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Joseph Birch

Associate Biologist at Dupont

Glassboro, NJ


Work Experience

Associate Biologist

Dupont, CO

December 2002 to Present

• Perform fermentation, harvesting, and ultra filtration research in support of bioprocesses to produce 3G, OMG, HVA, pHS, pHCA, Tyrosine, Drosomycin, and other products for Dupont businesses. 
• Produced raw material for purification research of these products. 
• Cross-trained in all Apex projects supported by the fermentation facility. Provided analytical support for these studies. 
• Accomplished objective to accept new opportunities by serving as project lead associate for pHCA/pHS and Tyrosine research projects. 
• Accomplished objective to verbally communicate and network with scientist. 
• Ran fermentation experiments, sampling, preventative maintenance, and as needed maintenance on fermentors. 
• Collaboration with PI regarding run changes and variances from previous runs in addition to highlighting premium operating conditions of fermentors and the various feeds utilized for induction and inoculation. 
• Train new laboratory technicians and technologists on fermentation research and fermentation technology. 
• Provide presentations during weekly staff meetings pertaining to research projects and overall outlook for research projects. 
• Setup computer for data collection and batch record review.

Laboratory Supervisor

The American Red Cross/National Testing

January 2001 to October 2002

• Supervision of 14 Technologist and Technicians. 
• Validation and qualification of laboratory equipment, supplies, and reagents to be used for Nucleic Acid Testing. 
• Performance of the Chiron TMA HIV/HCV assay for qualitative detection of HIV1 and/or HCV RNA in human plasma. 
• Write, review, and revise LOP's/SOP's (via Change Control), deviations, IND's, NDA's, BSD's, and ISA's. 
• Open Clarify Cases. 
• Setup, perform, and review Proficiency Panels. 
• Perform staff performance and proficiency reviews. 
• American Red Cross/NTL Staff Trainer. 
• Perform daily, weekly, monthly, preventative, and as needed maintenance on laboratory instrumentation. 
• Setup and perform swab testing. 
• Maintain accurate, complete, and legible records. 
• Perform reagent lot changes and lot record revision and review. 
• Perform pre-qualification runs on laboratory reagents, controls, and calibrators. 
• Perform NAS Interface testing for linkage of computers to laboratory instrumentation and National Headquarters. 
• Maintain direct contact with customers and clients regarding turn around times (TAT's) testing status, and testing delays. 
• Review Batch Records for test runs and verify test procedures are done in accordance with cGMP/cGLP regulations/compliance and American Red Cross LOP's and SOP's.

Quality Control Research Technician

Life Technologies Inc

December 1998 to November 2000

• Monitor fermentation suite runs. 
• Retrieve samples, and perform acetic acid assay and glycerol assay on samples. 
• Swipe cGMP laboratory for phage contamination.

Laboratory Manager/Blood Processing Technician

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

November 1997 to October 1999

• Processed SST, Heparin, Citrate, and Hematocrit levels in blood for participants in protocol study. 
• Participant interviews and participant screening for study.

QC Research Biologist

Bioscience Contract Production Corporation

February 1997 to September 1997

• Writing and revising Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). 
• Performed ELISA assays including Indirect; (Antibody Screening; epitope mapping), Direct Competitive; (Antigen Screening), Double Antibody Sandwich; (Antibody Screening; epitope mapping), and Direct and Indirect Cellular; (Cellular Expression and screening antibodies against cellular antigens). These allowed for the detection of both specific antibodies and cell surface antigens. 
• Writing and performing Standard Operating Procedures for Dot Blotting, Cell Tissue Culturing, Protein Coomassie Assay (Protein Concentration Determination), Micro Protein Coomassie Assay, Protein BCA, Micro Protein BCA, Total Organic Carbon, Filter Integrity, and as such for the usage of the Olympus Inverted Research Microscope. All written and implemented protocols and procedures performed under cGMP and cGLP compliance and regulations.

Clinical Research Technician

Georgetown University Medical Center

March 1996 to January 1997

• Provided routine patient care for subjects enlisted in Pharmacology drug protocol. 
• Performed venipunctures 
• Taking assessments of patient vital signs 
• Assisted in endoscopies and colonoscopies 
• Patient screening for protocol study 
• Mammalian Cell Culturing 
• Ordering of stock supplies 
• General patient record keeping.

Research Technician

Department of Microbiology and Immunology
George, WA

December 1992 to February 1996

• Prepared reagents, cultures, strains, and tissue homogenates. 
• Performed standard chemical tests. 
• Assisted in training and supervision of laboratory assistants. 
• Performed small animal surgery 
• Prepared and demonstrated laboratory techniques to graduate students. 
• Prepared media for hospital. 
• Provided and kept culture collection on hand for teaching purposes. 
• Kept and provided written record of blood and media quality control.

Research Technician

Howard University

August 1990 to October 1992

• Worked on centralized research project entitled "Molecular Regulation of Adenylate Cyclase and Cyclic Amp Production in E-coli K-12". 
• Media Preparation, 
• Cultivation of bacterial cells, tissue culture and HPLC. 
• Performed Beta-Galactosidase assay on a variety of bacterial cells. (E.g., wild type, cya mutant, crp mutant, and pdo mutant). 
• Devoted substantial efforts to computer library searches in support of the aims of research project.

Preprofessional Student Teacher

Howard University

June 1990 to August 1991

• Tutored students in physical, chemical, and biological sciences.


M.S. in Microbiology

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1999 to Present

B.S. in Biology

Howard University


Additional Information

Strong Leader and Team Player 
- Excellent written, oral, and visual communication skills 
- Strong command of quantitative and qualitative analysis 
- Strong command of the Physical, Biological, and Chemical Sciences