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Kamlesh Brahmbhatt

DCS Commissioning Operator

V V Nagar, Gujarat


➢ 13+ years with wide range of experience of Plant Operative, Utility & Unit operation through DCS, SCADA & PLC and Field activity in Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, as well as Tank Farm & Terminal operation. Preparing work permit etc. 
➢ Pre commissioning, commissioning and minor maintenance, Rotating Equipment Trial Run and performance test. Plant initial start-up and shutdown activities etc. 
➢ Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team, Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing & motivating team to achieve objectives.

Work Experience

DCS Commissioning Operator

Gujarat, IN

January 2011 to March 2011

Spent Caustic Treatment Plant' IOCL handling all commissioning activity and operating Oxidize Reactor, pumps, compressor and overall process on DCS (Rockwell) Panel.

Commissioning Engineer

Dewa, Uttar Pradesh

December 2009 to September 2010

Project 2: DEWA "DFO 20" Pipeline Project", at Dubai and handling all commissioning & operation activity like electrical, mechanical, I&C, Fire & Gas, Pigging, process & preparing commissioning & operating documentation for project 
Project 1: Over all responsible for commissioning activity of 'Thuleilat gathering station expansion project', Oman which including mechanical, I&C, F&G, process & preparing commissioning & operating procedure and vendor's coordination etc.

Sr. Commissioning Engineer


October 2009 to December 2009

Project: - M/s Qatar Petroleum (Multi Product Pipeline Project) at Qatar 
Responsible for de-commissioning, Tie In and commissioning of multi product pipeline (Pigging, Purging etc.) and F&G and Emergency Loading Area, coordinating with vendors for SAT, TPI etc 
Preparing 'method statement' for commissioning, final dossier, win pcs and E&I activity.

Commissioning Supervisor

M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt Ltd
Punch, Jammu and Kashmir

March 2009 to June 2009

Project: - Hasdrubal Gas Terminal / BG Tunisia, Tunisia 
Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of Onshore Gas Terminal capacity 120 MMSCFD of raw gas, export up to 1500 bpd of liquid condensate & 400 tpd of (Propane and butane) 
Facilities comprise of inlet Gas/Liquid separation, mercury removal, acid gas removal, dehydration (molecular sieve), LPG extraction, F&G System, LPG storage and TRUCK LOADING FACILITIES, Utility and offsite. 
Designation: Commissioning Supervisor. 
➢ Pre-commissioning activity like punch list preparation, blowing, flushing, retro-jetting and camera inspection of process lines. 
➢ Conducting N2-He leak test with Weatherford. (Using He detector). 
➢ Pre-commissioning & MTR for Centrifugal Pumps, GE Gas Centrifugal Compressor, Solar GTG and Gas fired Heater etc.

Commissioning specialists

M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt Ltd

January 2005 to June 2009

Placement agency provides services to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Power projects

Commissioning DCS Engineer & promoted to 'Shift In-charge

M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt Ltd

June 2008 to December 2008

pte Ltd UAE 06/2008 to 12/2008 
Project: - Inter Refinery Pipeline Project (M/s Takreer) at Mussafah Terminal 
Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of Inter Refineries Pipeline Project consists of three 233 km long MP pipelines of 10", 12" and 16" size between Abu Dhabi Refinary and Ruwais Refinary in UAE with storage at Mussafah, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi International Airport and Floating roof and internal floating roof Tanks. 
Designation: Commissioning DCS Engineer & promoted to 'Shift In-charge'. 
Job Responsibility: ➢ Responsible for commissioning and operation of control system (DCS/ESD/SCADA/RTU) supplied by Honeywell C200, Invensys I/A Series System. 
➢ Responsible for commissioning and operation of various process instrument packages e.g. Tank Gauge System, Flow metering skids, MOV based on Pakscan network, Analytical instrument skids of colorimeter, density meter etc, various fire and gas detectors in order to further commission F&G system from Tyco. 
➢ Pre-commissioning and commissioning of Floating Roof Tanks, having capacity 50000 M3, Pigging & line purging (launching and receiving), Multistage Centrifugal Pumps, operation of Multi Product Pipeline with minimum interface, Handled Gas Oil, Unleaded Gasoline 95 & 91, Jet A1, Naptha & Reformate, Straight Run residue, Fire water System etc. 
➢ Handling Automation Sequence for pipeline operation and Tank loading and unloading facilities.

Commissioning supervisor (Shift Leader)

