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Kelleen Caster

NA Sales Mgmt Support & NA Technical Sales - Technology and Automation Manager at IBM CORPORATION

Riverside, CA


An innovative, effective, results-driven Manager and Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in Sales Operations, Technical Sales Management, Project Management, Software Application Development, and Business Process Management. Proven track record of being able to analyze and assess the needs of both external customers and internal business objectives while deploying plans, processes, and applications, to reduce costs, grow revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. Motivated by change and challenged by new and innovative ways to achieve results.

Work Experience

NA Sales Mgmt Support & NA Technical Sales - Technology and Automation Manager


2009 to Present

Combined the I/T Infrastructure team from both organizations and led one integrated, cross functional team of developers, project managers, and web designers. Responsible to develop tactical and strategic tools and applications to increase productivity and efficiency for our sellers, technical sellers, sales operations, and other key support organizations such as GSO, WW STG, IF&PM, and Global Technical Sales. 
• Successfully led the turnaround of the broken Global Business Partner Technical Vitality (BPTV) application fraught with extreme customer and stakeholder dissatisfaction. This resulted in development of a highly productive, highly efficient Global application for our IBM Business Partners that is now a 'must have' application that our customers and stakeholders are absolutely delighted with. 
• Lost 35% of resources without a decrease in workload or reduction in our three core missions. With careful and methodical analysis, led the team in developing new paths, procedures, and processes to continually deliver unparalleled value to our customers while smoothly supporting key applications like Global Techline Resource db, ATS Tech Express, and WWQ&A. 
• Led the development of the Anchor Client db that began as a North America only tool but was so successful, it became a Global application that we handed over to the BT/IT CIO's office to deploy WW.

Business Unit Executive

Armonk, NY

1987 to Present

Armonk, NY 1987 - Present 
A Fortune 100 company with revenues of $100B and over 350,000 employees worldwide, specializing in computer manufacturing, sales and technical support with operations in over 140 countries.

North America Sales Operations - Second Line Sales Ops Technology Executive


2005 to 2009

Responsible for Managing the I/T Infrastructure Team that supports the U.S. and Canada along with our Global markets. Manage a team of programmers, web masters, sales specialists, and project managers, responsible for delivering an efficient, effective, highly reliable and solid infrastructure that delivers tools and applications on-demand, drives operational efficiencies, and conducts compliance testing and audits. 
• Successfully led the development and implementation of the automated Americas Incremental Incentives Tool allowing the Global Incentives & Commissions Organization to account for and track over $90M of incentives paid vs. revenue achieved 
• Recommended, designed, and developed the Global Initiative Execution Management System (IEMS) resulting in an automated way to track, manage, and report on key Global Initiatives resulting in a workload savings of over $500K 
• Successfully led the Auditable/Compliance Reengineering Project which resulted in the creation of a centralized, North America Operational Controls team saving approximately $1M in resource

Technical Sales Support Americas - I/T Manager


2000 to 2005

Responsible for managing the I/T Infrastructure for Technical Sales Support Americas which included over $10M in assets and over 25 labs spread out across the U.S. Managed a team of programmers and I/T Specialists responsible for developing processes, programs, applications, and web-based tools to extend our I/T Infrastructure capabilities while reducing overall I/T expense across the organization. 
• Drove the development and execution of a set of infrastructure processes that resulted in a 49% savings in depreciation along with a 50% reduction in maintenance costs YTY. 
• Analyzed key Intellectual Capital Tool, Techdocs, and determined what enhancements were needed to make tool more robust and utilized. This resulted in a 65% increase in usage along with a 300% increase in content submission. 
• Reworked and revised a centralized capital investment and discretionary expense process affording management to avoid duplicate expenses and provide the collective picture to make sound business decisions.

Technical Sales Support Americas - Customer Support Manager


1998 to 2000

Managed a team of 20 xSeries I/T Specialists across the U.S. that provided technical sales support to customers and Sales Specialists. Provided Pre & Post Sales Solution Assurance Reviews, Customer Support Plans, and Critical Situation Management across all market segments which were leveraged to help close deals and generate revenue. 
• Increased customer satisfaction by proactively heading off critical situations with the Solution Assurance Review process as evidenced by a 98% rate of crit sit free. 
• Let the team in successful delivery of a 45% YTY increase of Customer Support Plans in all market segments. 
• Developed a closed-loop SAR process for the LE Direct, Telesales, and Techline organizations when none existed prior.

Western Area Services Manager


1996 to 1998

Managed 46 Customer Support Reps responsible for maintenance repair, predictive and preventive maintenance, demand generation, contract negotiation, and revenue growth for Northern California's Item Processing and Main Frame 24X7 Maintenance and Services business. Responsible for developing and implementing a business plan that controlled expenses, improved profitability, and grew revenue for this combined $25M business. 
• Developed a complete parts documentation and tracking process for the area that resulted in tighter parts controls and expense reduction of 24% 
• Successfully reduced costs and turned GP from -37% to a +1% exceeding the National Objective in the Item Processing (3890 Check Sorter) arena. 
• Analyzed, developed, and implemented a cross-functional team strategy of Service Delivery that continually exceeded all Service Technical Objectives as well as business and customer satisfaction objectives.

National Account Management Center Manager


1994 to 1996

Project and Personnel Manager of 50 employees and contractors responsible for designing, developing, administering, and physically building the Western Area National Account Management Center (NAMC) that supported 6 states, over 5,000 accounts, and operated in a 24X7 environment. 
• Responsible for all financial, technical, and personnel aspects of this $2.5M project which was completed 3 months ahead of schedule and $.5M under budget. 
• Developed processes, procedures, and controls (i.e. workload planning model, training program, etc.) that all NAMC's adopted which resulted in increased efficiencies and lower costs. 
• The Western Area NAMC became the National Model for the Operational Support Centers (OSCs).

Field Manager


1991 to 1994

Managed a Service Delivery Group of 25 Customer Engineers specializing in IBM Mid-Range systems for the Inland Empire and desert regions in Southern California. Responsible for Service Delivery Coordination, Installation Planning, Critical Situation Management, Engineering Changes, Customer Account Management, and all aspects of people management in a 24X7 environment. 
• Successfully protected over $12.8M of maintenance revenue while growing revenue 15% in a dormant geographic area by implementing new strategies for demand generation. 
• Reduced parts inventory and parts expense 30% while maintaining availability of key critical parts. 
• Designed, developed, and implemented the Second Shift Service Delivery closed-loop process resulting in a 25% reduction of critical situations for Area 12.

Customer Engineer


1987 to 1990

Hardware Engineer dedicated to providing maintenance repair, account management, predictive and preventive maintenance, and applying engineering changes for IBM's iSeries, pSeries, and zSeries I/O products in a 24X7 environment.

Sgt in the U.S. Army


1983 to 1983

- Signal Corp



University of Redlands



San Francisco State University



Fullerton College