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John Becker

Executive Director, Performance Management Director, Management Consultant, Strategic Planning, Baldrige Criteria and Six Sigma Expert

Dunedin, FL


Performance Management professional with over 30 years of successful organizational development experience at the executive, middle management, professional and direct service levels. Seeking just the right opportunity to serve as a key team leader to systematically manage and improve the organizational effectiveness of both strategic and operational management systems for a progressive, customer service oriented and business minded organization.

Work Experience

President & CEO

Benchmarking Matters, LLC
Dunedin, FL

2009 to Present

Our consulting firm works in collaboration with like-minded performance management professionals to support and assist progressively minded government and non-profit organizational leaders on their journeys to improve their organizations’ services, focus more intently on developing their customer and other key stakeholder relationships, and most fully engage their employees in the process. Such public sector organizations are and have been struggling mightily to provide the best services possible with increasingly less and less resources with which to work. As such, Benchmarking Matters and our collaborative partner organizations are distinctly poised to help these leaders to define and as necessary, redefine their Vision, Mission and Values, as part of the development and improvement of their organizations’ Strategic Plans without having to hire additional employees to perform these duties.  
Our work also ultimately involves the systematic analysis and documentation of these organizations’ key business processes as part of their continuous improvement efforts, and the identification and establishment of their key performance measures into an organization-wide performance management system. When these leaders have sufficiently matured their processes and have experienced and documented several cycles of process improvements, they may choose to participate in the state- and/or national-level approaches to applying the distinguished Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Organizational Performance Excellence across their organizations. Benchmarking Matters and a host of our distinguished, collaborating consulting partners are available to assist our public sector friends through these formally structured, high powered assessment and improvement efforts. 
Performance Management Consulting – We provide presentations, consultation, training and coaching on a variety of topics across Performance Management for both indiividual leaders and Management Teams, including; Performance Management overall, Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Process Mapping and Improvement, Human Resources, Leadership Systems, Customer and Public Sector Profile Development, Information Systems Improvement, and Business Results Management, to name a few. 
Strategic Plan Development & Deployment – A proven, systematic training and development process is employed which results in a well-defined and employee-owned Strategic Plan and Strategic Planning Process. Once the Strategic Plan has been developed and is being improved over time, we work with our organizational business partners to deploy the plan and the planning process further and further across their organization. This deployment process is ultimately critical to the sustainability of the Strategic Planning process in our customers’ organizations. 
Baldrige-based Assessment & Improvement – The Malcom Baldrige Criteria for Organizational Performance Excellence has been in place since the mid-1980s. In Florida, this process is governed by the Florida Sterling Council. This formal assessment and continuous improvement system has been employed by only a select few, high performing public sector and non-profit organizations in America. For these organization’s leaders, the Baldrige Criteria and its associated, proven tools and techniques are the best way, bar none for taking their services to the next level. 
Associated Training – All our training is customized to the specific, unique needs of our business partners. Generally, our most requested, and perceived to be potentially, widely useful training services include: Introduction to Strategic Planning; How to Build a Strategic Plan; Using a Strategic Planning Team to Build, Improve, and Deploy the Strategic Plan; Performance Measurement; Process Mapping and Improvement; Dynamic Communications; Facilitation Skills; and Effective Listening. All these curricula include recommended presentations, handouts, tools and techniques that organizational leaders can use to implement their own approaches following the training. Train-the Trainer services are also offered for those organizational leaders who choose to deploy this training going forward, independent of Benchmarking Matters.

Performance Management Director

Puget Sound Partnership
Olympia, WA

February 2010 to February 2011

Performance Management Director 
Designed and built a state of the art Performance Management system from the ground up including a comprehensive, four-year, federally funded work plan, job descriptions for new staff, recruitment and hiring of five program staff, establishing a new Executive Loan Program with The Boeing Company, and negotiations for a $6M grant with the United States Environmental Protection Agency 
Designed, managed and improved the Strategic Planning process using a proven, best practice, team-driven process to develop and deploy the Strategic Plan 
As required by state law, launched and implemented the first ever Dashboard of Ecosystem Indicators to guide the efforts of all the communities, state agencies, native Indian tribes, universities and federal government agencies toward improving the health of Puget Sound by 2020 
Established and improved a Target Setting process for both ecosystem indicators and pressure reduction indicators in an effort to focus attention, spur on progress and instigate innovation throughout the established partnership of organizations 
Designed and implemented a Citizen Focus Group process to assess the 'social resonance' of the indicators within the Dashboard of Ecosystem Indicators 
Designed a plan to produce an improved bi-ennial State of the Sound report as required by state law, providing the status assessment of the health of Puget Sound in a written document and on-line, as well 
Built a new approach to the automated inputting of performance data from all of the various local, state, Indian tribe and federal agency partner organizations in conjunction with the Exchange Network, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the state departments of Ecology, Fish & Wildlife and Health 
Used the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to guide the work of the partners to assess the ecological importance of, and link our collective work to the Dashboard of Ecosystem Indicators, with the goal of indeed sufficiently improving the health of Puget Sound by 2020 by improving the behavior of the citizens, institutions and government practices throughout the surrounding communities  
Benchmarked with organizational peers from the Great Waters and National Estuary programs nation-wide to establish common operational definitions for the key indicators of success for improving the health of the nation's coastline waterways-

