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Kelly Ailey

Newport, TN


Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience


Suncrest Private Care
Jefferson City, TN

June 2013 to Present

Skills Used & Responsibilities 
OASIS training, completing admissions, recertifications, resumption of care, supervisory visits on LPNs & HHAs, discharging patients, transferring pts to hospital/long term care facility, skilled nursing visits including, but not limited to: head to toe assessment & vital signs every visit, IV therapy, specialty infusions & training with clinical liason through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy: IVIG, VPRIV (Gaucher's Disease), GLASSIA/ZEMAIRA/ARALAST (Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency), accessing ports, picc line care & dressing changes, drawing blood via venipuncture, picc line, central line, port. Removing picc lines, IV ARALAST through Walgreens/Crescent Health Infusions, IV antibiotics & TPN through Infusion Partners & Continuum Rx, training & patient teaching through Omnisource for growth hormone injections, chest tube care, NG/peg/gtube/JG tube care, 2 day training @ UTMC on ventilators, tube feedings, working with CADD pumps, Baxter Floguard Volumetric pump, gravity drips & calculating drip rates, Curlin pump, Kangaroo & Kangaroo Joey pump, trach care, oral/nasal/tracheal suctioning, wound care for pressure ulcers, stasis/arterial/venous/diabetic ulcers, wound vac therapy, ordering supplies for patients through Edgepark, Better Living Now, National Rehab, Healthcare Plus, McFarland Medical, instructing patient & family on medications, wound care, picc line care & administering medications via picc lines, peripheral lines & ports, Patients include, but are not limited to: COPD, skin/lung/breast/brain/liver/uterine/ovarian/bone/throat cancer, endocarditis, CHF, MS, Diabetes, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, Gaucher's Disease, post-surgical patients, short bowel syndrome, HTN, CAD, PVD, MI, CVA, ablepharon macrostomia, Hypothyroidism, Growth Hormone Deficiency, Alzheimers, bipolar/schizophrenia/depression/PTSD. Contacting doctors for orders, obtaining sputum/urine/stool samples, wound cultures, O2 therapy, Nebulizer training,O2 safety/changing tubing/cleaning filters/proper storage of O2 & O2 safety, home safety, fall precautions, indwelling & suprapubic catheter changes, instilling gentamycin directly into bladder, glucometer use, insulin administration, IM/subq injections, training on omnitrope for growth hormone deficiency, Fort Sanders Regional Infusion Center to administer iv abx, participating in case conferences with supervisor & LPNs, communicating with pharmacy to order prescribed medication, setting up medications in pill box, provide training to LPNs & HHAs as appropriate, report pertinent information to doctors & supervisor.


Interim Health Care of East Tennessee
Morristown, TN

December 2007 to June 2013

BLS certified 
Received IV training with Interim Healthcare as an LPN in 2009. Perform initial & ongoing health assessments to in home patients including vital signs, glucose monitoring, post operation monitoring, teaching the patient and/or family about diseases/treatments/prevention, providing wound care & dressing changes, colostomy teaching & management, IV management (if applicable), medication administration/monitoring, interacting with doctors & pharmacists in person & via phone to provide patient status/any changes/med refills/med questions, administer injections, administer aerosol breathing treatments, management of urinary catheters (straight catheter, condom catheter, indwelling catheter), management of tracheostomy tubes (stoma care, endotracheal suctioning, inner cannula change, tracheostomy change, tracheostomy collar change), drainage tubes (bard channel drain tubes, stoma care, drain tube change, suctioning drain tube), mickey gtubes (administer medications, water flushes, feedings through gtube, troubleshooting problems: clogged tubing, changing mickey extension & mickey gtube, stoma care), oral care & suctioning as needed with yankeur, repositioning using hoyer lift, O2 therapy/safety precautions, in home safety precautions to keep patient in a safe, nurturing home environment, keep nursing documentation including, but not limited to, nursing notes, changes in plan of care, seizure record, ventilator information, MARs, control drug sheet count up to date, communicate with other nurses in home as well as doctors, pharmacists, employer, & family (when applicable, following HIPAA) regarding patient status &/or changes in status, preparing patient for surgical procedures following physicians orders, accompanying patient & family to MD appointments, collaborating with MD during in home visits, reporting s/s infection or change in patient status to MD, record patients' medical histories and symptoms, help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, operate medical machinery (O2 equipment: portable O2 tanks, humidification, suction machines, portable suction machines, gomco machine, feeding pumps (flexiflo enteral pump, kangaroo pump)), teach patients and their families how to manage patient's illnesses or injuries, explain post-treatment home care needs, diet, nutrition, and exercise programs, AROM/PROM, bowel/bladder training regime, applying braces to extremities to reduce contractures, applying & monitoring ventilator settings, establish a care plan or contribute to an existing plan that is developed by the physician, teach self-monitoring techniques, administering medication, including careful checking of dosages and avoiding interactions, participate in in-service programs & agency meetings, report symptoms, reaction to treatments, drugs, and changes in the patient's physical or emotional condition, coordinate patient care and services as needed for the patient, counsel the patient and family in meeting nursing and related needs and provides patient/family/caregiver education using various verbal and written communication techniques, taking into account the patient's/family's cultural, ethnic, and/or personal needs or preferences, notify the physician and employer of any changes in the patient's condition and the need to modify the plan of care, obtain appropriate number of continuing education credits to maintain re-licensure status.


BS in Nursing

East Tennessee State University -
Johnson City, TN

2008 to 2010

Diploma in Clinical Training

Tennessee Technology Center -
Morristown, TN

2006 to 2007

AS in Pharmacy

Walters State Community College -
Morristown, TN

2003 to 2006