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Khaled Berrouane

Network engineer

Antibes (06)


Work Experience

Network engineer

Nice (06)

2009 to 2012

Network design: 
• IP network design for Société Internationale de Transport Aérien, owned by worldwide airways 
• AdminNet: infrastructure hosted in Singapore providing NMS Network Management Services 
o Infrastructure providing monitoring and management of airways and SITA network devices 
o Central site for orchestration of SITA Cloud infrastructure 
o Managed devices reachable through IPSec Tunnels over Internet and MPLS Backbone 
o Linked with SITA Corporate network for Operations/Engineering access and application flows 
o Infrastructure divided in functional zones separated by virtualized Fortinet firewalls 
• Regional Internet Gateway: offers a shared Internet access to registered airways 
o Each site is a gateway between Internet and MPLS network for customers 
o Shared Zone designed as secure and resilient with per customer rate limiting 
o Standard Internet access service for customers hosted in Dedicated Zones 
o Specific application services delivered by SITA: Wireless access, Cloud 
• Role: 
• Design, configuration and follow-up of secure network architectures 
• Training, configuration support and L3 troubleshooting support to Operations 
• Technical context: Cisco switches/routers, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Juniper/Cisco/Fortinet firewalls

Network engineer

Paris (75)

2007 to 2008

Network design: 
• IP network design for VAS platforms and Telecom network 
• Design of a backup dedicated network for Telecom equipments 
• Separation of traffic flows between front-end and back-end firewalls within Imode platform 
• Redundancy mode set-up of Cisco load-balancers within Imode platform 
• QoS rate limiting in response to a deny of service attack from a GPRS client 
• Writing of capacity planning yearly document 
• IP design to support Ericsson voice and SMS Prepaid platform 
• Hosting of load-balancers for Proxy/Reverse-Proxy access of business customers 
• Role: 
• Design and follow-up of secure network architectures 
• Training and support to operators and users 
• Technical context: Cisco switches/routers, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Juniper ISG firewalls

Core GPRS / Network engineer

Madrid, Madrid

2006 to 2007

Core GPRS / IP Backbone design: 
• Part of core network design team for new spanish operator Yoigo of a whole Ericsson network 
• IP Backbone for SIGTRAN, Core GPRS, Service Network, RAN and Billing traffic flows 
• Logical separation of traffic flows in IP Backbone by MPLS/VPNs 
• IP Backbone composed of 2 M10 Juniper routers, 6 Extreme switches, 6 Netscreen 1000 firewalls 
• 3 pairs of Netscreen firewalls protecting Service Network, GPRS Roaming and O&M traffic flows 
• Core GPRS composed of 1 SGSN R7 and 1 GGSN R3 
• Role: 
• Integration follow-up and acceptance of IP Backbone and core GPRS equipments 
• IP Backbone and core GPRS design of Ericsson managed services 
• Expression of technical requirements, validation of solutions proposed by Ericsson 
• Implementation follow-up, on-line validation of equipment configuration 
• Technical context: Switching, Juniper routers, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Netscreen firewalls, GPRS

Core GPRS / Network engineer

ORANGE Ivory Coast

2006 to 2006

Core GPRS / IP Backbone: 
• Core GPRS / IP Backbone integration by Ericsson 
• IP Backbone for Core GPRS and Service Network WAP + MMS traffic flows 
• IP Backbone composed of 2 Juniper M7i routers, 2 Extreme switches, 2 Netscreen 208 firewalls 
• Core GPRS composed of a combined CGSN 4.0 integrated with 17 BSC and 3 HLR Alcatel 
• Role: 
• Integration, follow-up and acceptance of IP Backbone and core GPRS equipments 
• Daily reporting and alerts to Orange Côte d'Ivoire core network manager 
• Technical context: Switching, Juniper routers, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Netscreen Firewalls, GPRS

Project manager

Marseille (13)

2004 to 2005

SMS servers: 
• Over The Air management of SIM cards fleets by secured SMS 
• SIM card communication by OTA technology with GSM 03.48 protocol 
• Orange Spain: roaming operator selection, specific Smart Roaming applet 
• H3G Italy / UK: applet 2G Reject allowing control of 2G/3G handset mode 
• Role: 
• Project coordination, client communication, internal reporting, specifications, acceptance 
• Technical context: SMS, SIM card, UNIX

Telecom engineer

Madrid, Madrid

1998 to 2002

Core GPRS / IP Network: 
• Part of Core GPRS / IP network design team 
• Motorola and Nokia GPRS test platform for a limited pre deployment and provider selection 
• Integration follow-up and acceptance of core GPRS equipments 
• Expression of technical requirements, validation of solutions proposed by Nokia 
• Technical context: GPRS, xGSN, SS7, TCP/IP, Switching, Routing, Cisco 
Intelligent Network Ericsson: 
• Generic network component for provisioning of Ericsson Intelligent Network 
• Communication layer with IN by protocol Ericsson Generic Service Adapter 
• IN transaction management, flow control by IN node, IN administration and traffic follow-up 
• Role: 
• Design and development in C on Unix, management of a developer 
• Coordination with transversal teams: GSM design, O&M, client projects 
• Mobile and fix VPN, Access screening, Group call, Dual number, Roamers short numbers 
• Technical context: Intelligent Network, GSM, C, UNIX

Network engineer

ATOS Telecom
Paris (75)

1990 to 1997

OSI WAN networks: 
• OSI stacks: communication protocol stacks compliant with the OSI model layered architecture 
• OSI X.400 Message Handling System application layer providing a mail service 
• OSI X.400 gateways, access method with OSI X.25 network layer 
• Role: 
• C protocol development on Unix, integration, configuration and validation of OSI protocol stacks 
• Client consulting and technical validation of OSI X.400 solutions 
• OSI X.400 support, Accor, SNCF, SIA/Milan, Telefónica/Madrid, Swift/Bruxelles, Banque de France 
• Technical context: OSI protocols, C, UNIX



Institut National Informatique -

1984 to 1989



Additional Information

French mother tongue  
Bilingual Spanish  
Fluent English  
Fluent Italian