Board Chairperson & Executive Director

Florida Benchmarking Consortium
Orlando, FL

2004 to 2010

Collaboratively led the Florida Benchmarking Consortium (FBC in its innovative performance measurement and benchmarking work now with 60+ of Florida's leading local governments as the board president for five years and then the executive director 
Developed and nurtured collaborative business partnerships with the University of Central Florida, ActiveStrategy, Covalent Software, the Preferred Government Insurance Trust and Summerland Consulting 
Reported to a widely represented Board of Directors and developed nine, strategically designed and high-powered board committees such as the Executive, Conference, Training, Performance, Business and Grants committees 
Designed and implemented systems for management of the organization's members and key service areas of local government performance. These are known as the FBC Primary Coordinators and Service Area Leads respectively 
Coordinated two, large-scale, highly successful conferences each year known as the FBC Conference of Local Governments and the FBC Fall Workshop-

Senior Financial Management and Budget Analyst

Pinellas County
Clearwater, FL

2006 to 2009

Managed the department budgets for the Building and Development Review Services (permitting), Communications, Human Resources and Purchasing departments 
Coordinate the enterprise-wide, Board of County Commissioners strategic planning process called Vision Pinellas including six strategic focus area teams from across all stakeholder groups, including: Effective Government; Economic Development, Redevelopment & Housing; Environment, Recreation & Culture; Health & Human Services; Public Safety; and Transportation, Utilities & Stormwater 
Managed the Vision Pinellas web sites available both via the county Intranet and the Internet web pages so as to reach all community stakeholders 
Manage several Sharepoint web sites around topics such as strategic planning, permitting improvement process, County Clerk and technology justice software collaboration, and human resources strategic planning 
Built and continuously improve six training and development courses on an ongoing basis as offered through Human Resources Training and Organizational Development office, including: Introduction to Strategic Planning (a case study approach); How to Build a Strategic Plan; Performance Measurement; Facilitation Skills (two-days of intensive training for both new and seasoned facilitators designed to establish a County-wide internal consultation approach using trained professionals to facilitate and spur on process improvements and innovation across local government organizations and the community); Process Mapping and Improvement; and Comparing Local Government Performance 
Developed and deployed comprehensive guidance manuals for improving Surveying and Performance Measurement 
Coordinated the annual data entry, data cleansing and data analysis processes for the County across 13 industries of local government in collaboration with the Center for Performance Measurement of the International City/ County Management Association (ICMA 
Managed the annual data entry, data cleansing and data analysis with the Florida Benchmarking Consortium (FBC), as well, establishing an FBC Service Area Lead in the County Code Enforcement service area 
Served as the County benchmarking services coordinator, managing all incoming and outgoing benchmarking efforts, facilitating the County Best Practices web page in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, and facilitating associated best practices sharing across both the ICMA and FBC organizations

Quality Improvement Officer

City of Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL

1999 to 2006

Collaboratively facilitated a wide variety of special projects, including: Permitting Process Improvement Task Force; Technology Design Summit; Human Resources, Information Technology, and Office of Management and Budget strategic planning processes; and the use of facilitators organization-wide overall- 
City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida 1999 - 2006 
Quality Improvement Officer 
Supervised one person, a computer guru/ curriculum developer/ web designer in this professional and technically oriented staff position 
Managed the Governor's Sterling Award winning effort for the City of Jacksonville in 2001, including a focus on this Malcolm Baldrige Award-based effort in an organization with over 8,000 employees 
Coordinated the efforts of the seven Quality Teams aligned to the seven categories of the Sterling Criteria, including: the Mayor's Quality Management Board (MQMB) - Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer & Market Focus, Information & Analysis, Human Resources, Process Management, and Business Results 
Served as a member of the Sterling Board of Examiners, serving as a Senior Examiner in this statewide role 
Staffed the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) and the MQMB 
Developed and maintained the Intra-City Quality web site, the premier information sharing web portal for the city 
Organized 140 key processes and process teams (i.e., later consolidated to include 94 key processes) including the associated measurement systems in the Flex Measures database, in conjunction with the Budget Office and each of the 13 agencies in the city 
Organized and implemented ten Senior Leadership Retreats for the topmost senior leaders focusing on topical areas of quality improvement, including: customer needs surveying and focus group techniques, strategic planning, dynamic communications, Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analyses, performance-based employee evaluations, and the Governor's Sterling Criteria 
Developed and managed available Quality Training for city employees, including Introduction to Quality - Parts I & II, Process Management, Benchmarking, Project Management, Managing with Facts, Assembling Quality Teams, and Dynamic Communications. Managed the training of over 100 train-the-trainers for these Quality Training courses. Trained over 1,500 city employees in a two-day long Process Management course, the basis for continuous quality improvement efforts 
Managed over 20, nine- to 12-month long city Benchmarking Projects; developed/ coordinated the six other associated train-the-trainers/ project mentors involved 
Oversaw benchmarking efforts related to human resources systems re-engineering and performance improvement for the processes: external recruitment, workers compensation, and merit compensation/ performance management 
Served as liaison to all organizations seeking to benchmark with the city on such quality processes as: human resources systems development, the benchmarking process itself, strategic planning/golden threads, technology innovations, world class customer service practices, and the like 
Served as the Ethics Officer and as the United Way Campaign Coordinator for the city Department of Administration & Finance-


Master of Arts in Public Affairs

Northern Illinois University -
DeKalb, IL

1978 to 1981

Bachelor's in Double

Loyola University -
Chicago, IL

1972 to 1976