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Technical Support Representative & Lead Analyst - Operation

Technical Support Representative & Lead Analyst - Operation

Cherry Hill, NJ


To seek a job in a progressive organization and to work in a challenging atmosphere, 
That provides ample opportunities for learning and growth.

Work Experience

Technical Support Representative & Lead Analyst - Operation


March 2010 to May 2013

promoted 23 August 2012) 
• Profile: Solving customers computer and broadband related issues over the phone either through remote access or instructing customers to perform tests. 
• Profile Includes: 
1. Email issue: configuring emails clients like outlook express, Microsoft outlook, Mac Mail, Incredimail, etc. 
2. Wireless issue: Resolving queries regarding wireless router setup and configuration and connecting computers to the network. 
3. Security Software: Configuring security software and providing help regarding antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, firewall, etc. 
4. Escalation Calls: Taking escalation calls and helping advisors on calls 
5. Refresher Trainings: Taking Refresher trainings and any process updates 
6. Feedback & Coaching: Providing feedback to the advisors on calls related situations & guiding them on how to deal with the types of situations 
7. KPI's: Understanding the KPI's of the line of business and working on it through training agents on different metrics 
• Achievements: 
1. Top Talent: Awarded amongst the top 3 talents in IBM for top performance in continues 3 Quarters. 
2. Client Appreciation: Awarded as the best agent who takes best calls on the floor. 
3. Highest Resolution: Awarded for providing the highest percentage of resolution to the customer. 
4. Customer Score: Certified for the consistent positive performance in NPS (Customer Net Promoted Score) based on customer surveys. 
5. Customer Appreciation: There have been more then 50 instance in which the customer has appreciated me to my manager or a supervisor on the floor.