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus and ARINC-429 analyzer), Sonobuoy Simulators, Dipping Sonar simulators, Spectrum analyzers.


M.S. in Technical Management

Johns Hopkins University -
Baltimore, MD

2006 to 2008

B.S. in Electrical Engineering

State University Of New York -
Binghamton, NY

1997 to 2001