M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt Ltd

December 2006 to April 2008

Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of Onshore Plant having capacity 3900MMSCFD of 3 sealine & Separate the hydrocarbon gas (Propane and butane) and Liquid condensate, MEG Recovery Unit, Flare System. Utility and offsite facilities having HP Boiler: cap 165 ton/hr with 46 kg pressure (Azarab Mfg co., Tehran), N2 generation 900 Nm3/hr with 6-5 barg pressure (Air Liquide Engineering, India), Cryogenic Tanks, and Floating roof Tanks. 
Designation: Commissioning supervisor (Shift Leader) 
Job Responsibility: ➢ Operation of YOKOGAWA Centum CS 3000 R3 Control Panel and also involving in making Control Group and Trend Group for process. 
➢ Pre-commissioning and commissioning activity of Process area like HP and LP Flare Unit, Sour water Stripper unit, Slug catcher and separation unit, MEG Recovery unit, Dehydration unit, NGL Refinery unit, Condensate stabilization unit, cryogenic and Floating roof storage tanks and steam flushing and warming out. 
➢ Commissioning and ASC Tuning of Centrifugal Compressor (Elite Ebra, Japan) 
➢ Commissioning and start-up of Propane Chiller unit with 2 stage Centrifugal Compressor with Siemens Gas Turbine Drive (12 MW Cyclone type, Siemens, UK. 
➢ Commissioning and trouble shooting of Molecular sieve Dryer and Regeneration of Dryers automatic sequence on DCS panel and Heater BMS. 
➢ Commissioning of Turbo Expander (Cryostar Expansion Turbine, Japan). With radial flow. 
➢ Degreasing activity for amine treatment plant. 
➢ Competent at assisting Vendors (siemens, Cryostar, GEA) 
➢ Preparation of start up procedure. 
➢ Performing authority, using a Permit to work system. Carryout mechanical isolations and inspections. 
Involved in the Following Commissioning and Pre Commissioning activities: 1. Checking process Equipments and lines as per P&ID Hydro testing, flushing, Air blowing, leak testing and Chemical Cleaning of pipe lines. 
2. Rotating Equipment Trial Run and performance test. 
3. Plant Initial startup and gas cutting Activities. 
4. Monitoring Process in the area of responsibility and report abnormality immediately to process Engineer, Documents all readings in log sheet. 
Fire and Safety: o Deluge valve operation and Sprinkler System 
o Fire detection System, Operation of fire hydrants & monitors. 
o Experience in the operation of fire extinguishers like Foam, DCP, and CO2

M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt Ltd
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

February 2006 to May 2006

Commissioning supervisor

M/s Promantec Consultants Pvt Ltd

January 2005 to June 2005

Handled the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of the following sections. 
# Utility Section: • Instrument Air Compressor (Screw compressor) with refrigeration based air dryer unit. 
• Fire water system. 
• Flare system with pilot burner and burner fire system, fuel gas system. 
# Plant Operation HP and LP Gas and Oil separation with SCADA DCS System.

Gujarat Petrosyntheses Baroda
Vadodara, Gujarat

May 2001 to May 2004

Shift Supervisor' (Chemist)

H. K. Enterprise, Vallabh
Vidyanagar, Gujarat, IN

November 1997 to April 2001

Company is manufacturing chemicals like ethyl butrate and butyric acid. 
# Plant Operation: - 
- Making Log Sheet for Distillation Process, Simple Liquid-water Distillation, Glass Distillation. 
- Operation of Reactor and Plate Filter, Product development, Final Testing and Packaging. 
- Operation of Thermo oil Boiler, Air Compressor.

Process Operator

Utility Operation

2000 to 2000

An ISO-9001-2000 Certified company Hydrocarbon processing unit-manufacturing poly iso-butane (capacity 6000 MT/Y). 
* Raw material handled Liquefied Butane C4 Raffinate gas , Hydrogen gas, Aluminum Chloride, NaOH and NH3gas 
* As a 'Process Operator' (field as well as D.C.S (Moore DCS)) 
* Utility Operation 
• Hydrogen compressor (Reciprocating-raising pressure 3 to 27kg) Khosala Crepel 
• IR Reciprocating, Lubricated Reciprocating Ammonia compressor for NH3 refrigeration 
• Englehard Hydrogenation Reactor operated at 22-25 kg/cm². 
• Polymerization reactor operated at 0.5- 2.5 kg/cm². 
• Operated thermo fluid heater. (Thermax make TP 10 - 1Mkcal/hr)

Shift Supervisor' (AOCP)

M/s Transpek Industry Ltd
Vadodara, Gujarat

July 1994 to September 1997

Vadodara, India 
Company is manufacturing unique product like Sodium hydrosulfide, SO2 etc. 
As a 'Shift Supervisor' (AOCP) 
# Utility: - 
- Operation of (gas cum oil) fire tube steam Boiler at 10.5 kg/cm2g press. (IAEC make) 
- Raw water, D M water and waste Water Treatment Plant. 
- PSA - N2 generator Plant, 25 NM3/hr & - 80TR X 3 Nos.Ammonia chilling plant. 
# Maintenance: - 
- Different type of Centrifugal, multi stage pumps, Roto Pumps (Screw pump), Water ring vacuum pumps, Ball valve, Gate valve etc.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Sardar Patel University -
Vidyanagar, GUJARAT, IN


Additional Information

➢ Operated, supervised and troubleshooting / problem solved in Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Terminals & Tank Farm, Pigging & Pipeline in all dept. like Plant Operation, Unit & Utility operation like Boiler, Gas Compressor, N2 Plant etc. 
➢ Trained with BA, Fire extinguishers and knowledge of H2S, PPE, fire and safety procedures. 
➢ Permit to work system- isolation, depressurization cleaning and flushing, purging and isolation and handing over equipment for maintenance and purging and de-isolating ensuring all work permits have been cleared before bringing production back on line. 
➢ Minor Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) like valve temporary hose connection, blind flange fixing, sample collection, assisting maintenance staff, filter and strainer cleaning, burner cleaning, changing of pressure, temperature gauges, preparation and loading of chemical injection solutions, work place housekeeping etc. 
➢ Manufacturing & Maintenance of Electronic equipment and Industrial Equipments.